You can’t kill Mickey Mouse !!!

Do you really think anything in the screens is worth better or you still did not understand ?

je troues je peces je parais 7

Trump cards, ass angels, palace of Back in Ham, Hilarius Cling tone and her house band Billy the Kennedy, what else do you need… the illuminati card game where you see pictures of people still children when the cards were drawn perhaps

beware for the game is real and the more you believe the media narrative the more real it gets as you work to make it real, beware the black serpents who find it very fun to « play » the black serpents, (see next article)

on youtube you like to say ALERT ALERT WE ARE AT WAR

why ? It is not interesting, on fatalities you cannot act and fatalities are also what others chose to do… so why do you want to alarm ? to shake the present instant of the viewer ? rob him off from his sacred instant that’s for sure

because it is seven thousand years of ONGOING war of humanity against humanity in the spirit of the Mardouk-satan, in his self hatred and terror of life, do you enjoy it or something

the holy instant of the Lord of heavens is perfectly stable but for fools making everything to use their world as a trashbin they feel to be and it should not be, nor other people for their memories of crimes and it is a miracle we are alive … then you dont say ALERT ALERT WE ARE ALIVE !! But that we should, so why do you seem to search for « somethin6g happening » that absolutely SHOULD be horrible, I just cant understand.

you feel you are like trapped, held in hatred and fear and dont know how to escape from that grip ? apart from being trapped in tax and fear of death cults ?

read Children of the Ages you will find your remedies

also free as e-book

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur novembre 30, 2016.

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