To Marduk who hates Marduk because Marduk wanted to be another so Marduk could not be, but yet Marduk would be everything there is to hear and see, as he thought a god should be.

O elder and first born son what have you done with yourself

what have you done with first born ones and with all of us giving us your hells

never being able to step down that stupid pride and confess how sick and terorised you felt and you thought it would go out of you but only ever grew the more you stood in ravishment and pride in sterile opposition to the marvels law

why had you to play gods in theaters build to rape our lives and hearts

and nourish lies and crimes with it and hatred to the abyss

marduk12   akhenaton-marduk  marduk-2016-called-anonymous-legion-of-schizos marduk-having-perverted-tiamat-and-adamu

marduk, Akhenaton, Anonymous, Babylonian Marduk riding on his father’s cosmic being certainly as a good joke depicted here. Is he not wonderful and blessed in thousand joys and powers ?

Akhenaton wanted his face precisely depicted, as only one of pharaos, we can see now exactly why, here below, he wanted to show he was Osiris himself the great god on earth filled with so much lights of his still remembering father who just could make the egyptian priests would not kill the dement pharao who had thought to give a new religion to Egypt. Constantine before Constantine so to say (sic.) The priests banned him saying « Build your own city we give you the money and you worship the sun as you wish » and he sat there with his glorious Never Titi (yes yes you write Nephertiti but Titi and Adapa were the second generation of humans, so the sumerian records, these WITH the complete genetic code) the people living and serving the very divine couple deserted the city the day they both died off like any simple man.

Look at who wished to be depicted as Osiris himself what a glory was it not ?

Capture d'écran 2017-12-08 22.16.50   Capture d'écran 2018-01-05 22.39.49.png

must we say the name of that glorious hero he became and nearly got killed by his own soldiers because he wanted to force them to conquer the pacific oceans with his horse, trampled already by the birman elephants. So much hated in greece he was he largely preferred to remain in his old town where his power had begun and the world plounged suddenly in his demence

Capture d'écran 2017-11-22 11.39.32

you only son of God as you told yourself to be as Constantine of Constantinople or as great Alexander in Alexandria how very similar your deeds really, that was the way to redraw the universe with your thoughts you always so much wanted and it will forever remain a wishful dream, our reality on this world is NOT a fantasy of your mind now fucking hear it

No Marduk, you never were immortal, but our spirits eternal, not the imaginary realms you fantasied while not even caring to look at us, so superior you thought yourself to be, or was it more because you saw monsters everywhere never willing to align your shakras ?

Not one inch of love you saw but took and you asked me what you did to me.  From life to life you ran from endless abuse to what you thought was laughing abyss, we only mental images in the abstract matrix of your SICKENED MIND


as Vlad the empalor you were again believing  that you could do whatever you wish « unique resurrected, unique son of god… and we are since all pigs. And since your madness began all humans were sheep and cattle to butcher around oh great awaited redeemer, what you hated the most in them, that you thought they have no spirit and marvels of tenderness and generosity and faithfulness and creatives you only would jealous all our joys there outside your body and your bodies held by bugs crawling in hatred in your mind. Now come down from our heavens, push yourself away from our suns tat are the hearts where unity abides and not in heads where you still plague now with no rest dull and dark had they so much become as you thought to kill the entire world in your complete demence, our world that now starts to heal her waters get cleaned by the law so all can see how to heal their energies you wrecked so endlessly, distorting the most tender being in tortures all would learn to laugh, how horrid scenes you piled up in your bubble you thought of as a serpent BEFORE having passed the time of trials you yourself has set on us

and souls you torture since now so long. oh yes please free us from your plights ô divine jesus in the heads, so drastically mad whenever we dont want to worship you, no wonder your own church turned to the image of the soothing mother and so much crime would be hidden behind walls by beings all youalways thinking none would watch. they never like you understood they had their own eyesto see what they do

hopefully we all resurrect in the lights of kristos, anointed by the law all yet should be, not only one you idiot, now suffice with the mascarade, you do this with yourself, stop wanting to be so divine when a simple man you also were invited since ever just to be

No, you had to take yourself for a god and the more you did the more slave you became, the insects valet in your hidden terror, now finally go inside and see

Capture d'écran 2017-11-18 21.41.05



yes, the abyss was laughing at you and you were stupid enough, reversed in your pillars, to believe the laughter was a joyful one, you knew it never was, it was the laughter of THE INSECTS you found so funny to let them take control of your incarnations, one after the other oh great « unique son of god » while we all should be your cattle to play with and suffer andlessly for your abyssal need punishing others that you ahate yourself so much

See what the insects made you do while you were dreaming far away your body ?

you had to glorify and even divinise your glorious image sucking off the spirit’s lights of another you fool, lights you only have to call on yourself and thus you all made us mad and sick and tortured us for NOTHING

still some await you as a great redeemer so sick you were to think we are in life in a stupid circus of another’s mind you wished to overcome. A bug controlled your spirit now I see, he encouraged you to fly around with our spirit’s body, our water drop we humbly must keep arm in the incarnated temple as long ocean of compassion puts us here. Lightknowing beings may yet chose to live and come here consciously or in whatever worlds they choose if it is to be the lord of hearts the heralds, not to glorify themselves, you never made that difference and flew around as a magical power with the lights of love I kept for you and I couldstruggle to clean up all your mess !!


you could not render it possible in your little mind that nothing in yourself is yours, you had to wish to be the glory of the universe. You, the widening black serpent that always hid, nourished by the lights of Love your father gave to you with constancy, pretending yet to be your father’s spirit so that he then could be you and blamed constantly for all the evil and most cruel deeds you pushed into our minds all honorable beings fight with you when you want to subjugate them, for hunans it was most easy for your pervert mind. How could you ever prolong your game with only but yourself enlarging your selves held in the terror you never feel outside your body, to become a sadist more from day to day ? We pray now so your presumed puppets show you all that they are not the mental images you wanted them to be and tortured us all constantly to prove yourself that madness, How horribly cruel crimes you made through others and they could not prevent you from holding their nature as some futile puppets, oh how you liked to prove yourself they could not withstand YOUR terror you pushed on them !!

Read the greec mythology and see your schizophrenic madness you had as « world » … Homer depicted what contained your schizophrenic mind in your own grown olympus that you always dreamed while theliving could just trample each other in your hatred against yourself. that hatred was and is and will be the hatred of the insects to be obliged to hold your body while you flew around in bliss. Gloriously announced again great Zeus you drew yourself in mind no need to search where from came the cruel words of some kazarian god that told his slaves to rule the world. What abomination lied behind your smiling face, your own terror you still want to remain hidden, so you still push it on us all, especially on me, killing me off each life that long preferred then to step down of your pride. But pride is not a quality, it is a sickness that drives us mad and cruel. The bug worked his way entirely through your complete void and held since then each of your thoughts, you could only retort and contradict was allready was there standing or each word of truth be turned to a joke how fun. the bug has still great fun with you. Understand here what is said for not pitty drives me to put energy to clarify your shit. the bug played with you, made you do so many endless crimes and murders, rapes and whatever you thought yourself allowed to do, to fill your memories with horrors incompatible with ocean of compassion. Good gardians the keepers are, you chose to wish them demons so fearful you had gotten of anything alive. But you do not play with the oldest of all spirits, no matter how smart you will wish and want to be they are yourself at moment you wished you could outsmart them, a stupid mind game you fell in and never came out again it seems.

all your horrible angers that killed so many in as many brutal ways every time yoou saw the world would not bend to all your stupid thougts wanting to redraw what Love King has perfectly made in all the freedom of the creatures, all of them abiding as much they can in the holy law of life you pissed upon constantly and went so far as to take ferociously out of any memory of the law to your fellow brothers. Your disneyworld of mental space all sweet and muscled and great spirits you told them all to be your secret clan, in rotten flesh they mostly ended up their lives. Did you really think that this mental space where you played your head off against all creatures was what would be left in your remaining spirit ? Where have these glorious spaces gone today ? And do you really think these tales have anything to do with the harshest reality you brought on mankind while you tripped so far into your head and saw all creatures abstract, distorted and perverse as you would project your madness unto them ? What better world could you wish for them but a wish to destroy them all in your ever growing falsehood with yourself ? When will you stop and recognize that you were and now are sick ?

that wondrous world you had created, so luminous you were with your bunch of thieves and rapers who outside the great Law became all you, while you would think be me… how could you wish such a sickening confusion for yourself and now be lone so much you annihilate the spirits of your doubles ? Your jealousy ate the best of you, for without honesty the jealousies come gnawing at your soul, again see the insects coming up in anger. Alone you stand today with all yourselves, reassuring yourself by calling yourself « hey guys »m a nightmare you have drawn and grateful can you be that your father kept his mind through all the plagues you pushed him in, seeking constant revenge for crimes you did yourself that made you hate yourself the more each day, it turns around as serpents in a bowl. You called them then Olympians and not on clouds to swim but rat holes there to feast in blood, not long they chose to keep you with them so much your madness was a joke to them. To palaces uploaded anew in every age, today a paper drawn and polystirene temples for a night to rape some orphants kids, a lesser part of cake they left for you at each of turns, your wickedness they used as bad excuse, they too will find their water drop and what it all contains. How could you only degenerate so much.

Why you still talk with so much pride you would be an immortal in midst of sheep ? just because you could outsmart their tenderness and push in them your fear, you gave me to digest what was your lot to bear, just so you feel very sane and great and glorious was all you made of my love and joy for the beings, tat you dont touch no more. Cause dragon you became indeed, to your face in front of death you preferred to wish to be a god instead of humbling down yourself and say Oh Lord i do not know myself !! So he could help you with all the enormous help you received life after life, all these rulerships and empires you loathed in as in heaven, a world to command as good ruler should have been your time, you chose to give us hell.  And your own wise worm, which we do not own either as all is given us by every inch of heavens or of atoms that all are mingled as one heart, not mind. In deepest anger the bug holding you played dragon as so your glorious wishes to have a secret god as guide you listened to, he furious you never could accept the peaceful silence, the eternal presence of Love King deep down in us as all the creatures know him well, but you, so much your jealousies had driven you to crime. Only you all creatures should adore, mere puppets we should be, are you then so afraid of us that you need so much to believe you hold us and can destroy all our living loves and joys ? How could you expect find these joys by not nurturing them yourself ?

two persons you became in your own mind, split are you, no love there in between your selves and fearof facing now the void by filling yourself with another’s spirit, mine. And I am still here now to talk when to death you pushed this life of mine again, driving an entire country away from the joyful love they just had found and making stupid pride games in murder plounged we again stand.

so much you plagued us all while you would not want to know and push aside how much you  cried inside not to be able anymore to show your inside heart, how possibly could lord Love be able to be there on your lips ajd words and deeds when you still want to replace him ?

long times will be before your worm of light gets healed of all abuse you gave him to behold and that you marked into the eternal lights of ach sacred instant here and now, what we placed in living lights is kept not our dreams what did you think ?

All of us you want perverted, you say it is all their fault, why would they listen to invites to be cruel ? because like you they think it is an easier escape of their own fear to push it yet unto  the others and that thought is yours and yours their deeds and crimes so much you wanted to destroy what your father’s longing was, to bring the humans equal that now theey have the tools to be and hidden by them you thought who would anyhow see what you do. We do today and give you back all miseries you gave us to digest


Tiamat, Ti ama, the secret words you tried so direly to destroy on this earth so mad it hurts your sickened heart each time you had to torture her so much you darkened her and she roaming again in the blackness of your hatred and you found it very fun, with golden crowns you hypnotized the bounty’s heart, immortal in an immortal smile never fading never more in utter blackness and his imaginary picture a wind of nothing has it been, great worms of lights we may become when we filled our memories with deeds of lights because we tried to be as faithful to the fragile balance needed and tenderness that gives the oil between the beings and you declared all beings mad, to get tortured would we all be good enough because you could not change a mice to a butterfly and the butterfly should be some beef

in fading decor painted papers glued on quickly vanishing winds in blackened space since long your mental theater, it has no ground it never had, the greecs were cursing  these flatulent gods so much a hell of baby slaughter was thrown then upon them

for the love you took to light your mind you abused so much it has vanished like your heart, expanded more and more you could only lose sight of it as it is the nature of your spirit if only one accepts to be humble and make himself small, then only the lights can be condensed, but you used my lights to fly around and now you’re void poor boy, hatred you nourished with my tenderness for you and it is gone

and you are obliged to see yourself as the sadist you became a you rape me now for the light in me and you nearly strangle me to get at the… oh no, we awaited something else from the great redeemer you are sure to be

not someone incapable of facing himself and pushing his crimes on another and feeling yet so smart

you thought perhaps we would enjoy the tortures given unto us or what ? especially the women you forced to still find their joy in endless cruel rapes. remember O wonderful Salieri I had taken for the best of friends, Constanze you had terrorized by telling her the entire city would pass between her legs if she would not get an orgasm in that sordid rape ? You destroyed all our lives with such a constancy, your followers in joyful circus and floating in nowhere’s land was wondrous certainly, just sad you did not care at all for any living being, they build ocean of compassion into infinity and you plague them all by not wanting to bring your spirit here and help with simple means, no glorious you had to feel, a god over the sheep and prove it to them constantly, a stupid, childish pride afair ô so glorious one, now ruled by the insects you are completely, have you ever been somewhere in your being son.

And you ask what you did to us ?

but the bug took the more then half part of yourself with all these souls you invited then as guests and as many voices in your head, the insects you invited for not one ever human being would take pleasure as you do to live in other’s bodies, the most sickening sight it is yet to behold, even your elder counsel Alalou got horrified when he saw you rape heads all day long to move them as your puppets

As it was in your youngest days that was not enough explained your days were mirror to the younger days of universe An our heavens, the Law of Life remains the remedy.

The coat of sins of this world to bear you had then said to come and take on your great shoulders, to deify yourself was not enough, « let no man deceive you » what man could utter such a phrase, AS I AM YOUR GOD AND YOU WILL WORSHIP ONLY ME » you meant then probably again great Constantine,, to play the counterpart of good just because evil could exist was moving you to harshest lesson

because that time is now where you retake your coat of endless sins you brought unto the world, insulting and humiliating and using all your wit and cunning to push the simple into labyrinths of delusions where your lust for crimes you push, we see you do until this day

Now watch the heavens of the glorious worms of light and tenderness that move us of sheets of memories they’re made, see the slightest being you thought small can be huge at times, a bug can be a spirit of trillion eon’s cycles you can’t know

now time has come for you to relinquish that stupid little boy that stood in jealousy and anger against his loving parents amusing himself to drive them nuts you great great god

not a slightest sense of all generosity you took from us and yet a patient father patient to the limit’s end and that end finally we have now reached my love for you has died

and you are now recommended, like all creatures of these infinite breaths, to our Lord Love King, as all the creatures you received the Law sole remedy you never could digest

Not a day from now on, hear my indignous son, perdition you wanted master of your being, will you not see a little more the earthlings receive more spirit day per day and bounties they unfold in joy to show you just HOW MUCH SPIRIT and HOW MUCH BOUNTY they can have when abiding in the joyful Law of heavens

now keep your water drop and cope indignous son, indignous friend and father you had been with Lilith, the cruelty it is you must extinguish and it comes from you to be obsessed with me and you feared so much this day I would understand it all and you still rage so as to think you could escape yourself, but YOU STILL DO NOT EXIST YOU IDIOT, YOUR FACE YOU GLORIOUS WANTED A GIFT TO OTHERS WAS AND A PLAGUE YOU MADE IT TO BECOME AND TO WAIT FOR THE BLISS YOU RUN STILL AFTER, THE BLISS OF OUR LOVES YOU CONSTANTLY DESTROY WHEN WILL YOU STOP THIS MADNESS WITH YOURSELF THAT STILL HURTS US ALL SO MUCH ? The Shars you raped at opening and closing do the cycles by themselves because lessons and teachings all the cycles are


ma ptite goutte d'eau préférée dans l'univers



now look at yourself you void idiot, your outrageous hatred against yourself you projected everywhere to form a sickened world and all could suffer because your inside plight you shoved on us, now LOOK AT IT AND TAKE IT BACK ON YOU


long times it had all been explained to you


this is both yourselves

the one you should have been hating the one you know to be and pushing unto me with every sllightest grace or attention turned to you

it was so seven thousand years ago and you only made it worse each day

Forget me as I will forget you so as perhaps you finally remove my face from the holy law that was and remains your only remedy and has as face all living beings,, so you finally find your own heart and come out of this persuasion you constructed filling yourself with every inch of my heart so much i loved you and you were not allowed to do this and spread it like a funny joke and my heart became your theater to deploy your stupid power trips

dont worry, you’ll learn now patience too

look with him now to feed your vaporised mind you still dont care to nurture nor forge your link to your own core, as Love King should be some stupid dream of mine, thanks dear son that son is dead for me and winters colds have blown my warmth fo you, endless tortures lived because of you have trampled it to dust, it shines for all the beings but see a holebut mine you endlessly consumed you lazy freak, a many hells you’ll have to cross now and digest and rince, we have them yet behind

command of Shar never was given to you and you raped us all, learn to be humble serpent never in his body, and plaguing me night and day, your command you are ripped off, never were you dignified enough to stand as real and truthful to your pairs neither to thehumans you despised in every way. not sheeps nor merryfish nor toys for you to play with, Love’s children and happyness they are allowed to know their hearts are the Lord’s abode and no intermediary be it you or me or anyone can stand in between themselves, their heads you do not own and hearts you plundered mercilessly these pains you’ll have to feel, you filled yourself with our pains god luck I leave you now behind knowing you never let me rest in peace

the sacred instant to destroy with constance still calls the elements to strike us all again

funny was it to croal in judgment oh so divine you looked down on us from your serpents world above our heads believing we exist by seeing everything only from outside, your heart is inside so vade retro now poor chap, your commandment I never uttered and it is gone now with my love for you

and none can kill and torture and murder more to gain a slightest light, the most common idiot would understand such thing and you always played smart

of bounties, endless tenderness or rape and furies the fruits are not the same




~ par bubbledom - Ea sur janvier 8, 2017.

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