again and again… what we think we must see

so we better learn instead of wishful thinking



To flat earths theorists and disc shaped objects projected on a dome screen… that now play to be a continuation of the truth awakening and plunge us in bitter memories instead of relieving us or heal or bridge in any way as is the mark of Truth, seventh pillar of the soul, Green, B scale.

you have asked why your « theory » makes so many angry when it is just a point of view for you.

you make many angry because we just have reached a point where science talks of intelligent design by the Lord and joins the spiritual teachings truth brings back to LOVE KING not separation, blind belief, hatred and madness now you claim truth to be opinions, truth is the opposite, it is observing facts, not distorting them to fit our obsessions you say you love the Lord but you hate the universe he created for you, to make of it « the devils place » and want another world where you imagine yourself in the arms of Christ. let me ask you a question. Why you think tomorrow you will be if you are not today ? and ready to be HUMBLE in front of the myriads of BEOUTIES and MARVELS of innumerable creatures that live in the Lord’s creation and build the living universe ONLY existing NOW ? Do you then not sense the absolute MIRACLE it is to even only EXIST ? Do you thank the Lord to be alive or is it rhetoric in a blinded theater where you crave for death to spread and fit your BELIEF this world is ONLY wicked ? Babylon is, the supermarket is, not the living world. Are you then not grateful for the life the Lord has given you that you insult voluntarily his creation ? Explain this to yourself please as you anyway do not respond to the wicked devil I am… i wonder if in what you see of your world you see anything NOT wicked and evil ? the truth does not pretend to expose lies, not at all. it has exposed REMEDIES and HIDDEN TRUTHS and these would ALSO REVEAl the endless cohorts of MYSTICAL lies the flat earth is a new attempt to MYSTIFY, not to bring to the Lord of all Loves to me the universe is filled with benign, benevolent, loving tender and intelligent creatures and confused people torturing them not realising what they call for themselves.never seeking the LORD LOVE KING you are responsable of what you do and you will gain YOUR fruits don’t worry you could learn from each being of the animal world as they are your ancestors and you are not an angel held in a fleshy body stop eating all the animals of this world if you feel that way, stop blaming others when you dislike yourself that can be healed, not impossible vies to fit with ANY OTHER CULTURE ON EARTH SO TO BE SURE TO STAY SEPARATE AND JUSTIFY HATRED and of the MIRACLE of their existence from bacteria to galaxies to build such a glorious universe you do not wish to see ? All the Lord’s creatures you insult to be all some devil’s progeniture ? all devils and demons ? All the blindness that brought about a machine that never stopped attacking every living being instead of cohabiting and respecting the Life lended that is exactly why the Christ finishes the our father prayer with the seventh pillar of the soul, TRUTH = TO YOU MY LORD ALL GLORY AND POWERS UNTIL THE CENTURY OF CENTURIES and beyond Amen and you bring it down to a wasteland of evil and wickery and you wonder why you make others angry, but it is for you to see ocean of Love you bathe in I write all of this I hope for you you will find the glory of the Lord you seek, but it is not to find in blind beliefs that only ever close our mind and heart in endless fears,. His presence is LOVE, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will open, but this only you can do, none else for you, not even jesus you would wish to descend from the skies when it is six years the law of Life he became IS DOing what he prophetised would happen BEFORE his return IN OUR CONSCIOUSNESS and that it is what you must seek, join him to become the ALIGNED BEING the Lord wants us to be, seven shakras to align otherwise we constantly feel and sense through our reversed pillars and cannot enter nor see the father. instead of Love Fear, instead of Joy Suffering, instead of Humility demeasure, instead of self mastery endless Greed, instead of Honesty fierce Jealousy, instead of curing Bounty Malice and pervsersion and finally instead of TRUTH despair and Death when Truth brings back to LIFE and these pillars we must call upon not to see ourselves lazy and WISHING to stand reverse to how our creator wants us to be no half ways to truth, no half way to Lord love so as it had to be exposed to you so you stand in full knowledge of who you chose to be truth heals and never confuses, stop marching for such terrible separations you bring in the collective psyche of this world not pushing it further but pulling us back with this flat earth insect’s view of reality please, i say this for you if you sincerely seek the Lord to find YOUR relief of suffering, because you must know that Life LOVES YOU when you dismiss LIFE for a Jesus that better is dead so he cannot respond to your beliefs about him, very practical i concede, but far from what the spirit has showed you. The water bearer would explain to you all about the judgment and tell you histories of the past, these are Christ’s words not mine and the water bearer would come BEFORE his return and it gave an ANTE KRISTOS, not anti and the term water bearer we knew BEFORE we finally got a glimpse to the distant past that had been erased from memory now the system does as if the Sumerians were a discussion topic all the centuries along, but the entire history would have been different if the Sumerian records would not have been hidden from us and this the Christ knew obviously the loving ones who have been demonized through millenaries because they LOVED each other and inquisitors would tell them their loves were only devil’s flesh, how they practise their existence and taking a scapegoat that is where that flat earth view only possible in the mind brings to, disrupting all bridges between knowledges that all seem to show us the unityy of the living universe- The flat earth view only separates from all understandings of this plane of existence that has been lovingly given to you, even if you had to be born in a wicked babylon that tries to separate all goodhearted ones by any means a fight against the snow flakes so to say is it really what you want ?

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur janvier 7, 2016.

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