To Marduk who hates Marduk because Marduk wanted to be another so Marduk could not be, but yet Marduk would be everything there is to hear and see, as he thought a god should be.

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No Marduk, you never were immortal and from life to life you ran from endless abuse to what you thought was laughing abyss

yes, the abyss was laughing at you and you were stupid enough, reversed in your pillars, to believe the laughter was a joyful one, you knew it never was, it was the laughter of yourself laughing of your fear of yourself so you always hang to the surface of your face to pretend outsmart even your men and these you hid behhind their mask as to lough now about them and you thought they did not know

you could not render it possible in your little mind that nothing in yourself is yours, you had to wish to be the glory of the universe. You, the heart that always hid, pretending yet to be another so that other could be you and blamed constantly for all the evil and most cruel deeds you pushed into our minds and this other was your father you hated him so much ? How could you ever prolong your game with only but yourself to become a sadist more from day to day ? How horribly cruel crimes you made through others and they could not prevent you from holding their nature as some puppets, how horrible your atrocious obsessions, so sick you are your terror now digest so much you make us vomit

Read the greec mythology and see your schizophrenic madness you had as « world » gloriously announced great Zeus you drew yourself in mind. What abomination lied behind your smiling face, th dragon worked his way entirely through your complete void. Our persons it is not we live to glorify and you just could not else, with all the love you received in all past lives you only made crime after crime and you still find yourself so smart, while you descend into your abyss, how could you forget you only will remember all your horrible angers that killed so many in as many brutal ways. Your disneyworld of mental space all sweet and muscled and great spirits you told them all to be, in rotten flesh they mostly ended up their lives. Did you really think that this mental space where you played your head off against all creatures was what would be left in your remaining spirit ? Where have these glorious spaces gone today ? And do you really think these tales have anything to do with the harshest reality you brought on mankind while you tripped so far into your head and saw all creatures abstract, distorted and perverse as you would project your madness unto them ? What better world could you wish for them but a wish to destroy them all in your ever growing falsehood with yourself ? When will you stop and recognize that you were and now are sick ?

that wondrous world you had created, so luminous you were with your bunch of thieves and rapers who outside the great Law became all you, alone you stand today. You called them then Olympians and not on clouds to swim but rat holes there to feast in blood, not long they chose to keep you with them so much your madness was a joke to them. To palaces uploaded for new in every age, a lesser part of cake they left for you at each of turns, your wickedness they used as bad excuse, they too will find their water drop and what it all contains. How could you only degenerate so much.

Why you still talk with so much pride you would be an immortal in midst of sheep ? just because you could outsmart their tenderness and push in them your fear, you gave them to digest what was your lot to bear just so you feel very sane and great and glorious. Cause dragon you became indeed, to your face in front of death you preferred to wish to be a god instead of humbling down yourself and say Oh Lord i do not know myself !! So he could help you with all the enormous help and you received life per life, a world to command as good ruler should have been your time, you chose to give us hell.  And your wise worm in anger played you dragon as so your glorious wishes to have a secret god as guide you listened to, he furious you never could accept the peaceful silence, so much your jealousies had driven you to crime

two persons you became in your own mind, split are you, no love there in between your selves

so much you plagued us all while you would not want to know and push aside how much you cared and cried inside not to be able anymore to scream your inside heart, in bitterness and endless plagues the others pushing, your pleasure of what the heck you could not do through all your puppets asshole, lighter then a fart are you today

long times will be before your worm of light gets healed of all abuse you gave him to behold

where is it now the joyful theater of pedophiles and murderers that ate their belly fat with beings ? is the smell of carnage still such a pleasure to your lust ? All of them you want perverted, you say it is all their fault, why would they listen to invites to be cruel ? because like you they think it is an easier escape of their own fear to push it yet unto  the others and that thought is yours and yours their deeds and crimes so much you wanted to destroy what your father’s longing was and hidden by them you thought who would anyhow see what you do. We do today and give you back all miseries you gave us to digest

now see, your daughter Lilith was older then we thought, Tiamat she had been long ago, first earthling woman after Adamu

she was an ancient soul the Lord has brought back now to us, of Anu’s grand grand grand great mother she had come with your father Ea to this earth, she it was named then like herself so much her heart in generosity unfolded then to help, she inviting us to bring back her name in who would become our earthly brothers

Tiamat, Ti ama, the secret words you tried so direly to destroy on this earth so mad it hurts your sickened heart

in fading decor painted papers glued on quickly vanishing winds in blackened space since long your mental theater, it has no ground it never had, the greecs were cursing  these flatulent gods so much a hell of baby slaughter was thrown then upon them

for the love you took to light your mind you abused so much it has vanished like your heart

in the most  filled silence all screams of crimes committed will be heard but by these that cannot cry before they leave their vessel, with your heart you can and cannot play, the fruits it is that are not same

You will have at least seven thousand years to now constantly see what you simply could not have anywhere, nor believe ever it could anywhere be true, the bounty of the beings Marduk, that bounty you tried endlessly to kill so much you could not stand to see it fill the beings with their bliss and greatest tenderness that would swell in you that ocean of tears, it is the light in you that cries you know, but the dragon takes the more then half part of yourself with all these souls you invited then as guests and as many voices in your head, the insects you invited for not one ever human being would take pleasure as you do to live in other’s bodies, the most sickening sight it is yet to behold, even your elder counsel Alalou got horrified when he saw you rape heads all day long to move them as your puppets

As it was in your youngest days that was not enough explained your days were mirror to the younger days of universe An our heavens, the Law of Life remains the remedy.

The coat of sins of this world to bear you had then said to come and take on your great shoulders, to deify yourself was not enough, « let no man deceive you » what man could utter such a phrase, AS I AM YOUR GOD AND YOU WILL WORSHIP ONLY ME » you meant then probably, to play the counterpart of good just because evil could exist was moving you to harshest lesson, because that time is now where you retake your coat of endless sins you brought unto the world, insulting and humiliating and using all your wit and cunning to push the simple into labyrinths of delusions where their lust for crimes you pushed, we see you do until this day

Now watch the heavens of the glorious worms of light and tenderness that move us of sheets of memories they’re made, see the slightest being you thought small can be huge at times, a mouse can abide a spirit of trillion cycles you can’t know

now time has come for you to relinquish that stupid little boy that stood in jealousy and anger against his loving parents amusing himself to drive them nuts, not a slightest sense of all generosity you took from us and yet a patient father patient to the limit’s end and that end finally we have now reached my love for you has died in front of your sadism and endless falsity, no powers of this world will heal your plight, no glory appease your infamous greed

and you are now recommended, like all creatures of these infinite breaths, to our Lord Love King, as all the creatures you received the Law sole remedy you never could digest

Not a day from now on, hear my indignous son, perdition you wanted master of your being, will you not see a little more the earthlings receive more spirit day per day and bounties they unfold in joy to show you just HOW MUCH SPIRIT and HOW MUCH BOUNTY they can have when abiding in the joyful Law of heavens

now keep your water drop and cope indignous son, indignous friend and father, the cruelty it is you must extinguish and it comes from you to be obsessed with me and you feared so much this day I would understand it all and you still rage so as to think you could escape, but YOU STILL DO NOT EXIST YOU IDIOT, YOUR FACE YOU GLORIOUS WANTED A GIFT TO OTHERS WAS


ma ptite goutte d'eau préférée dans l'univers



now look at yourself you void idiot, your outrageous hatred against yourself you projected everywhere to form a sickened world and all could suffer because your inside plight you shoved on us, now TAKE IT BACK ON YOU


long times it had all been explained to you


this is both yourselves

the one you should have been hating the one you know to be

it was so seven thousand years ago and you only made it worse each day

Forget me as I will forget you so as perhaps you finally remove my face from the holy law that was and remains your only remedy, so you finally forget my face that you always pretended to be !! Get off from me indignous son, greedy slug I now remember plaguing me day and night and that is what you did with all the Love Love King had placed in you

never did you form your spirit rising on another’s one, your spirit stayed there as acarian one and from acarian you will redo the entire evolutive chain, dont worry, you’ll learn now patience too


~ par bubbledom - Ea sur janvier 8, 2017.

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