diamonds and rapers




diamonds are philosophical.

Like darkest charcoal pressured under mountains your heart is and plowing under the weight of the mountain slowly it is compressed so much it becomes a shining diamond. Like stars are formed that way, black matters spiraling to love each other and compress so much they are finally lit in a gigantic orgasm, see ? so you have to do with your spirit so as to forge a heart. You make yourself as small as possible, not as large and vaporous and dark as you can waiting in this darkness for an outside hero and savior how the fallen teached you to do so you accept all hells on earth. And in this obscurity you thought it ok to rape the lights of forged hearts you saw as shining stars in darkest void. That darkness is the shining ocean of Love you have never searched and thus do not see. And these lights are not yours and you fuck off with your greed into the eternity of the sacred instant from which your spirit never can depart, 666 satans, rapers of the good hearts and you explain to yourself into eternity why you ever have been so stupid to chase powers, luxuries and glories instead of eternal LOVE. and only because someone gave you his love freely so you would play in midst of most radiant lights of joys you played to hate it and torture your giver giving him all wicked names and doing everything to desolate him so much now he is sick of you to see what you have done and the lord has teached him how to cut your greed from him so you are not able to torture him endlessly while the shining lights of the seven pillars have been given to you freely, have been shown to you and teached you how to gain them by yourself, what did you do with all these gifts ? parodies and crimes and insults against Love King ? Go explain this to him now while his instant rises avery day. Align your shakras was told to you in 2012 already and you march into eternity, what loves will you bring back to our common consciousness who is the Lord of Life, the Light and the Way ? Endless ocean of felicities and infinite compassion. You liked to say my little jesus loves us all and THAT MAN is perfect so we are allowed to be all pigs on earth a satan figure you projected as it had been teached to you by evil men you liked to listen to perhaps so as to assure yourself your grandeur was not outsmarted or something. But the truth is that you have to join him so you see him unfold and heal HIS world YOU WANT so wicked standing in reversed pillars of the soul and in that darkness you thought of hiding all your crimes. youll get your wicked messiah that you wish outside, the beast machine you serve, ruled by the insects of the infrared you took for demons to play and gain the « powers » to let them rule your body while your mind was fast asleep, provides you a new one nearly every day. When the Lord of LIFE sits in your heart since ever and your spirit never can depart from him. It should have been your freedom and your grace and your joy and you made constant plagues of every joy received. You will explain this to your consciousness not me.

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur mai 6, 2016.

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