CHildren of the Ages


again a book sprang out of me like an egg must be pushed out, to try to make you understand under what simple spells you live and that pervert you as a noble, dignified being of the universe

revelations you need to know how the fall of humanity came about

you know that void you perceive because you had been left out of the Love of the father, you received it back and you were brought to believe it is ok to plunder what was given freely to you

now learn WHO and HOW someone passed his time destroying your efforts to be a dignified human being, telling you wicked things about any truth you should collect through your life and pushing you to adopt perversion as a way of life, trapping you inside his perversions he so much wants to be yours

he perverted your entire humanity doing so

an indignous son and an indignous father came to be in ancient times and you live in the nightmare he wanted to implement on you playing gods on earth seven thousand years ago

Marduk the forgotten one, the one who wanted to play invisible gods in your mind and be greater as the invisible King of Life he never learned to see

one that likes to be forgotten while torturing you night and day, constantly despising the tender nature of your heart and left you without your spiritual resources inside his mind made of all the earthly hells, you call him satan through thecycles, constantly accusing another of his dreadful feats in your mind

learn how to get free of this wicked spirit who had destroyed 450’000 years of harmonic civilization we recall as the golden age of humanity when all knew to be one family of thousand tribes

and see that you are on the way of reconnecting yourself with your real being entirely


if you want so


because if you wait for anyone to do it for you you will be able to wait an eternity


while you stood in it all along


also available as ebook

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur juillet 21, 2016.

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