as a mountain keep your heart

sois forte comme une montagne, rassemblée.png


let your spirit be assembled as a standing mountain and keep your love for the beings


see the wicked thpughts of the marduk-satan trying to corrupt you and make you beleive YOU have wicked thoughts


ther is no other fight in the world but in your heart


let it be as strong as a silent mountain that lets drip off the evil of the world on it’s angles


shine heartful star your spirit is


only vaporised it is dark and the satan rages in you with his immense hatred against himself he wants to be yours


and stop listening to him incriminating all benevolent beings, because he destroys YOU when you adopt his sadistic mind


understand the one accused can with difficulty could be the accuser


stand tall and proud as satan or assembled and in peace with the beings like a mountain, so as to be able to keep others up


Love is the King of Life, in your sacred instant and for whole eternity that only ever will exist NOW, here the temple you must hold your spirit in

keep YOUR instant with the Lord and let your spirit BE a shining diamond, a mountain as a castle for your heart


Your Law of Love my Lord is a wonder and my only and last refuge,  the mountain says in gratefulness and finds it’s peace INSIDE of itself, in the mere fact to EXIST and see what a wonder existence could also NOT be, but the mountains are and the stars above, the perfumed flowers, the singing birds who were the dinosaurs and the joyful butterflies and the trees to give them homes


it is not the fire that burns the wood, it is the wood giving out it’s fire to light and keep us warm, ever thought of it ? As such keep your Love burning at the core of yourself and do not let the satan extinguish you in his hatred against your wonderful humanity




~ par bubbledom - Ea sur octobre 13, 2016.

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