prayers and living waters


there is no matter but conscious beings, thank the great fishes too that were send through the oceans to shine their prismed rays under the waters, their shining bodies were made also for this, they produce the prismed rays under water and were sent through the pacific to shine the Law, dolphins had to be called back wanting to follow the tune fish, many will die of this liberating wave ongoing, thank them for their sacrifice, just concentrate on YOUR energies to master because that only is needed, with your beautiful prayers, you send them to jesus you pack their energies in the satan he was and glorified himself, sorry, but there is NO intermediary between you and your heart siege of the Lord Love King and none else but you must forge and hold your heart, each one of the atoms that you are as a water drop living spirit is to heighten the awareness of yourself, not seek glorious happenings , that only pushes the anger of the great wise light worms that then become black raging serpents. conscientise and give the marduk-satan his coats of abomination back to him, envelop him with the black coat of crimes he gave us all, your personal plagues and moments you were not yourself, give it back to him to help earth lose that coat of abominations Marduk still pushes on all, it will not happen alone and as long egotic behavior is walked along the marduk satan, the black snake tortures our hearts.
free ebook to learn what he has done to us all
beings exist to glorify LOVE
may all learn to be grateful for lives received and if they only can hate and rage and dream of other worlds perhaps they should GO to these wonderful paradises in marduk’s mind and leave the living sacred earth in the Lord’s peace unfolding

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur décembre 22, 2016.

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