tribes we are one humanity

and we need no technocratic machine to sustain while pushing us in slavery, we have earth as home and our skills

faith in brotherhood we need

seven branches for one family so as it was written down by An Nu Ka Hi and as today’s geneticists explain

yet so much to rejoice and feast and play

so as for those who kept the call for bounty from the first day it had been song

and kept the wisdom of the Law of the great wise worms of Lights


forgotten tribes may reappear and to build now all your worms of lights you see yourself in growing gardens full of bliss, let behind the battlefield where you thought to make yourself so glorious, how in th heck you thought to be lovable like this ?

as it was marduk’s wish for hell in us, only Life and all the beings are gloriously singing the name of the Lord Love

sutra-du-lotus-blancsame-source  same-source-2  same-source-4

and what Marduk had done with Adamu in Babylon, covering him from toes to ears with blasphemies tattooed against love King, against his own brothers, making him suffer endlessly the plague of his own hatred against his human form and grotesque dream to become a god, in a complete mental world that existed nowhere but in his sickened mind.

Adamu in this cruel suffering made to the sorcerers King


and the 200 watchers would be glued to their silver masks

kept as memories of horror and demons


babylon warrior-Kazarian or Kazak under Lilith's sisters and Adamu's lead to kill, rape and murder.png masque-de-gardewatcherwatchers2

and Tiamat  to Lilith scorpio queen tortured to a living cat

1ere-mona-lisa-de-leonardo   liliths-torture   lilith-scorpio-queen

marduks-mask  marduk-holding-adamu-and-tiamat-in-his-demence  marduks-mask

hecatecat-woman  torture-dadamuith-scorpio-queen  sorcerer-king

the man a devil and his unwished female his eternal slave

Adamu and Tiamat first born of all

and these tortured ones poor spirits should now be your models

the un and willing girl to rape as to push the men in guilt and erase joy with pleasures learned in deepest pains in deepest pains

Marduk’s version of humanity he called the beasts

to the parody of himself against his human nature he brought us all indignous son

in Hopi prophecy they’re pictured as three cruel persons lifting themselves above all

a square had replaced the circle of harmonics

the sutra of the white Lotus been sickened, spoiled and troubled, the Law from minds erased

in Tibet they were seen as three wicked spirits, the snake, the goat and the pig plaguing the heart relentlessly

the great black snake with his two tortured slaves that now may heal if you send them great love because you knew how tortured we all are

Marduk wished so much his perversion was really in the beings he is looking at, unwilling to consider his own sickness to see all beings through the eyes of jealousy, so he made as to pervert us all and bring us back in his demence while Tiamat-Lilith would make everything to keep her human bounty deep in heart and Adamu sorcerer King called Shiva and Kali were they named in Asia where their bloodbaths still make tremble. Adamu and Tiamat, both of most bountyful of the beings here on earth, like brother and sister they are

him holding dear in tears not to become mad and she dement while the snake does not want to let them go

human tribe of Gaïa, remember you are free beings, creatures of Love King and tell this madman what qualities you know of him as first to shut the coat of sins and crimes on him


all these plagues times are ripe to give now back to his anonymous smile

he made you all await when every night you are reborn and had to wait yet for another in the circus wider spread each day of blood and murder in his invented names until today.

Abadon talked eating still the opened enthousiastic heart of the water bearer age by age, calling then for murder and insanity against the heart he knew to plunder so much it had been given deliberately to him ungrateful son

to die you should be proud he tricked you in his game, your life in most silent service only to life itself your soul to bring is all the father asks, let us rejoice while the planet faces deep unroar

for Law of spirit he had talked, playing yet another game with his legion of bad angels that had flown and had been dragged into his abyss of oblivion, all tribes remember days of sorrow when eyes were colored black as ink

while playing resurrection of the human form that only needs new children and love between upright willing, loving MOA AOM is your real name

but your heart and silent infinite Love weeps in tears of joy deep down in you, if you dare to fall and swim the darkened sea you will then know you can then only lose yourself when you do not seek for the shining stars in you, these that warm and light your days and nights, these that are the loving hearts you care so much for

on scenes and screens he made you crush your bodies to climb one day up in the hanging gardens where the gods would rape your kids in dazzling music and with gold and amber covered, the best perfumes of orange roses we all could smell like a bitter smell of death we always had to bathe in since this sinister reign polluting all our heads

light was born into that mud of terrors and spirits lost in plagues innumerable, all have been sent to sleep, peace and redemption or you already teach to talk to them

your eternal Father ocean of white bliss takes back his world and beings align to his presence, all stars now go on course to re-embrace each other so let it be for us who fought to keep our loving hearts through battles lost in advance, we still kept the heart to walk to keep sight of the harmonic currents the peace keeping reawakened worm of light now brings you back. as you heal the blackened currents with your breath and songs to shine, the worms will quicken soothing healings their breath on us in return, soon stars will lit dont be afraid, it is your eyes that open

and all the tenderness of beings, be they whales like giant transparent light worms who kept the memories for you

capable of galactic flights in eternal bliss so you now may too become

your memories it is that have build your worm of lights, heal and delight so is the wish of Lord for you

under flags you had not chosen were you pushed in anger, redraw your tribes and let us stand up to the council, let the elders be called so they chose the wisest of your tribes to talk the many holding silence dear so as to have a life to think and contemplate the movements of the worms through space

long times do come to appease the snakes pushed forth in rage, the coat of mutual desecration go back to their grinsing self-erased and masked group that decided not to exist anymore so much they wanted yet to be another, this no one now can change, to step into the Law of Life called kristos yes is asked in deep joy to know what seeds are grown that will expand now through the cycles, great blooming gardens await in the seeds yet to be awoken, watered and nurtured they will give you standing health and grace, all beings want and need our lives and we need them all to remind the greatness of our father who lit the glorious skies

are you now ready for the Ludus games ?


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~ par bubbledom - Ea sur décembre 26, 2016.

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