weed crown

hemp field


before the industrialisation we would do EVERYTHING with it

we made OIL,soap, perfume, beer, roofs, isolation bloks of compacted weed are of highest efficiency, ropes (the Swiss would live all the naval armadas times by making ropes for all empires around them) but… clothes, ruff mantels and soft shirts, as medication it is good for elderlys to give them hunger which they mostly lack, it helps for sleep, is a pain milder, can help children against hyper activity or against dangerous behavior for youngster BUT ONE THING EVERYBODY MUST know (and the media of course NEVER tell that most dangerous point) IT STOPS GROWTH ON THE SPOT

the more a youngster will smoke the more he will keep exactly the height he got when he started

the other danger is not really one but calls on self discipline, recreation is for recreative times, when all work is done

an addicted like Enlil cannot work without smoking though, but such an addiction is merely a choice,

some can do this, some cannot and there everyone must be wise with himself, I know my day is dead if I start with a smoke, long decennies I do not do that anymore

it can happen on a recreative day  😉

he uses it to concentrate or be « in his thing »

I must do this without, but the evenings would be very dull without smoking for me

it helps essentially to curb angular thoughts and can awaken one’s spirit if in awoken slumber on the sacred instant

to the Kelts it was THE holy plant and festive one at once, that changed with the Romans that had the vine as sacred plant, alcohol, the drug of the soldiers (it is never said that in ALL battle fields ALL soldiers always have been and are drunk to run to death and seek death and live for death)

but in it’s very rich and strong fibers is it’s industrial main use

whereas in warm countries like north africa it is much richer in oils

you get this  very strange situation where in marocco you can plant and produce weed and haschisch but neither officially sell or use it… many peasants live form hemp since ages and nobody actually wishes the haschisch to disappear

but the Lords who want us all very suffering while they make one great rejoicing after another it seems these days, its ability to help cure cancer makes it an enemy to their depopulation agenda


your kids might have opeaceful thoughts you see

in these north african countries they make haschisch like we have vineyeards and degustations of productions

it was the USA that started to forbidd the use of weed because so JEANS LEWIS got FREE material !!

the production never ceased even in the states, but the official production ceased only


~ par bubbledom - Ea sur février 26, 2016.

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