great black serpents


Ah the magnificent organization of black snakes

one does not tamper with the life and the beings in the body of the Lord of Kings, be praised and thanked endlessly  lord love King

  heis the ocean maintaining the myriads of beings, interconnected in the peace of the great king, those who speak to you if you listen to them are small slugs in intestines

but they have big cousins from the borders of the space, some are greater then thousand galaxies, yes it is admirable indeed


But it is necessary to give them all your kindness, all your truth in every bit of honesty you can find in you because you cannot outsmart beings in which you live and live in you, do you understand ?


having taken them for demons and WANTING them demons is a VERY bad idea, ferocious they then become

if we serve them what will be the evident outcome if you take thm for your gods in fear ? t gives what in your opinion? If they claim to be gods whom it is necessary to serve you say?

Yes Amen? Yes cause even the dad became crazy so we can only comply ?

Then you will see then the same first invisible snakes, so intensely they want to see your lights, enlarging and becoming even more black, briliant ferocious and are going to squeeze you then very very tight

you had forgotten that you already live and forgotten to LAUGH in front of the BLUNDERS with which they can make fantasize you to test you as you show to them you have no love as creature and thus are criminal

they test most like constantly one should ad and you will understand why if you still want to see the great cosmic serpents that drag all memories and thougt through spaces one cannot even see


so they test you, because you exist you asked them to uphold you, in the peace or the great Lord of all heavens and all life

Just to see if you like forgetting the essential, essence-ciel, spirit of the heavens they will want to know if you like a bit too much to play it smart

– Ah no mam or sir, whom I know, I serve I only Love the greatest King of Love and he has all saint names ! beware to separate with names with creatures having praiseful names  uncountable of any given space or time, but

It is all that they hope of you

and you to ask them to take their seat back of bearer spirits and to thank them and to honor them as all the deserving beings which build creation and coexist ONLY IN THIS VERY INSTANT, you could miss it all your life so small the instant is, a snowflakes rythm it does take to enter it and find how incredibly huge and marvelous the instant of existence, how magical and beoutiful it is 

insects are spirits of Love too, even if you cannot understand their forms of honoring the life given to them. Like the spider’s web is not only to catch flies, it shines in multicolored prismed rays to help clean the air, the spider’s way to contribute to invocation of the Law

young Mardouk did not have to disturb the great cosmic snakes that dwell in the obscurity between ultra-violet and infrared, they are the bridges of all lights, it is simply their function in the cosmic lights

and you do not fool them

we talk of creatures born you could absolutely never guess when they were born, older are they then time itself and all the times they know in some instants

you do not fool with them

but Marduk wanted to play smart and be of them, perhaps the snakes would be ruled by him !! Marduk fascinated find himself really smart, the snake allready replacing his psyche, his spirit lost in demence, where he unkowingly, forcefully expanded taken far from the Lord’s heart of light he would just be unwilling to learn to see

his approach made him see the cosmic snakes as demons they are not, he has put them in furies since seven thousand years

they are the currents on which will ride your water drop containing all your memories, as it is today while you tell yourself alive, but still you have the vehicle that permits you to learn to move your spirit and be humble it is in the instant and not in mnetal crap, because you have led the snakes take you with them, you wanted to talk with them instead of nurturing your love ? they love to talk to you and will perhaps now endlessly who knows


each of us can help to calm them down 

tell them you are thankful for their work that they please may descend again appeased 

they are the wondrous DNA in the currents of the water too they bring trails of geometries of lights, so many genetic codes and memory data, but all the constructing vibrations,  it is them who bring them in the currents of lights, we are as one with them as with the lord and one can see this only with his eyes well opened to his heart

they carry reports all there is that is unnumerable end endless

you do not fool with them

seen in the fear and the self-loathing of Satan-Mardouk-emperorofallvoidheads, if they meet a cunning one they become then pitfall black and fiery yes, brilliant, very wild and very cunning and very hateful, simply because they look at a criminal

a criminal whose only crime is to not to want them for who they really are

they are multicolored, stunning of beauty so immense and wondrous their movements in the lights of the infinite ocean of LIFE ALL INSIDE THIS VERY MOMENT of Love King


But to align the seven shakras each has to do himself

nobody can make this for you, it is the temptation which the Mardouk was at use with you in the words of furious snakes, it was enough to plunder another’s heart of his father and he distributed, too cool, no? Nothing needed to be done, just surfing in ever more uttered lies and ignorance still bathing in qualities there as rivers which flow golden and silver…

finishing… nowhere, still the Lord has not been found whILE being IN HIS BODY UNIVERSAL



of metals the great snakes drape the heart of those who follow their good advice to maintain their right of hatred and stand against Love singed through space, they are the great keepers

they do propose you to be your gods just to see if you agree and then push you to endless crime to damn your soul, that is what they do

covenant of mutual exectration  carved in sumerian records – already it was the big snakes which will have pronounced such a folly to manoeuver you

you are watched by beings far greater then the solar system, but in your belly live their counterparts, as immense as the Lord and wherever you look you look at beings that share his heart, but the Mardouk creature who found it funny to expand and even use you as puppets so he could a man y crimes and not place his face in light

never thinking he always watched himself do

to look for ufos knowing now this energetic fact, you too will have to see that there is no difference between your spirit and your energy and that they do not are a possession of yours and only was asked of you to acknowledge such a simple fact and stand in inner freedom,

in Love and finally at peace

Now be no more afraid, like for the spirits of the depths as those of the burning heavens to each of you the Love our Lord gave this place of heart and center, your lights it is that show you the universe and they’re not yours, these come all from the Lord of heavens and to show you and so you remember his all mercyful Law that permits the beings to exist, see the rainbows begin and end at all the pairs of feet.

What will you have done with it ?



~ par bubbledom - Ea sur décembre 1, 2016.

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