stop mystifying the empire’s masters





The more you want to be gods the more slaves you are, a well known mechanic for the insects ruling the supermarket. There are NO gods, NO angels, NO demons but insects seeking YOUR LOVE and hating you when you listen to them in your head, NO supernatural judges, NO overlords, NO reptilians, No shape shifters and NO archons but old people eating meat six times a day complaining to be angels emprisoned in « flesh », disgusting people only LOOKING at « flesh » and seeing « flesh » and « meat » and « fat » everywhere and they even taught you to eat children yourself, lamb and veil are no children perhaps ? A stupidity more none would do in a tribe, you never eat the children just for « tender meat »… nice to MEAT you they say… sickos mystifying you with constance, mesmerizing you since seven thousand years when MAN IS NOTHING WITHOUT SPIRIT and your « flesh » is made of 99% of void and a dead corpse without your THINKING SPIRIT, your spirit it is you must join to the Father ocean of Love so the 99% of « void » becomes 99% of ocean of LOVE and you step into his eternal joy and beauty.

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur janvier 2, 2016.

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