we stand in living heavens



you stand in heavens, that unfold before your eyes but you cannot see it if you do not align your shakras nor feel deep Love rising when for you it is but fear, know your fear you can turn into Love because fear is it’s contrary

so you stand in watered heavens that permit the thousand beings and we all return to his majesty Love King, your spirit assembled is a water drop filled with memories, trash the old wine to receive the new one, your memories of suffering and cruelties must be rinsed with the father, none else can do this but you, OK, we understood so far I hope.

Then comes a question. what do YOU do with it ? you wish other wondrous skies ? And stars and galaxies and thousand benevolent beings around you ? what do you hope to find that is better ? oh the same or what ? endless bliss saying eternity i love you Jesus or what ? what do you seek that the Lord has not granted you in a way or another ? and if you cannot thank for all you received why you think to go to another heaven when you want this world and life to be a hell ?


you see this picture? it looks like paradise but it is hell, because we see no animals nor insects nor birds nor men nor women, a statue stands as a dead memory, appearances of what you see you can see more clearly every day, do not seek another world, seek to see this one better, shining in the radiant lights of Love, some see, the others do not. Their fruits are not the same.


It is never too late to learn.

We all suffer, any creature you see suffers and makes the effort to be still a dignified being and to see that all creatures suffer should awake in you COMPASSION, not more reasons to hate life as you think and have been taught to think by the INSECTS that talk reverse just to see if you are stupid enough to listen to them instead of your silent heart that talks in SENTIMENT. Oh you are filed with fear and terror and you absolutely want and are used that others take your trash and make beauties with it ? Ye this is what I did for you all the cycles through and now I quit because you only ever hated me for doing so, I tormented myself endlessly for you, doing everything i could to show you what a wonderful creature you are, but you persisted in WANTING to be evil, the effort to clean yourself was yours constantly, I refreshed your energies all along by taking endless crimes on me and turn these sickened energies and turn them into beauties.  But I do not anymore, go wherever you feel fit, but very FAR from my forged heart I kept so you would not forget the spirit of the heart that should guide you always. And now you will find it in yourself.

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur février 19, 2016.

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  1. Merci !


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