the world is a tomato


and a tomato is a heart, it brings you new red cells into your blood

the main thing is what is a tomato, what is the world for you ?

a tomat

From an electron-based view point on an atom you see the surface of things, the light bouncing on the electrons reflecting light

the world is like a tomato you see, like your spirit is like an atom, a drop of water, but even in a water drop your attention point which is your spirit can lose itself, because  a water drop to a proton is already like an ocean full of thousand datas, a thousand memories trapped in the light as geometries you placed along your lives,

from the electron’s surface to travel to your own core you have eons of space to cross until you reach the core and to turn yourself inwardly to step in the vast unknown of the deepest darkness you always sensed inside of you, an infinite space you took for void and it made you very fearful, so better you attached your view on the bright surface and you counted your tomatoes and you learned how to torture them better so to please some poisoners expertise.

cycles in eons were given you to walk to the core and be humble enough to understand it was WONDROUS and MARVELOUS all you could learn through the dark space while keeping your faith to the beauties you knew of the surface, these called the humble their core, because the waters always sang to you so you would never forget that Life has so much joy for you to live and infinite bounty bestowed upon the beings, you had to cross the seemingly void space of your ignorance until you reached the core and could see the entire atom is not full of void, it is full of the Love of the core that gathers and gives life to the electrons who are like the multitude of beings that form your universe.

if you walked not the path of heart you look at a tomato and you count them one per one because these are there, you decided, only to fill your stomach and digested among other foods, they have always been there for you, right ? Have you ever thanked them for the millions of years they needed to stand in front of you as a complete gift free for you ?

The world is like a tomato, if you look at it from the electron’s point of view you see 1 tomato and perhaps you do not understand the other fruits are same mirrors of the world and you decide to name them this and that according to the pleasures of your lust, ok.

But for those who walked the path of their heart and reached the core a tomato is so fine to eat and makes them marvel in their spirit, because each of them is not a fruit, that you have decided to call it only, a tomato is a seed factory to duplicate infinitely

each tomato can seed a hundred plants which in turn will bring birth thousands of tomatoes and rivers of tomatoes

that is the world’s abundance hidden by these that persuaded you that there was only one tomato and thus their scarce and expensive and you even buy their seeds

have they made the seeds ? No they did not, they decided the tomatoes were all theirs and how the gardens to grow them would look like Auschwitz to feed poor tomatoes with chemicals on asphalt soil

but you see… the world was INFINITE gardens, abundance was your lot

the world you see awaits only you look through the veil of surface to use your mind and see again how much life cares for you.

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur mars 9, 2016.

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