Winter Solstice is feast of LIGHTS

renewal of lights solstice always was
two thousand years ago to a new divine crucified human-like god you were invited to place in front of your simplest knowledge
and weep in sadness in midst of greatest darkness , precisely upon the place  the Lord Love restores your joy, on winter solstice called then No EL. No Elohim, no gods but him as he had admonested you menacing you holding your head between his greedy teeth
on universal scale you live now same return, your universe now not expands anymore, but comes together to his heart again
the blacksnake Marduk has become like a bacteria inside the great worms of light, going reversed against the harmonic eternal currents of LIFE, eating up constantly the heart of one of these, the spirit of his father he always jealoused like trapped in his own curse,  giving him horrible pains and in all cycles of Kaliyuga
Quetzalcoatl is NOT your heart black snake although you took his efforts as a refreshing motor to lough about and play reversed in endless parodies that exist nowhere but in constant crimes to feel so horribly saintly and above elses you like to think inferiors or superiors in Marduk’s sickness he brought unto you, feeling so incredibly superior against YOU TIAMAT and ADAMU he terrorized so much to make you believe constantly You should be pervert, nothing so
none is responsible of being endlessly tortured by a madman who took himself really for a god, indignous son of perdition, well named who blamed his own father to wear his coat of abominations, time to give it back to him, anonymous face he loves above them all
the smile of the dragon holding him, his reversed transparent worm of light he wanted his face to be his own and went deeply schizo, instead of anytime find the freedom of souls as drops of the sacred heart’s light
as your heart, human aom being, conscious creature made to manifest Love’s qualities in bliss, to pervert every slightest light of Love to ILLUMINATE your darkness trapped in Marduk’s mind
Ungrateful son who plounged this world and it’s beings into your abstract mind
the water bearer leaves you in arms of the infinite ocean of Love with your lies and crimes to rinse with him, this I cannot do for you and no one can, feed you with my blind love and inventive spirit i could just to keep my love for humanity
and you, indignous son of perdition, has turned them against me constantly becoming a vain facade nowhere ever to be seen, you have erased yourself wanting to erase your father, be it up to your heavenly one, LOVE KING WE CALL HIM BECAUSE WE HAVE NO OTHER WORD TELLING THE SAME, you always stole from the wise worms of lights that you took for gods
so obsessed with your face to take as you said to be gloriously willing to bear all crimes and sins of the world that would not have happened would you not have rebelled in the first place
well so now time has come for you to take your black coat of sins and crimes back and wear it until YOU will have cleaned it as you asked your father to clean it for you to make splendors out of pains
you endlessly have shoved on this entire world your coat of insanity and lust for crimes, bringing all currents down to rage
may all your innumerable victims do now the same with you
and understand there is and has never been any other reason of their head to be adversary to their own spirit of the heart then you, idiot, to talk into them and find it funny to see them so fragile in your invisible deeds against them and push them all to crime
now take the bloody smelling fat blackness back of the robe of meat you accused another to have inflicted on all humans when life wasgiven on to them
there is no life outside the spirit of the Lord and you were free
you have preferred to entrapp us all and play with the being’s highest generosities, alway willingly being freely given unto you
it’s you who loved all these crimes and wished to glorify yourself in midst of them and tell us you would one day come back we could then wait for endlessly when we could have walked endlessly in bliss IF ONE OF YOUR THEATER PIECES DAY PER DAY HAD BEEN REAL IN ANY WAY, YOU TRICKED US ALL THE BREADS NEVER WOULD MULTIPLY AGAIN AFTER ONE DAY IT WAS ALL FAKED all are hungry more then ever YOU WERE AGAIN A FAKE OF YOURSELF WANTING STILL TO BE ANOTHER AND SPLENDIDLY TALKED OUT THIS HEART YOU LOVED TO PLUNDER
and still you dont exist
so now take this abominable coat of sufferings on your shoulders when you made a world bear it for you seven thousand years you took command
the rod of power you took into your hands is void, you invented one that thousand Caligulas were weaving in your name
it was made in the lights of another that he now takes them back to give them on to these that despite your efforts to destroy them have in their hands today
the wand of destiny to forge as free beings as they were meant  the simple who have forged their hearts despite the horrific sufferings you have pushed them in with your stupid sneaky smiling grin
the black angered dragon you have talked to in the abyss was no other but yourself
reversed because you could not respect any creatures not even the great memory carriers
immense and huge some are and you should have become one of them, instead you loved so much your face, thus your own heart, your energy turned itself against itself and now you can see the black dragon full of rage is yourself against the beoutiful face the Lor had given you to be his loving creature, you preferred to become a monster of the abyss, your choice it was and not one else
your victims to see full of all bounties and qualities you pushed afar from them will be your punishment until your heart is clean
Andromeda flirts now with them and from the other side MM3 comes closer too it is said to us, the universe shrinks again how wonderful, that it was 2012 and you are brought all back to the safer home of your eternal living spirit, the aging vehicles of incarnation to enjoy again, instead of being obliged to crawl like beasts in sickness and infinite pains and raging angers.
Stand up human fellow, align your heart for never were you meant to suffer endlessly, a new earth to seed awaits for you in joy and bliss that had always been the care for you of these that had seen you open your eyes the very first of times. Nature is your house and creatures your true friends, extinguish the plaguer’s voice in you by telling him you are a creature of Lord Love and that you wish him now to go and take back the endless worries and blood and tears he had shoved on you. And breathe in and through  your heart again, let tears wash off the cruelest memories, a new air you breathe already, because it is the heir of era. Ea
new earth rising

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur décembre 25, 2016.

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