CON CERN in Geneva ?

hopefully CERN is neither the only CONcern nor the only happening in Geneva

the open air cathedral is also open to visit, but none will tell you it exists I))

you know… the intention of exploding electrons to see what they are made of is such of a dark and small thought that it hopefully will stay inside the CERN’s magnets

there are deeper energies that are of the most high frequency and this we call ocean of Love, align by at least sing a note scale each day if you forgot the out father prayer or the thousand ways that were brought to you to align your shakras

enhance yourself in Love King to be able to see and feel him, honour him for it is him that does when we are standing in his rightful pillars, do not and do not complain you feel compacted, it is your spirit, your water drop that gets compacted so you may look into your memories, your crimes you have to rinse in presence of the Lord, none can take them from you, I did this seven thousand years long for you and you only ever abused me so now I stop and wish good luck to these that NEVER wanted to hear anything either about their spirit or their heart

they are the same, your spirit you had to assemble in its water drop to forge your heart and see there is no separation between you and your creator and you are ready for eternal voyagd in infinite streams of Love

seven pillars you had to learn and were reminded to you again, go now for the Ludus –  the glasspearl game for your children and their future’s sake

rhinoceros 199414chambre elfique de l'Ouest - kastalia

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur novembre 9, 2015.

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