Jesus loves you…


If it is for hatred the most beautiful truth becomes a lie.

that photo beneath was the FIRST very day of the white stone, the obolix, the atmospherical cleaner finishing to clean the darkest times

after having cleaned all mystical terrors and endless mountains of deepest terrors and darkness that was placed upon your mind needed to be lifted, the obolix was only the crowning of all these incredible efforts made for you.

Capture d’écran 2014-12-07 à 22.28.34

Leman Lake late summer 2010

look what five years of constant chem-trailing had done to your atmosphere, you were in a giant gaz chamber and now look outside your window and be honest with YOURSELF.

These new and marvelous skies and the fresh air and the pure rains that rinse the earth today, after five years of the good willing work of all who made some obolix, thousands have been made around the world since nearly six years now, wonderful skies ARE the Lord at work, the prismed rays of the obolix, the white stone that was prophetized IS CLEANING our atmosphere, why you do not ENJOY and BE HAPPY about such a MARVELOUS happening ? Don’t you see the different materials in the air separating and the toxins disappear ? that is what your pictures show. KRISTOS is the law of life, the law is the way, the truth and the light and finally the day the law does what LOVE told us in ancient times today happens and you do not enjoy, you wait for something else, you have no humility to learn and REJOICE by understanding. The Lord IS taking his world back, the egotic westerners agree with it or not. Censorship is what is left of the wonderful supermarket, the numbering beast that tries to kill all living things just because of endless rivalry and jealousies and utter wanted madness none takes the responsibility for the crimes of others and you do not blame any benevolent person to be the chief of devils you see everywhere while claiming Jesus loves YOU, what do you know ? Are you sure ? you say this because you want him to be a fool and bounty is a fool and Jesus cannot respond to you so it’s very practical, he also loves pedophiles and butchers and weapon industry directors and madmen, if only they believe in him they are saved hum ? It just does not function that way, you have seven shakras to align to be able to see and sense your universe correctly and to FEEL LOVE as LOVE takes his world back, if you feel FEAR or JEALOUSY when you MUST feel the deep love of others the vampires only long to steal you think you will appreciate ALL the LOVING hearts that surround you endlessly in ocean of Love ? You are yet in a manifested world and have yet your vocal cords to rinse your memories before the eternal voyage. , be small as a water drop and clean so to fit in the infinite clarity and bounty of the Lord. invoke your seven pillars, align to Love while it is time. In 2012 the whole galaxy told you to align and you were taught on how to do it in the most simple way, to sing a note scale adjusts your shakras, no other generation has been teached as you have been. Your years to come are years of constructive germs you should place so your constructive deeds perdure in greater cycles, that is why all prophets pointed on your generation so to claim YOU holy generation, what you do today will help and shape the future of humanity’s descendance so you should be GLAD and not seek death and destruction.

These are the signs of the beast raging against Ocean of Love descending on us. The infrared insects go to his encounter and we little humans stand in between, align for your own sake in KRISTOS yes, in the law of LIFE instead of hoping that this death machine is loved by « Jesus Christ » you say as if it were a family name or something. It is not, it is derived from KRISTOS meaning the anointed one who has become the law, solar consciousness he had gained awoken and speaking to infrared idiots he knew would never understand his words in his life time. Too difficult to accept someone teaches you and showed you endless wonders and brightened your mind and gave a thousand joys to your heart ? What have YOU done with it ? Glorified yourself and now you want Jesus to love you when he asked you to glorify the Father and seek HIS might and powers and not yours ? Have you ANY humility to declare Jesus loves you ? what do you know ? You have no fucking idea and are not even allowed to talk in his place nor in the place of the spirit of truth who AWOKE YOU to the miracle of life and broadened all your perspectives. If you take another route is your choice and if you did not apply the remedies given to you your responsibility, each one chooses what he does with the time allotted to him and in midst of the huge crap the spirit is capable of doing, it is the spirit of TRUTH that is HOLY because ONLY with him you do not become mad.

You were taught by Isa these days of learning and teaching would happen and you only WANT to see evil in all this incredible hard work that has been done for you. But with no generosity what do you see poor creature ?

You have your shakras not aligned they shine dark and you can only be constantly sick, DO align and teach about the life keys that are the seven pillars of the soul as Isa was calling them and it was his name, either you say Yeshoua if you believe he was Hebrew or you do not say that insult against him that crucifies him every day again and again with utter lies aggressive and hateful to keep beliefs is NOT standing in HIS love, his Love is EVERYWHERE YOU LOVE. The siege of the Lord appears and you would like him elsewhere, no fucking humility to take simply all the wonders the Lord has already spread upon you. Wherever good willingness and honesty and bounty are at work there he stands, not in blind beliefs that suit a war machine killing your brothers and sisters in a genocidal way and you think Jesus loves these NATO criminals for their bloody deeds ?

Come one, come back to senses and understand why he was so incredibly angry at the merchants. You have even been taught on HOW you will enter eternity of ocean of Love King, you SEE him operating and rejuvenating your world through it’s living waters and you have been taught the water is the body of your spirit, did you make yourself small and humble for wanting to see the Lord’s world or did you want to be a GREAT spirit and your water drop is a dark vapor searching for powers and glory outside your body, your lended temple to learn the law of life that has constructed your human form and everything that exists  ?

You see, like all of us, with your own consciousness and you are even fit to rejoice on the fact not even your consciousness you own and must bring back to the infinite Lord of mercies.

You had been taught of these events you lived through and are sitting in and now they happened you just WANT to be able to hate someone YOU decide YOU would be better in his place and that is YOUR crime not his to deform what you see to make it fit to what you believe.

But reality will stay that it is the prismed rays the means the waters use to clean themselves and that LIFE is divine and wondrous and the sacred instant the abode of the Kingdom of LIVING HEAVENS YOU INHABIT, the same the beast, the war machine turns to a stinking carnage so much it fears the awakening hearts brought back to the Lord of heavens which you contemplate being RESTORED AS HE HAD ANNOUNCED.


YOU LIKE THE IDEA THIS MAN LOVED ANYONE, WHY ARE YOU SO SURE OF SUCH A STUPIDITY ? IF YOU REPENT OF YOUR LYING CRIMES AND ENDLESS TALKS AND CRIMES yes then he is large enough to take you in his arms. You endlessly speak in his name saying follies and beliefs you do not want to understand the words he used, so you re-crucify him every day again and you think he loves you when you lie like that and are WISHING to see evil everywhere, claiming even that Babylon the great supermarket killing today it’s own children and poisoning all creatures would be the entire  world.

It is not, the world rejoices in the new heightened lights of rejuvenation and it is a marvelous fruit for someone who has always been pushed under the carpet because of endless hate against BOUNTY.

Do NOT say Jesus loves you when you have no idea if it is true or not and just continuously SURFING on the waves of the heart of another, do you sit in your heart ? Then you are not an nuisance. Do you wish to come in my heart to plunder my lights ? You are a vampire and not a Loving person that can believe in whatever and so long you wish whatever you see fit, it is only in your mind. The Father love is rising every day and it should be a rising joy if you have forged your heart to recieve him.

Have you rinsed out the old stinking waters of long cycles you have walked through ? Did you accept the new wine entering ? These are the words of your teacher, KRISTOS the ancient Greeks called him when they saw Isa preaching.  Watch for your own consciousness before feeling so sure you are able to teach. When you teach lies you better shut up not to lead others astray in mad beliefs that only reassure your mind for a second.

The peace gained through hard work and when you KNOW HOW MUCH YOU CARED AND LOVED you think and say that Jesus condemns. Lol. Such judgments I took on me before, when I still loved you, but now you can look at yourself through such condemning eyes because there is none anymore to take on him your judgments that only would like to make you feel great. The Lord is and we do not exist and it is a wonderful joy to learn and you look with yourself on who you think is saved or condemned and you ask yourself if anyone has teached you to either judge or condemn your brothers and sisters and why you think you are allowed to take the Lord Love King’s voice to speak against him while claiming you know better. Very nasty it is and no, the law of life does not love who is nasty and lying and fond off crimes and watching for devils and destruction everywhere when utter beauty expands in front of you.

NOT ONE JUSTIFICATION FOR CRIMES ARE LEFT and that too should be a GREAT joy for you. Be willing to learn for the Lord did not give you a brain only to fill it with beliefs so as to calm your fears, you must cross them and turn them into the stronger waves of LOVE they are.

Every day you get new waves that widen and deepen the sacred instant of LIFE, the LORD IS taking his world back whatever we do or not. Align to the father, it is only said to you so you may understand what you go through. If you want to blame anyone for who he is look at your will to be important while not seeing that you already are, the simple know this and are humble and you hear them never talk. They have forged their hearts, their water drops are filled with the sweetest memories of all these they loved and you would like to decide who the Lords condemns or not because you like so much to condemn the one who inspired you and expanded all perpsectives, you just cannot thank as long you yearn to exist in your appearance. You said noe is allowed to love when he does not love himself. Sure such people very much do love the unique face in the universe they never will yet see. It is by loving the others that we learn who we are. YOU stop placing demands on others you never fit with yourself when you are unable to respect their freedom of choice and know so much better then the one that awoke you to the spirit and does his best for you. learn to thank before claiming the LAW OF LIFE loves you.


very sick and there is none anymore to receive your endless judgments against yourself. Happy solstice.

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur décembre 28, 2015.

3 Réponses to “Jesus loves you…”

  1. I read the book « Ea’s Pledge » a few days ago. After finishing it I saw this link in the site and it drew my attention. Lots of Christians talking about Jesus, love and saying « God is Love » but can act in a wicked and most selfish way, personally and collectively.
    I find your statements here important and challenging. Let’s say I’m interested in these kind of materials but what I can’t figure out is: HOW CAN WE BREAK THE CYCLE?

    For instance, you say « The Father love is rising every day and it should be a rising joy if you have forged your heart to receive him. (…) Have you rinsed out the old stinking waters of long cycles you have walked through? Did you accept the new wine entering? »

    The question is, how can we do that? I mean both personally and as societies? How can we « align to the father » in this special time period??
    I don’t know how many times I heard in my life this judgement: « No one is allowed to love when he/she does not love himself/herself. » You believe it? When someone doesn’t like new fashion, trends and no plastic surgery, this sentence is thrown to the face in all conversations.


    • I made a too long response, i am too tired tonight, i will respond to you tomorrow. yet here the seven pillars explanation and to sing a note scale is the best way to SEE if your shakras are aligned or not, the notes dont come false because we cannot sing, but because the shakras are not well aligned

      this alignement and the consciousness of the seven pillars of the soul in us is what ancient greeks would call kristos

      tell me if actually there is something else to respond because reading my works will respond to all the questions that will probably yet arise in you.

      through these questions I had to go and find response, that awful lot of work has effectively been done for you and the bottom of the Augean stables have been cleaned throughout 😉 Now to all to give the coats of crimes back to the son of perdition well explained in the book Children of the Ages

      the seven pillars of the soul because it changes a man to know them or to know them not.

      Ludus – the glasspearl game


    • what about…

      you must let go of the past if you want something new comes in 😉

      outrageous to take us for such fools I)


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