system agents see system agents everywhere

especially at their source they are incapable of thanking


but prefer to demonize and tell as mad the spirit they most want to be and never will


poor vampires, ask marduk why he told you you would become immortal while pursuing such a poorest goal


to be another

direct democracy is precisely the opposite of tyranny, globalism, one world gvt, one religion, or one currency.

YES DO ENTER THE LAW OF KRISTOS because there ain’t no body that comes to save you =

bodies are dead, only their spirit is alive and the holy law of the Lord LIGHT; LIFE AND WAY, only the truth of the holy presence IN his NOW, can « save » you because forever will you only be able to live in his instant.

a water drop in the ocean

do you have enough love to lit it all ?


or just to let HIM enlighten your moment of existence ?

you may join the father’s body NOW


and nowhere else

enter the snowflake rythm and meet the Lord and see the creatures abide in his marvelous law



~ par bubbledom - Ea sur juin 25, 2016.

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