sacred instant rising




clairière de Lothar

« Some are born to sweet delight, some are born to endless night »

William Blake

ok people, now all screens lie, when we get the same judgment again and again from people not even reading who they incriminate then it has NO MEANING

especially when that one found a tool that with the holy law of Life brings earth to be reborn in front of our eyes

the wicked only search and see more evil

even in the renewed colours and clean air and rains and infinite bird songs rising at aurora

we have nothing more to search in your screens fallen ones, vampires you made yourselves great and wide so as to better prove your powers to yourself while the insects used your body to fill your spirit with your crimes

the ones you did outside yourself you will stay there and never see the infinite bounties of the Lord in endless bliss because instead of doing your best while suffering you craved to give more pains to others

now you want to be gods and have your judgment against man be virtuous … while the spirit of the heart explained to you the Lord does not judge but takes back his creatures into him

also when these WANT to forget about him every second a day is build upon

only jesuit insect crap remaining in all screens

hello insects, descend please, you want to punish the criminals by making them do more crimes, but to void them is much more of a punishment to them, descend please



painting: Ea 2001 – Lothar’s clearing









~ par bubbledom - Ea sur mai 2, 2016.

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