Shamgaz, Shamash, Apollyon, Apollo, Lucifer

Age of the Ram, Shamgaz, leader of the rebellious watchers on Mars

so tell us the Sumerian records, with Marduk at their head dismissed it seems the universal law of life, the building scale of the entire universe, house of eternal Love

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Marduk so sure of his father’s love claimed constantly not to need to invoke the seven pillars, thinking it some invention of his father Enki, the first born was sure of his eternal heart for him, what need had he to invoke the seven qualities in him ? He received them directly into a voided spirit more and more as Marduk thought to search if there was not a way to change that universe with his glorious mind


the insects had started to turn him mad and he followed their voices


While his wanderings in Kazaria where he loved to charm the first born ones, still the blue light of Ninmah in their eyes, that light of her heart overflown by bounty, which would be obscured by Inanna’s plight of destructed Love, she descended in her grief.


Marduk had command on Mars over the watchers. There was one reluctant to the law since ever, smaller and weaker then the others, mean and cruel he sat mostly apart from the joyous workers on Mars. Shamgaz listening in secret to the insects in his mind gained a huge power when command was given him by Marduk, fascinated by that little fellow grumbling anger against his own father. Soon he would lose control completely and used more and more time away charming the kazarians, letting the watchers be driven to madness by Shamgaz, preparing their rebellion against the divine law on earth, as they plotted to take over earth and submit entire humanity to « a new cosmic order » imagined by the Marduk’s madness

and the jealousy of the watchers grew more and more as the insects told them they could be Enki in the place of Enki, they would be the princes of he earth not that little poetic fellow, what use had strong men of such a leader and his brother had taken command but was more ruthless and the qualities of the water bearer they lusted on  and the qualities of his heart one needed only to steal, his goodwill would always be there to replace their growing void in complete greed descending


SHamgaz and Marduk led their revolution and in the promise to be gods on earth Marduk led the kazarians into voided Babylon, where the fallen would transform them in living demons and they plundered their hearts so as to play the angels now, gods on earth, what had Enki done else ? the two hundred rebels said and mimicked the creation of mankind in breeding monsters so as to pervert everything that had been done by the anunaki on earth. The Nephilim would rise to terrorise the entire world a millenary long. Marduk named their home planet after himself so mad he had become, Nibiru to erase and all memories for mankind led to complete oblivion.


But slaves the kazarians had never been, now tortured and crippled in endless sufferings suddenly so as to please the barbaric pleasures of their new masters and the fabulous new order Marduk was watching in his head, he would not last long. Shamgaz had no intention to share in any means any of his gained power while he had glued the watchers in their mutual desecration covenant, Shamgaz they would now call SHAMASH, god of the new light. Really ? Here the lights of darkness arose and pain entered as a constant plight the earthlings never had experienced, that noise of the voices in the insects in their heads was new.


Shamgaz, Shamash, Appollo, Appolyon, god of healing, music, spring and rejoicing… so he took Enki0s attributes and sciences for his own, wonderful what the fallen do in their attempts to erase memory again, it seems they only can show us more and more, this the insect do by the will of the Lord of the universe that had been dismissed by a foolish first born and a powerlusty freak arrogant enough to put in question hundreds of thousands of years of balance that had been mastered.

(read about the great rejoicings of the fallen in Lilith by Lusor Joculator basiliensis) so Lucifer, new prince of the earth after the prince of the earth which is the meaning of Enki’s title to rule the salvation mission that had brought them all to earth


Shamash, Appolon, most cruel one would see himself in marvel how he looked so smart and wicked that all watchers feared him and he seemed to know what to do with the hatred that had gained them, the hatred of the insects against them to be called demons was and is outrageous to them

The well enough straight and courageous men, hard working ones who had no time to think and were great heroes to be willing to leave their world so as to work for so long time to save their home planet transformed to living butchers as the insects moved them now around  and their bodies building a giant prison for the human beings. They did so well that after seven thousand years that prison emprisons them and tries to kill them, all will learn the nature of their being and all will be revealed exactly for who they are.



Shamgaz, Shamash, Apollyon, Apollo, Lucifer, the light bearer and their mutual desecration covenant that breeds a Bilderberg, a mountain of images to drown your mind in endless dreams so your real life passes you not mentioning and confuse your spirits, so to better feed them to the insects. Ludicrous, when the insects only want a little bounty to be completely appeased and uphold you under your feet. the white lotus of the Buddha’s rest they are, but demons if you wish them so and then you don’t complain to have demons in your mind.

So the satans, followers of the great Shamash in endless rebellion and bringing forth a universe of falsity, plundered the water bearer who could transcend endless crimes in beauties while from each of his truths uttered the insects would make a thousand lies that please so much the wicked (or serpents they much preferred to call themselves and some are wondrous creatures come from far out space) infrared is a complete realm of the divine lights, their play against the wicked was to appear as their own mind, like starlets telling you the spirits litterally take them and hop they dance and chant how great becoming somebody else and finding it funny. Very dangerous a play it is for the insects will not let you go so easely once you played with them.


All silent constantly it was impossible to be and if Ea had stood silent through the cycles long, not to defend the rights of all simple ones, today you’d stand naked in a working camp, there where the fallen drag you constantly like Marduk did to the poor first born Kazarians and traumatized all tribes by making them to demons and not even watching what the fallen had done he would keep sure of the glorious visions in his mind,

wide cinema scope the insects can play in your mind if you let them do, they know you have to bring your spirit’s eyes into the living temple, right here where you are and not find it funny to start to believe things of your mind, but learned of what Life has made available to you, preferably in greatest thanks that Life still IS, it could as well not be.

Never are you reminded of this awakener and the miracle your mere existence IS, of all days to make new days of bounty and of joy and not breed hells on earth.


As the insects teached you so well to do in hope you kill yourself if you were unwilling to give them some of the love the father has placed a spark as yours to bring him back more consciousness and widen all the creatures day per day as his temple will grow indefinitely in space, not dark at all, filled with lights and Life and not a thing that is not a living being and spirit breathing in it’s way, feeling, thinking through the Law.


Shamgaz, Shamash, god of the light he invented himself, ruling the angels in Babylon to constantly blame Ea for their crimes, in endless laughter the fallen had great fun and while hell was given to us all.



Shamash, the leader of the fallen who had dreamed to rule the earth and hallas SEE the Lord is great and grants the maddest of all wishes, be careful what you wish, because there is no judgment against your decisions, yourself will measure them in light of endless compassion for you.

Today the great Shamash, living god of prosperity, model for all richness seekers, philanthropist is his job officially, splendid father of a rebellion ridiculous against the harmonic law of life, only to ensure us all a rejuvenated hell, all tricks, all spirit’s games around the water bearer’s water drop, so should your spirit be today, guided through the barbarities to keep your bounty as sole link left in babylonish hells of never ending competitions and rivalry born of fear. Do not say otherwise without knowing you lie to yourself. None is here to plague you in these recollections, we merely try to better see the truths that hold us back in earthly hells and the subterfuges that were made to enslave us all just constantly, just to steal the lights of our hearts as the insects guide the war machine since it first of days.


stands to rule a bankrupt play, as void of spirit as it is filled by insects glorious talk, as long there is one not to listen to his silent heart !!

And the insects lead their train invariably to destruction because it is only made to destroy criminals to them, that do not want to stand in LOVE


Merely give them some bounty to make them descend in peace and happy lift you up in their knowledge of the divine King, endless ocean of love none can step out, none cannot bow to, be it in a way so tortuous so as to turn your back on him saying you believe but look into darkness and believe in death and fear to spread, when he told you he is the LIGHT, the LIFE and the WAY

a funny game it was now two Shars long, as the water bearer, Ea, crumbling still under the weight of the watchers eating up any sparkle of his heart him not even knowing it, he had kept his spirit of the heart and would not let it be plundered to the ground, like it had been all cycles long that the watchers had stolen infinitely, like all forged hearts shining with the lights of the Lord of all Life, the watchers turning their backs on the harmonic law to rule their lives and watch the insects reverse the simplest truths in endless talks and slam bang void

Had Marduk told the council he lost control of the watchers your entire history would have been VERY different, but hallas, so goes the song of untruthful children that think that the Heart of their parents would be there for them even if they transformed a million years works of life in a complete cruel hell to play the glorious masters of their wonderful « new world order » implemented seven thousand years ago.


The insanities that were made and the atomic weapons that were used and destroyed two latitudes of earth is to be looked at for what it is, not a further threat you must fear of the future, it is a fear reliever IF you can watch it all happened already in a distant past.

Peace comes, each day ocean of Love will rise the more, after fifteen years it is only the very start you stand now in the spirit because the fallen told you to sit on another’s mind and all will be revealed as the lord of worlds would rise from where he had been kept for you, well the insects know the water bearer and knew how to recognize him through all his lives and when they plagued him on and on he cried each time unwilling of any of their powers and laughingly they said « Oh there he is, now that is him, we know he works for our King !! »






~ par bubbledom - Ea sur mars 16, 2016.

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