Jesus loves you

(and some of his preachers furiously condemn you)

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Francisco de Assisi – Ea 1991

writings, why in hell… when all has been written in the book of hell… it starts where hell on earth begins and ends there where it ends…


one generation even invented a new language because they liked to be francs so as to finally understand what was teached them in not understandable latin for ages, you either bow boy or you die, jesus loves you so we do not have to, have you understood ? All neat and nice amd jesus loved them all.


actually that book so well it teaches how to move from darkness to the light as well it tells you how to fall in backward tides of hell…

so you can find almost everything you need to justify whatever you push forward… or backwards…

it was meant for people that millenaries long had no TV, nor theater, nor shows and endless talkers, no radio nor talk hosts and endless comentators to fill our minds with trash, no movies, no parodies to see you live in a wide eye opened cartoon called illuminati card game,no iphones, no PCs to phone someone when you felt a bit alone


long there was just you, your hands and a cold wind blowing under an infinite tempest sky, you had then time to see the stars with your eyes and not through screens that told you what weather it was outside

… relieved were you then each time the sun would reappear from thundering clouds and happy not afraid you were because you knew back them the thunder was waking up your seeds, not in ignorant anguish would you linger awaiting some punishments of Love, the human world around you was so mean with you you knew by instinct that ANY god would not want to punish you even harder for simply being there and while you still remembered simple things, like you did not create yourself


as cartoon figures to move around would have made you think of hell when naked you were refreshed under some shining waterfall embracing your beloved



and gratefulness for your life was easier to remember, no taxes had you then to pay before those who invented the money to force you then to give it back to them


who had told you you should best give it back immediately to the guy on the coin ?

that one seemed to have lost that useless thing he had then told you


two thousand years later we now must learn that money is only meant to steal, never to enrich


you do not decide of the cosmos living laws or where the migrating birds move on


you did not then and you don’t today

you know if you nourish love in yourself or not, but with your head you just cannot decide either if Jesus loves you or not, especially when you insult him again and again giving him a name he just obviously did not have (feel free to comment)

if these builders invented french so as to understand the religion brought down on them, mostly by force and violence could read that book in latin or in greec they could be proud and feel happier then those that had to believe what others told them was written on all these thousand crumbling pages under the weight of millenaries of rewritings, dating back to long entombed Sumerian records of genesis.And the texts seemed to have passed through a glorious twentieth century mixer the housewives were so proud to press the button and to see it shake the mixtures


that their entire human society was going through that mixer was far from minds that had vanquished nazism and machines ended any necessity to remember how to make things, all grandfathers wisdoms were good to throw away, a new world order was then born (again,again,again) the robots would bring about a free species, a supernatural being with only freetime thereto waste inconsuming trifilms yet black and white giving as much terror as fake amusement, a new mental wordl was opened where you would lose yourself endelssly if the lord was not so generous with you

but told it was to you the robots would do everything for us hallelouya jesus will soon come…

in truth it was Hitler who brought the cars and Mussolini the agricultural machines and all tribal ways of life would be destroyed by thes two simple tools, hecktik and stress were suddenly invented and jesus loved them all, even that pope who blessed the concentration camps, the lord was not stopping them so he surely agreed


jesus loved them anyway so why bother from there on i ask you

« Anyway there can only be hell on earth as long jesus is not here !! » you hear them shout again… but as a resurected one he never really leaved and the law for which he spoke so they may forge their hearts went under the industrial complex of roller coasters and shouts ther in a night so dark you thought yet to be your body, so far from your heart had the fallen brought you down their wished hell for you

you should be a goat and not a wondrous being

and while it is written in the last redempting unreadable part because it is some endless vision the writer did not know if it was from the future or the past, he wrote who ever would take out a single phrase or add something would damn himself for eternity


what have we seen I ask you ? Constantine plundered the original texts to wipe more then the half of it, under the forced willingness to make of these eparse gospels a one doctrine set for all and to better hold the masses in beliefs then understanding that all his armies would become useless if the loving doctrine of the Christians should prevail. The « only son of God » was born that week, a millenary before no christian would call Isa such a name and not know anymore who he themselvf would then be.

Son of man

and then again nearly a millenary later we would see king James playing emperor Constantine’s parody of parodies  or or as some sort of reincarnated Caligula of letters to take some more stuff out he did not like and the simple would think his name was probably come out of some old prophet forgotten in the medias

the printed books cost the paper and the ink and the nice postmen to bring it to your door but an ebook is simple to make and to give out free

of course you could need some graciousness of loving readers to put the coins into the printed book if it inspired them so much…

more then to see them plunder you to rewrite any bullshit because they absolutely want their name be placed somewhere and think none has seen them rape, they have seen themselves and they stand with their memories in midst the loving creatures, none else but if you HAVE to transmit real spirit you give it out for free yes in my case SELF DEFENSE AGAINST CONSTANT UNJUST ACCUSATIONS AND CONDEMNATIONS while I try to explain that Love King does not judge I))  because he is the oneness of life and only sees expansion of consciousness.

The wicked love to judge because in their accusations lie their justifications for more crimes. Truth is a relief to me and so I care to share that relief beyond belief completely, i like to SEE and while they agitate their bibles they forget such simple phrases as « you will be judged as you have judged » why ? because there will be none else then themselves to judge in midst of eternal ocean of Love where all our spirits return on and on and the finger of the Lord on their hearts to drive it through in each corner of their minds they should do this while alive one needs his vocal cords to ask for forgiveness but the one the false prophets rape endlessly they never ask for forgiveness, but others should repent… why would they expect to receive it from another ? for each of our own crimes we stand alone to be able to forgive ourselves

not that ye believe Jesus anyway forgives, he does when you make he way to him and to forgive you he has done already since very very long indeed, but how many took this as a justification for their crimes too until the day he would return and then they’d stop their crimes ? To forgive them then when he had paid to rinse them there already two thousand years ago ?sometimes logik must prevail so as not to lose one’s mind

I adore Love king simply because he uplifts me every day and I have nothing to believe in and am grateful of everything he showed me and i chose to pass you on. What others do with it is not my fruits, but of the deeds I did myself and these are WAY beyond the writings in efforts and strive and blood given out for beouty and well being of others

when we love we take on our shoulders or push from under beneath ;, we can also inspire so as to push forward, mostly we console, but never are we allowed to overrun our sources by never naming them but horrible abjections that suit a lust of death, but yet, in running such a thought of race, to find oneself nowhere, as a titled name put on a stone and placed over one’s glorious head, burried six feet under the soil… or even thrown into the communal pit, that false prophets should well heed indeed when it was told the chrches that Muhammad had been the last propeht adn tehy entered the time of the spirit, aquarius, the water bearer would be send before the return of the law in our consciousness, that Christ did say not me.

Live LONG all of you and WELL and in JOY and search for it at least, because our hatreds do only ever condemn ourselves.

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~ par bubbledom - Ea sur avril 18, 2016.

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