Islamism VS Islam

   le Tourbillon - valais 1995

You can forbid islamism


as a political practise to impose a belief and a submission to others

dangerous all these isms are for all


but you cannot forbid Islam


I have read the Quran and found no Sharia in it but the great law of the seven pillars to see there in the seven names of Allah and as Sharia applied by islamism are surates so badly understood when I can read without a doubt  young maids should cover themselves in a veil of modesty when going outside of their home, so as not to trigger the beast in man…


I can only see the same counsel given by any  father to his adolescent daughter, nowhere do i read she should be shameful of her being


must it be a non-muslim, a kelt knowing to read and interested in his fellow men, to say something so obvious ? Perhaps because real muslims suffer from islamism long before any westerner

to me as free stargazing being the term non-muslim hurts me badly when I may know that muslimi means a faithful one, so many of us are, some even without any knowledge of the existence of islam


there too we find the Kristos teaching us that many of his sheep are from other churches you see because all beings are one only in their heart


and Life it is we cherish as noble human beings

our sacred Love for life is where our Lord abides and never does he preach a murder or a violent act, in silence he awaits your memories to share them all with you


where the beouties gone, the workers handycrafts are still awake ?

as the mogols wonders would dream night and days and in and out so to please their women

actually as any noble folks still do


~ par bubbledom - Ea sur janvier 28, 2016.

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