Krrr Krrr … Shh Shhhhh… Tssiii Tssiiiii (or something)



eingcomment tracer le centre du monde

did I not draw this when i just understood that, like any other creature, the Lord had placed me in the middle of the universe ? Entrance to the gardens of the Lord (but it does not make the world flat)

it’s very fun actually. Look, From an ants point of view I am certain it would explain you with all rationality that she lives under a dome, that stars do not exist but a giant icy fog mounting to oblivion and a flat world filled with such obstacles that it has developed her six long legs to be able to run around and work under that wondrous dome, the moon is a legend and the sun too bright to look at so we are not really sure what it is made of but we suppose a golden fire… for her a globe planet cannot but be a lie and she will explain very rationally why.
More fun, ask the worms what the universe looks like, the worm will tell you it is a giant indescribable dark matter where we dig holes to draw a geography that permits us to know where we are (we search the bosom of Higgs or something we are not sure of, but we know we dig and it draws lines in the dark) let’s hope not black holes When will we see videos that describe a dark matter universe ? These already exist I)) must CERN be intended by worms so it seems I)) i guess if we would ask the fly what the planet looks like we receive very funny answers I)) let’s hope they do not work together I))
Should we ask the dragonfly what we are supposed to do when we love ? What would that look like when you know she eats her husband that is merilly in extasis of being so incredibly passionately loved… ? ISIS hunger games would be declared I guess.
Others call the 99% of void between atoms Plasma, I call it ocean of Love and the infrared insects only seek our Love in us, when we do not align our shakras we are dark because the human temple is not lit and if we do not give bounty to the infrared insects they start to talk in our heads and want to persuade us the earth is flat I guess.
The insects that come up in our psyche we must not talk with, but give them our bounty, so let’s declare with all our love to the flat earth worshipers that seem very faithful to the lord of worlds that we thank them for their vision to share with us, but we as human beings have learned sciences that have shown us a MUCH LARGER UNIVERSE we wish to share with all creatures we care so deeply for.
Some things just need to be said. 😉

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur janvier 8, 2016.

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