je troues je perces je parais 2

Like all colors get mixed from three base colors, six colours, primaries and secondaries like the star of David with the white light as source and origin, seven note scales to build symphonies. endless sacred geometries, all carried on through the éights our deeds placed in holy life, instant per instnt your life’s music is composed and you choose the tone,rythms, to be as aligned possible with the peace residing in the sacred instant the whole universe breathes. Like DNA stripes music is and flows. And as words are sufficient to understand they are not to be felt. incarnation it is what forces us to learn, our thougts not all powerful, our thoughts to better understand who and what we are, expressions of Love King, be it in the seven lights and not in their reverseddefaults for these are darkness that was hidden in most humble love and abused continously.

A musical site I made for your ears and to help as the many do not know how to make mental silence, music is a perfect path for unity between cultures and beings, ourselves with our sensitive heart, a unifying tool for our souls, minds and human vehicles, to not only soothe the spirit and bring it to the heart, but massage and heal our energies.

All titles on SOUND PRIMAL VERB are 3D paintings for you. Youtube music tracks of all known musical pearls assembled for you so you may see and hear how music is constructed, accompanied you through all cycles in various forms all expressions of deep feelings thus of life and LOVE musicians cherish always, hurts and scars zo be transcended into beouties and flows and waves of mathematical rythms and geometries of scales and tempos. When the tracks said the same I would try to assemble them or draw energetic patterns with the musics for precise themes. I counsel to write down the titles you particularly appreciate, for many titles you will discover. Figure the music tracks like DNA stripes flowing around you, you will mention by listening to two, three or more tracks that your ears let go to let your body’s waters to sense all sounds. Be patient and counseled it is to listen to the tracks two per two for the titles that contain up to five simultaneous tracks, so you may comprehend how they were builded up. It was like seeing what had been composed in alignement with what, you see ?  May you invite not only the children we all are to discover what music really is for here you enter a new dimension of music, but may you bring these pages to the ears of blind people and let them tell you what it brings them to see, of utter importance will such moments be, for to re-explore our spirits life has pushed us and will go on in doing so, frequencies heightened, alignement of energies is needed, music is a practical way to align our energies to the universal harmonics. Enough talked this is practice. the titles have been made to heal many wounds and help reconstruct your energetic being, from the soul out you see, no intermediary but our free will to understand that har,monics is the only keys that can make us bathe and see the sacred instant of life lended to us and come back to gratitude for life if we had lost it on the way of sufferings life is not meant to be, but the more we fanbtasize of what life could be and not as it is, the more we get hateful and dement, the less able we become to learn. our inner child to keep in bounty it knew before we yet were born, harmonics are a grateful law to the beings we all are, restoring all the beings be they flows or creatures. In the Kristos to them bring were these musical landscapes and shores for you to see, the sacred instant not to question, it there needs your attention, your spirit it is that brings the father more and more into your world if you so wish. In the harmonics we stand in the heart of hearts, they fill our universe and thus are light and beings, think yes every second that nothing could there be, but an abyss of nothing and not even you to contemplate that void. To lord Love give gratitude because it is him that does when we act in bounties.

Simply put the tracks on one after the other calmly, they will play together and open up for you a new dimension of musics and discover what music actually really is: LIGHT.

All musicians and composers are respected on SOUND PRIMAL VERB EXPERIMENT because you can listen to each track separately. Also the first time we can SEE that the musicians HEAR the OTHER tracks and that is the wonder of the sacred instant you may also here enter in. Enjoy.

Here an example with « Energy is Spirit »

1199321301-sc-9Capture d'écran 2017-12-03 19.02.54Capture d'écran 2017-12-03 18.55.17same-source-4Capture d'écran 2017-12-03 19.15.00Capture d'écran 2017-12-03 19.11.05masai%cc%88-porteurs-de-lappel-de-bonte-regardesCapture d'écran 2017-12-03 19.21.58


~ par bubbledom - Ea sur mars 28, 2017.

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