the tribes and the anunaki had a house of council

long time I waited for it to reappear and now there it is remembered again

the shadows are the rythms and the colors are the scales of notes you see, every day is a living symphony where swim the beings, to remember always this principle the house of council to unite the tribes it was


Sacsayhuaman the Incal called the place « Royal Eagle »

house of the dragons we had called it

in honor to the great worms of lights all spirits are

for the kechouan tribes that were before the Incas or the Spaniards or the Peruvian banks constantly held in poverty it remained la casa real del sol

« the real house of the sun »

Can you imagine these huge walls have NOTHING of a military fortress or a castle  ? But that this place is a tellurgic drawing ? a path it draws as life currents that lead up to the council’s house of tribes,the light worms movements a day watching the shadows of the walls a current crawling around the hill we see, a marvelous architectural effect and the powers of the huge granite stones are made to strengthen your constitution as the labyrinths in the cathedrals could be, walking up by the solstices enhances because the entire construction is made to honor all the spirits that hold up life in the marvel of Love’s lights

As a painter I know how my eyes read this construction, it is meant to be a water hill reflecting the lights of the heavens, with rains pouring down endless perfectly canalized streams, as rivers of lights and the shadows of the constructions make look it hollow and an earth current constantly moving around the house of council as a darkened shadow produced by the zig zag walls

An official house for the living waters of the heartit was meant to be and had operated long 350’000 years before the 7000 years of constant hell marduk has been holding us with his stupid slug expanded, never looking fir the lights himself, but eating all our joys now push himout of you, remember your real nature.

to flow down as streams of harmonies shining in the heavens living lights

There at the  house of council, the house of the dragon’s diamond’s point of consciousness, the pineal gland so to say of the anunaki governed world

There the anunaki would join to discuss urgent matters and command was told

that word however has nothing to do with how it is used today, to watch the currents stream have no hindrance, consciousness expands and beings find well being, unity of life be kept in children’s hearts,the bridges between souls be bridged was their function, Life is not easy all tribes their ways chosed freely, all need to remember the Loving eyes of all these beings upholding and giving breath to all, under the warming soothing seven columns of our soul

or inflict a hell like Marduk did, robbing earth’s children from their sanctuary, leaving them in HIS abstract mind that had darkened all and transformed humans into beasts, when they have been made equal, the longitude and latitudes of their understanding depends on their transparent worms of lights, none is higher Marduk, now please fall down from your void pride and awake again, children of the ages, you are none’s slave but bow now in gratitude and not in fear to our Lord Love King, you stand in fear, in Marduk’s purgatory, when you loveth not. (read Children of the Ages*)

The place of renewed music it had been figure,for the themes we do not chose, we harmonize the best we can if you continue on and on it shifts just slightly from a day, but in a month a renewed theme was born and in a year a many songs, we stream through life’s currents and are important sources as we capture to give back as air we breathe through our lungs, what our hearts receive we cannot rape to have some more, the rest is ours to give.

music we see as most high form of arts as it permits them all, verb it has been called


phareThree towers as lights to  shine the house of council had, an amethyst, a great citrine and a pure white quartz crystal mounted over these burning lights of fire, the sun, the moon and nemesis to mirror, three beams would go up to heavens when the house was shrowded in mist

The memory keepers of the Kechoua tell us the sun temple is a place where the gods from heavens came to dwell among them,  now they too may remember exactly how and why.

he lesser temples are of the thunder, the rainbow and the moon, call them houses, for dwelling places for times of council these had indeed been.

The visitor or the tribes representatives had to march up the dragon’s path to come to the council all could attend, Enki’s favorite abode, apart his retirement place in Ur, age of Libra and Virgo

for Ninmah joined the earthly undertaking, then Enlil came, age of Lion

Seven elder anunaki presided the inner circle of speech

the second circle formed by two representatives of the tribes that would bring issues and themes to discuss, if the inner circle missed a point the second circle is invited to talk

a third circle of any observers keep silent but are allowed to talk if really they see an important point was missed, so the talks would not fall into endless rivalries, but the spirit be concentrated on essentials and only vital words be said, each word taken in account until common decision could be reached

house-of-the-dragon temple-of-the-sun-water-beds


if you would out-dig the earth that fills the water beds you will find hard rock, the entire structure turned to magical water streams when rains poured down in carved streams and ponds, the heavens mirrored on the water beds

when command (common decision) was reached long horns would be blown in times of Enlil, Lord of winds, age of Lion and Cancer, a certain Galzu started to talk into their minds, an yet angelic voice the anunaki took seriously, a young man standing by their side starting to walk aside to charm as first born there at council hours, he would charm them the two first borns, a new companionship Marduk thought to find,  he terrorized the two youngsters bowed in fear to lough about his stupid jokes and endless comentaries, in terror they believed his wish to create a new universe and that he needed now their help, the kazarians to call to enthusiasm, their tribe the chosen ones now be, the first born ones, a natural father he said they had now found, when their father is and was Love King. but marduk thought in his superficial view never thinking of the souls and tender hearts, but lost in his already darkened mind and voidest heart, the eager lust to destroy what had taken so long to be accomplished. the kazarians went willingly to Babylon where they thought to find a feast like the house of council they had heard or even had attended.

A hell Marduk brought them then into, a hell of never knewn slavery where only the masters find it funny to see poor slaves transformed to suffering demons and devils, their meats to fill with any meats and greet you with a nice to meat you!! and the council did not know.

peruvian-trumpets enlil-lord-of-winds enlils-trumpets


the sun temple being the house of council in water beds drawn mirroring the heavens on earth, with view over the entire surroundings as far the eye can meet


Here where the last anunaki council took place, darkened by Marduk’s spirit and none could know he took command of intern psyche while none would ever have thought of such an atrocious way of behaving in the spirit when then everything was plain and open and truth said with no fear nor restraints in any ways, but that day the anunaki had decided to have a private council earthlings be restrained, Enki furious already anger shadowed all the air in plain sunlight the prince could not understand why, seven thousand years later the prince still could not fathom why this scene had happened

lies entered the council through the air as Marduk had expanded on us all his spirit, playing Zeus in his abstract matrix that had become his mind, Galzu to a savior looking at himself filled with bliss in the strong graces of his father Enki, needed a vicious world nowhere to be seen but in his sickened mind. To manipulate the thoughts of the council he came invisible to all, what never would have thought as dignified, while he knew the tribes were ready to attack perverted Babylon and free his new slaves as his chosen people, the kazarians drilled and tortured to become demons,  under the iron fist of the fallen watchers, the igigi always hiding since then, gods, demons and mythical creatures they would be in your mind, reptilians today… yes for meat heaps the

at only ever use their reptilian brain, what use had they to think plundering Enki’s soul ? While he made everything to bring back Tiamat to herself a giant loughter it was what a fool he was, bounty sixth pillar of the soul constantly tramped and, insulted and vomited upon with the great « thoughts » of Marduk to day playing Jesus in your head, what better trap for the satan to make you believe you need him as a savior to get OUT of his blackened mind where he trapped you to play Jehovas there against you. Now see why that « god » is so vengerous and jealous and sick to the pit of the human soul (read two previous articles on the indignous son of perdition) end of age of Taurus entering the Ram



all the beouties you trampled to rape and violate all the beings now look for Lord Love King wherever you want asshole !!! forigveness for all your crimes you go ask now the Lord and bring him all your cruelty indignous piece of shit we all now see and you still think yourself covered in my bliss !!! criminal schizophrenic sickened mad mind, now get off from my soul


The great catastrophe was decided in complete opposition of all harmonic rays the council had always stood under, protected in the collective psyche of the earth and long held covenants were broken then that day, shouts and anger and deep hatred resounded at the holy place and the water bearer, Ea, Enki was a title meaning prince of earth, left leaving there his title, never would the council be heard again in living streams, but silent winds filled with sorrow, empty calls and suffering the prayers in nasty deadly winds, heaven on earth was broken, the infrared realm of energy filled with insects and serpents would rule the human mind, all sickness left out lose and soul and spirit trashed to meat and orgy, the great rejoicings of the fallen, played entirely on our backs, for them you still work until this day.


Enki’s abode in Ur where he retreated after the last council and Inanna followed him to rise her vengeance against Marduk and join the fallen to ravish him command, she lost her mind at doing this and Ninmah, Ninhursag if you wish, the great mother forgot her reason veiled under Marduk’s deep despair, her part of his black coat expanded spirit she gained then, Inanna her beloved, as much as her Kazarian childs she loved so much, she kept sure her niece was sound and saint, when she had become utterly mad held by Marduk’s cruelty and she let herself be killed so as to be an immortal spirit in Marduk’s void realm, yet to escape this inside hell she let this happen in relief for her darkened soul, enclosed like all the watchers in Marduk’s darkened water drop, so dense today filled with thousand crimes he did through others, you only can push him out of your head, so as to not become dement

We all were Iris made to mad Medusa who would not have hurt a fly, but her hair in horror standing up in front of complete perversions called then « sacrifices to the gods » hardened pedophilia and children loughing getting raped, filled with insect’s spirits. The Hive the royal bees to cash in all the honey while you build hell on earth which is their paradise. A joke it was to call her hair then snakes and send a glorious hero there to kill her, Marduk already had exploded her mind, age of Ram where Marduk has gone completely murderous from life to life and Shamgaz-Shamash has reigns of power over all the fallen ones, two new but occult towers of a power grip over all the tribes, the fallen and their slaves, a nasty world to hold in nasty grip, age of Ram and Pisces


these were actually felt hats that were made to uphold the eagle helmets

Marduk’s darkness had fallen unto us and tribes not even knowing what had happened but that the gods suddenly had wished them there afar leaving Enki in fury against his fellow kindred not acknowledging so long a work to prepare the tribes to the assault and still consider them underbeings in Marduk’s expanding madness, « look at the warmonger » Marduk whispered in his brother and sister’s ear and they smiled his dragon smile wishing suddenly harm to their beloved brother, not even mentioning it was not their own thought, stronger then all the gods he wanted so much to be really a god when all we knew we are but humans, the bliss comes form ocean of Love and his lights, but special powers he had searched and found, to travel with one’s spirit all can do, to use this to pervert the minds of others is an entirely different affair and the worst of crimes, to use the human puppets left blind to the lights of the almighty and prove himself constantly he could kill our Lord Love King, a wonderful aberration of his father, Love would only remain in his heart the fool where he would plunder and rape and transfer to his minions, the glorious army of Jesus now which went from one inquisition and sloughterhouse to the other in the name of eternal bliss, you be obedient to this sadistic master or he would attack you with all his might and give you his demence, how many have you killed and plagued and tortured in these ways indignous son ?

On the last council’s command the weapons of terror would be unleashed on Mesopotamia and would destroy two latitudes of earth, while the tribes awaited the call to free the Kazarians trapped in Babylon as slaves, never had this happened to any tribe on earth since the beginning of mankind on earth and never the call to the tribes arose, instead Marduk’s mind made the council mad and the wondrous gardens this world was got transformed to radioactive deserts, instead a howl of horror washed all dry and shook the earth and souls were left in terror, beginning age of Ram

The fallen’s Shar had begun and would drive us all in endless hells invented by the hateful mind of Marduk, well hidden he thought he was, who would ever understand what he was doing and no memories of crimes when other faces and persons he used for his psychopathic hatred, against mankind he wished to bring back to animals he saw and called them « the beasts »

Time it is to recover from the plight and not attack Babylon as Babylon is a state of mind keeping all enslaved, if you attack the black snake you only give it strength, aggression and violence are only made to darken you so that Marduk’s hatred gets into your heart and then trapped in his anger you are

by invoking again the seven harmonious pillars on yourselves you step out of Marduk’s mind, give him back the black coat of demence he had pushed on you

Babylon just leave behind to come back to simple joyful lives where you don’t run in search of death, because when you search life you have no need to run, you stand already in it’s midst

Today ocean of Love rises again and lights our psyche so we may recover balances and remember we are not human beings standing low in infrared in the insects realm or deeper at the snake’s deep sleep where Marduk went to anger them, since the life currents are wrecked and in havoc, may the children of earth understand what it means their first sister, Tiamat received an anunaki spirit

and what horrors stem from the stubborn rebellion of an angry mind against the law of Life that builds, keeps and nurtures the beings and his will to be superior to any human being, a sickness you are allowed to step out, endless rivalry


The fight is over, the only fight there was is a hateful mind against himself, he wanted so much be great and loved, but took the reverse side of lights where they are contraries, not qualities but defaults and he found it funny to see us all drawn into his madness and to push his crimes unto his father you heard him make responsible for all the madness in the minds

him the Lord awoke so you may recover from the bottom of the heart Enki had kept for you pushed in oblivion you could not understand so deep they were

Marduk’s jealousy against birthing mankind would find no rest to prove what meat puppets human beings are in his sickened mind, he loved to ridicule us all and think himself immortal over all and all powerful to be able to move us around like puppets darkening our minds in HIS fears and intimate terrors against life

The heart of hearts has other plans for mankind, may the tribes prepare, no war is anymore to fight but to defend their hearts and revive all beauties that had been and filled the tribes with bliss and joy

the recovered chronology of these long past events are described in Ea’s Pledge, Lilith and Children of the Ages (see at the bottom of the page)

May we remember the law of Life Marduk has taken us all out seven thousand years long, may the tribes remember they are one, not one mind, but one heart of hearts, core of all atoms and dwelling for the souls, siege of Love King in our beings


can put some out, in again, play

eas-pledge-couverture   couverture LILITH    cover


free as ebooks

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur janvier 17, 2017.

2 Réponses to “OLD HOUSE OF COUNCIL”

  1. So true! « If you attack the black snake you only give it strength. Aggression and violence are only made to darken you so that Marduk’s hatred gets into your heart and then you are trapped in his anger. »

    It’s like the beast growing more and more stronger when blowing its brains out, shooting with all guns we have.. How can the humanity overcome the beast? You say « by invoking again the seven harmonious pillars on yourselves », but we have no idea how it works. Guess Europeans and Americans are way more lucky, they are away from real wars ongoing on the world right now so they have more chance to uphold and rise the Love but what a pity I sense very much proud and greed in western people’s way of life. They have a lot of beauties to be thankful when compared to the world yet they keep blabbering with so much hypocrisy. They do nothing when their countries ruin the Middle East day by day, but support rubbish like « war on terrors » willingly, it’s so sad.


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