confused rubbish or clear thought ?

les tambours des écluses

when you constantly walk on a path that has been opened to you it seems easy for sure


is like lookung at a painting with NOT ONE thought about what it took to be in front of you

If you transform everything earned and synthesized for you for CLARITY OF MIND and you push back into mystification you have lost the way of your heart and can only deawn in fear instzead of standing more upright in LOVE every day

« Ea’s Pledge » constantly erased by the vampires to show their faces so glorious they are in marduk’s darkness

he invited them in his expanded mind where he never searched the holy instant, presuming always to receive the love of his father Enki

not the case anymore poor watchers and it was a very wrong idea to count on your blindness of having left the holy law of life and invoke the seven pillars for your soul just because you could receive Love without ANY effort and all your efforts were turned to evil

you now look with the Father of the universe, Love you find in yourself now, you have fed of me long enough only for pure evil and lies

you had a lot of fun against all good hearts of this world demonising all creatures because you are filled with insects and fears in your ignorance complete of the marvels of this universal body Lord Love has placed you in and given you charge to treat well all creatures

the insects depopulation agenda comes from them to destroy the criminals that never forged their hearts in seven thousand years

they push you in THEIR hatred against you, that you do not feel as long you can profit from the transfers that still give you some of my lights

it will not last anyway poor chaps

there are no demons anywhere but living spirits you should not have invited in your heads, idiots, now get them out WITHOUT MY LOVE you abused all the cycles to throw me in the trashbin in every each of my lives I gave my best to keep the spirit of the heart alive in you

now you nurture it yourself, my heart is not there to feed lazy evil people that never ask themselves why something is given to them, have no generosity but the one given to them and never think about thanking in any way but give themselves good reasons to rape

and want today even to consume the joy of others having walked hard to cross all the darkness you have put on them

turn to the father of the universe because my heart is not called Mc Donalds* and you torture me constantly to give me your despair to transcend it into beouties, that is what I did through the cycles and all my fruits I share with you freely and still you only think about plundering ,y lights, they are of the Lord very right and my heart to respect will teach you to respect your own

spirit is of none special, right, you have yours in charge since always

you leave my heart to find the lights of YOUR spirits now

do it yourself, you received all tools to be able to understand and heal

not in all the vampire’s books that erase Ea’s Pledge synthesis that tells you ONLY verifiable facts while the vampires try to mystify you constantly BY ALL MEANS so you continue to work for them while they amuse themselves on our backs

mix your thoughts to utter confusion and bring you back to fearful mystifications, these vampire’s screens now only work for that now

« Lilith » will teach you about your eternal spirit, be quick, second death is coming

you had to be reborn on first death that was awakening to your spirit

what did you do with it ? your responsibility, not of anyone’s else as the vampires tell you to pervert you, not Jesus nor anyone will save you if you do not step into the Kristos and get anointed to the holy law of Life to finally SEE and FEEL where you are in LIFE

even that has been done for you and you had only harshest and pitiful judgments against your own nature in exchange of thousand insights

and started to kill the good hearts of the cycles… like you did through all of yours

very well, now you look for the lights inside of YOU as they grow in your world, dont get crushed to dust fallen human beings with no heart forged in you, how we can only blame or cry for your damnation not having learned to stand in YOUR OWN LOVE FOR LIFE AND BEINGS, but we will not pity you a second more so evil you crawl in darkness and murderous and endless tortures you give to this awakening world.

All WILL encounter the Father, poor ones way too late when they think it happens only after their lives and never thought about the place of death in their being. Not at the end of your tortuous life path while dying slowly, but in between each breath you are given.


Nothing of your being was or is not being given to you, have you ever a second of thankful thoughts ? If not all heartful creatures can only really lough at you for your incredible stupidity and your cruelty with no end you find so funny. Hallas it is the insects taking you and laughing about holding YOU so tight and push you to evil as to fill your spirit with crimes. Not because THEY would be evil in any way, but because it is what YOU ask of them beleiving them demons. Like you demonise everything around you projecting yourself and your void.

The insects have not the patience of an Ea. They look to push criminals minds that do not want to stand in Love’s lights with their own efforts, they are like the gardians of this world and you thought to use them while they have used your hands to build the destroying war machine.

and the superb machine, that mechanical beast machine you do not control anymore in any way as you never controlled yourselves vampires  you have built with them in your minds is made to destroy YOU, as fake it seems and happy you are to be among the « strong » in your fears.

To cross them by yourself and transcend them into LOVE you WILL have to learn.



all written books are free as ebooks  :

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur juillet 4, 2016.

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