So every drop of water in the oceans was a human being…?

Dumuzi asked in bewilderment




« It might well be » said Ea while he tried to avoid to touch his nanocoated material AND not to inhale the toxic gaz crawling out of the hot copper

« Them you do not see

but their eternal body reached that transforms at will

them swimming in their golden memories of all good things created and shared and cared for right into the sacred geometries of eternal light

snow flakes try to tell it you in thousand moods and forms


as new patterns explored enlarging the Father every day, while he is already what he always was and is what yet will be, new geometries emerging for future lands and beings at each valiant soul that went through infinite lives of ignorance each day more to the light


their bounty it is the bridge to heavens and the instant’s door to the sole point in space and times where the Lord abides, here and now, just mow all heart beats bang, from ant to mice to whale and seas, from gaz to star formations, all to be watched by blissful moulds and galaxies


all hearts are one, spirits more like stars like electrons to walk their path to heart and core, as charcoal slowly through all  deepest abyss was made to shining diamonds and now the dark 99% of darkest void they’ll learn as filled with endless bliss

him rejoicing of his creatures as he had felt so alone in his own darkness hidden

light sprang out of his wish to see himself

and every new memories brought back to him help construct the living body of the Lord all creatures sing

and their dead children they find in their water’s memory beyond the waters that we see

secretly these children wanted to stay eternally with their grieved yet parents

and the Lord is great, grants all their wishes be they unconsciously sought

all is memory and when you see all martyrs dying to trillions on this planet actually…

then behold ocean of Lovee, they just entered him and drive in bliss

the butchers are the crimes to keep

the ones who loved do find their loves



anima mundi – LJB= bubbledom=Ea 2003

painting on six panels of pine wood, inks and phosphore

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur janvier 15, 2016.

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