how you distinguish truth from lie


It is either very easy or you can’t. You are simple or you are not.


You simply look which one comes first.

because all lies need a truth to be able to exist


a « news » is passed already, you see now actually it is of absolute no use

as it drives your spirit away from your sacred instant where ONLY truth abides


« They take us for demons !! » …   « What ? »

ambassadeurs de la Loi.png

I do not believe that the real human beings with a strong heart and as much mind they can muster have any love for any LIES put unto them


I just do not


the entire machine beast can continue it’s wicked judgment against humans when some are still as stupid to continue to trample themselves and build a prison made to destroy themselves runned by insects in their minds


call that a lie and sweet goodbye, disneyworld has already shown it’s asshole and the thousand evils that come out of it


but you will NEVER make me believe that the human beings love lies


we all need truth so as not to become mad


hence only madmen love lies

and the lies make them mad


real men and women hate to be lied to

and as the Christ told us truth sets us free





~ par bubbledom - Ea sur mars 14, 2016.

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