sentence against Marduk

perspective 97

 Black serpents absence of logic I will never get used to
watchers you cannot hide from yourselves
like marduk loving to rape our bodies to make us do his imagined crimes, we struggle all constantly with our mind, the weaker plowing under the loss of their alignement grew sicker more each generation.

he forgot at how immortal he wanted to be as much was he watching every slightest move of his mind, never caring WHO was watching in his willingly separated mind against the great King

ah Marduk… then suddenly you prefer to believe in the flesh body and you claim now « Look ! there only dying bodies you can see, an abstract matrix where I am free to do whatever can me please!! » Caligula such words had uttered… what a mess inside his head I would not care to try to sort this out so many you are still in there

never will he under stand the INCREDIBLE JOY to know we don’t exist but in the greatest light worms bathing in the heavens, the memories of endless beauties now to visit as we have learned to do

the great worms, still as clear water drops their noses

when we swim in the lights of the seven pillars and got used and trained by them this we can see, ourselves, the body we have shared into the lights of histories we had to dis-embroil , the memories we brought to widen consciousness, all creatures cared for and deeply loved

black serpents do the same, but filled their willing ignorance with as many crimes they left to their own oblivion, swirling in the dragons furies against them, of the harm their cruelty brings to the giant worms, unrest it is, noise into their sacred silence, music to them they turn to military march and noise to make you sick.

adding one crime to hide the latter, the deepness feared the worms to hear instead of caring them to love, at each phrase uttered the serpents more to dragons fierce become

but for Marduk it was fun to plague Quetzalcoatl, his father a seeming endless patience had for a charming, intelligent and witted boy, hiding a very dark rebellious son his love had hidden to his father’s sight

should he ever regret for having loved somuch ? it is the worms delight you see

but that human figure that wanted to be god and had not watched at clouds sufficiently to learn what these say about our faces, a delight for these that contemplate they are, not more and vanishing they are but in our memories left behind us for other worms as marvelous creatures to appear

But that liltle boy unwilling to do his invocation of the universal Law and as such will his memory be kept, there where his soul turned black by leaning against the currents

a black snake he became each second from there on, jealous of the spirit of his father, to swallow the qualities and mix his thoughts in everyone’s conscious mind so was his wish to take the bridge from heart to heart and propose murder,rape and fiercest crime, to lough at the ridiculous creatures he thought humans to be, they anunaki a superior race were forcefully to him, so great his self esteem in hidden hatred against himself to be so meaan, the split of mind the dragon held hom fierce ah you wake me to steal my lights you say ? But the humans only him, his figure to adore they should, beware of his immortal wrath, filled with lights of an ignorant father of his son’s hidden deeds

Now look indignous son, of perdition they have called you with great rights, to plague us all mercilessly was your game, us to torture where you saw only little beings from your heightened heights and self sanctified blesses you swam around that heart, that little nose of lights there kept for you to plague, a theater it would always become around all creatures drowned in your cruel obsessions, as meat figurines you liked to place and make them speak your garbage, them not even knowing how deep into the abyss you would void them out to play your game if they fell to your sadism and also found it fun

but the day you jumped on your father’s heart, at council to destroy the council from inside their heads, to swallow all his heart and plagues you gave him by the millions to make lough so incredibly futile these that hated you the more for your seeming lust in evilness, the hate you feel is not yours as less is your father’s love in any way himself, both are kept as memories as such is their function as beings, you only chose the deepest lights and abyss are they called, the trashbin you have loved in that trashbin you’ll abide, as you used the worm to shove on him your crimes and relentlessly made him pay your crimes, while he explained you constantly on how much we dont exist, far greater are the beings carrying all the spirit can contain

you thought the game without a possible end until you would a merciful day chose to return not to the men but to reason, a sickened boy who knew not how to differentiate the father, his person and the Law and spoke then for all three, as Caligula your spirit roamed and fell on weakest prey, to deify yourself in each possible way while bringing simple souls to wait for you forever, knowing of your lies, an organized theater it had been to mesmerize the same heart you plundered all along

the serpents tongue you then became in each of us poor fellows unknowing in each lives, in traps to throw us without any mercy and smile at loss and pain

and hell was everywhere unleashed the light translucid light worm was called the devil while all would feed on him, he swam through utter darkness with forgiveness and joy for beings as left right pales to advance in restless tempests you held him down, dear as bounty held as guiding light  the more joy spread forth from the little heart you contemplate from your greatest wideness on this soul, you never understood and each burst of love can make you mad  so reversed you became

the valiant drop still advanced and kept his lights praying in this darkness the black serpent will have kept him for seven thousand years while the spirit of the heart, the lights of the worms it was to keep so humans remain humans and not transform to beasts

hazardous was the task, impossible to know if the plan would run out fine, in deepest infra red brought back, faith mostly had upheld the water bearer, the currents of the roaming worms

now look, ferocious, void little boy that could not spare himself to listen to the voices inside his sickened head and lose himself in his imaginary worlds where the serpents have taken your soul, so far from your body you down there hate so much and accuse the loving heart to be the fault of your existence, sorry mate, your father only had assured you a sane and pleasant life, all was given unto you, promised to the lordship of command you were and you messed it all, feeling very smart to discredit at every corner the one you played to like, to trample dignity in souls and pervert all the beings that amusement you invented jut to prove yourself you could dream another world and another world would be, so you promised it to the siple souls who learned to love a savior to be raptured in your night

the living lights it is that are kept through the sacred instants, forced into the lights they are, at this second you leave a brilliant trace, be these joyful or hellish torture scenes, the shades of lights they stand in place where they had been alive, so longer bands of memories are bound

The holy Law of the wondrous harmonics it is all creatures chant, just because it is their joy to heal and get respite each day and peace they search

your direction went the opposite of ways the worm you plagued was walking, he now sees the door to delicious fruits of lights beyond all measure.

Black serpent you could make yourself so beautiful with the worm’s deepest love to keep for you he had. But you abused so much and went in cruelties ways so far demence you brought from deepest abyss

each cycle you made a hell for fun, the lights you knew eternal. Not one’s you would rape constantly when these were freely given, how could you be just so idiotic ? By never feel the need to think perhaps, the god of utter laziness you could have spared yourself to be and stop right there, nono black dragons are really really smart

A choice it was and it is to love, for all the natural beings, deformed you looked at them in fear, not seeing you were sick. And now the track to hold the drop seems nearly at it’s end, cause the Love you used was given out and seems now gone, your inner lights and these you swam in warm delight, in abyss illuminated there as a fire-god you shildered yourself, not even the fire you took for a destructive force you started to adore did you ever watch, the wood it is that gives us his fire, not the fire devoring the wood, you never had any respect for any creature anywhere so much you hated yourself

could you not just say it and have a second’s trust for these that cared for you ?

in your imaginary world you always were another and now you fight demence, it becomes darker more each day

for the drop now saw finally who had plagued him so incredibly mercilessly through all the cruelst Shars (timelapse)

In truth in no pit at all none has down thrown but you, as you turned away from the currents, held back by a face you took as scapegoat to your lust of crimes, sufficient as excuse it was to hear the serpent’s imaginary curse against the lights, for the worms to see if you were stupid enough to forget Love King they serve at the second they appeared in darkest abyss their eyes awoke

now you see how you become good friends as you wanted to be something else then their incredible beauty and majesty they are you never could have seen so great you dreamed to be

A different way you took from the one you always jealoused and while he advanced unknowingly to nurture you, you ate and followed not the upward stream of creative thought, but the lazy drowning in the soft breezes of another’s efforts and you swam all down the pit. Nothing will you have created, only death and deceitful parodies have you brought back to us in shingling lights offered relentlessly to you

and fruits you’ll earn as opposite as day and night can be. And that now not one can change. Each second of attention you used to run towards another crime while believing and you were right, forever would you stay with the beloved darkest dragon, from yourself you never will depart, your sentence is fallen now on you, the softness of the maiden is stronger than your pride, your soul is void when fear your sheeple lose and it was all constantly YOUR fear you gave them to digest with your brightest smile, so sad you saw not the stupid predator’s smile of the dragon holding you it was already

now you turn your darkest lights to bright love and joy again yourself, as you asked of your father to do relentlessly for you and from your own truths your habit will make lies.

The day you re-enter incarnation, when the great worms you see as snakes will let you return if so the heavens will, they disliked to watch all that you did you know, your sentence here is spoken.

From rom the beginning of an incarnated cycle to the end of seven thousand years you’ll stand in midst your victims and all will pass in front of you and tell you what they see.

They will tell you only the qualities in you they see and you will see their tears of courage to hold their hearts in front of you not to tear you now to pieces so much suffering was given unto them.

Soft and silent the great light worms roam, infinite as silent is their chant to the seven pillars of the Lord AN, heavens.

new heavens, a little speech by Ea.png

holy Law of Life

seven pillars of the soul to be recalled

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur décembre 17, 2016.

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