do not forget the spirit


A lucid observation I must share

this wonderful and precise enlightening on etymology of words some throw around sure their projections are the same as the written texts they swear upon

a fair good use of one’s spirit and honesty, beliefs have nothing to do with truth


truth lies in YOUR instant

 It’s  » Jod He Vav He » pronounced by some as  » Yahweh » or « Jehovah! To some the four Hebrew letters symbolises the Four Elements. The letter,  » Shin » Tooth, also symbolises Fire or Spirit and if placed between the first 2 letters, Jod He, and the second pair, Vau He, we get « Je-He- Sh- Ju-Ah, Joshua or Jesus! Just a Kabbalistic suggestion!! This is sometimes shown as an equal-armed cross with the letter Shin impaled on the centre, which some Christian Kabbalistic have suggested the Crucifixion, the suggestion being that Spirit has become incarnate in flesh The idea is that Spirit, (Shin) decends into matter, (the 4 Elements of Yod He Vav He) and transforms matter by the incarnation of Spirit, which infuses it with life and gives the new Name of Jeheshuah, (Jesus) , the Word made Flesh!!
° ° °



enter the Wahan
the love for sacred life that replaces the fear of death

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur mai 3, 2016.

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