if by now you did not wake to your spirit

clairière de Lothar


if by now you have not mentioned your heavens have changed completely, that smog is a past history, that waters pour as rains pure and the air gets cleaner each day and the skies are higher by each hour, by he marvelous feats of the prismed rays of the obolix restoring life on this planet, by the law of Life. just because the screens continue their endless lies then you are either idiotic or filled with insects that talk through you and make you move and make you lie at each word you utter, satan parodies of the spirit of the heart, that is what the insects do, turn around each simplest truth to test the wicked if they like the lies and hold them tight

they are parasites, demons you say ? what, the most humble of spirits ? these are the petals of the lotus flower a buddha rests upon, but they are whatever OU in your lust for evil wishes them to be !!! and your spirit you never know where it stands when filled up like that and you are not in control of yourself anymore

you need the alignment of the law of life the greeks called Kristos

the anointed by the law which YOU become when you align by at least singing a note scale every day

you let them take control of you because you think yourself smart and nurture no Love for Life ? they will never let you go

be careful, nourrish Love in you, so as to be able to give it to the infrared world so the insects go under your feet to uphold your human temple, finally shining in his harmonic lights

your thoughts depend also on your luminosity

because the father is rising unto you and he said to you « beware if I do not find myself in you when I come back » and he is OCEAN OF ENDLESS COMPASSION revealing all for exactly who they are and what they did through the cycles, all will be revealed, none will escape that process

not in YOUR superior blame game on others, but in your judgment against yourself, all will learn HOW MUCH we do not own ourselves and even our consciousness is part of the father and we bring it back to him, better sooner then later or even too late, when you have no vocal cords left to say « I did not know, I am sorry »

were you humble and made yourself small ? or like marduk wishing to be great and expanded yourself in the obscurity of your ignorance not wishing to know the master of the universal house ? that « space » you never saw for who HE is ? Not 99% of void… 99% of LIGHT, LIFE and WAY

you better search him quick now for second death is coming, for one’s the eternal bliss, for the others eternal void filled with their never looked at crimes

entrance to the father, as small as a water drop your spirit should now be, forged as a shining heart in you, united with the ocean of Life and streams of bliss, your eternal vehicle filled with your memories you better watch to rinse from crimes before it is too late.

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur mai 21, 2016.

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