so sorry really that no data is available on who made this photo, sorry

yeah, talk with divine beings in your head… please go on…

you really do not want to understand… to walk to your heart means be humble and make you as small as an atom so your spirit is inside your body, your spirit IS your vital energy AND your heart
so you longed always for immortality so important you think you are vampire

but you never want to learn about the eternity of YOUR SPIRIT and YOUR MEMORIES it contains, not these of others, YOURS bloody hell

you do not become divine, the atoms of your body are

each molecule of air you breathe is divine, each water drop shines in the divine,

each glance is Love that watches you

and you must join that sacred instant that seems very small
but all creatures live in it to the far outs of universe just NOW

only in the eternal NOW and nothing goes lost or is lost or forgotten in the waters of all this divine life

the insects know you destroy earth when you call them instead of giving them your bounty, if it has been bereft from you well take it back, CALL THAT GREAT DOCTOR OF THE LIGHT, CALL BOUNTY AS A FRIEND, THERE OUT IN YOUR INSTANT

your sacred instant is JOY as otherwise LOVE would not be and nothing could exist

you like the sufferings of others ? well fill yourself with crime !!
the beings of the heart communicate with the LIVING BEINGS that stand ALL in the divine sacred instant of LIFE and share the same heart of LOVE KING and you have to bring your spirit INSIDE OF HIM not search for invisible beings that talk into your mind, you will always talk with insects that way and hurt yourself becaue the insect WILL hurt you if it does not find Love in you, not your compliance to the stupidities the insect say, but the SILENCE OF YOUR HEART WHERE YOUR EMOTIONS BREED, you never assembled your spirit into yourself ? what a pitty

enlightenment is only the natural state of the human being that’s why I shared it with you all

it is only « then » your real life begins, HERE AND NOW

not because « we do this so we will earn this »

that is called eleusian mysteries, a bunch of crap pushed into your head that lead to the great rejoicings and now you know why, you always were and are the victim of the great rejoicings because it is the insects putting YOU to death when you kill

evil was and is not their wish that was but you, they merely gave you some excellent ideas to fill yourselves with crimes you would not even have invented by yourself !!

better poor in spirit and full of heart then void of Love and full of pride, how many times this has been taught to you ?

give the insects your bounty and they descend, listen to the voices in your head and they harness you

and you are only their puppet believing their voices were your spirit or call them masters in your fear, they are not fooled, they know the master of the house LOVE KING

do not be enclined to evil was said to you so long ago

your intention it is that assembles your water drop, not will

and you better not forget the Lord

no data is available on who made this photo, sorry

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur octobre 17, 2015.


  1. What is « the natural state of the human being »? Is it worship as some sufis say? Or wisdom??


    • you want a short or a long response ? 😉

      I mean the human being having consciousness of his inner motors

      instead of being kept blinded off by external hypnosis as all know it today more then never with the media world. Yes why not say it is as much wisdom AND worship we fall on our knees when we finally see ALL creatures are perfectly AWARE. The natural state of human being looking at his outside world with his aligned shakras, the position that made a human being entering Kristos for ancient Greeks, like in Asia they would say somebody enters the state of Buddha.

      With the shakras not aligned it is not that we are not humans but more like human forms, treated as sheeple because we do not see the beauty we bathe in nor the wondrous creatures full of gentleness that surround us.

      Instead the reverse human beings, the Satan wanted erasing the Law of Life as a new rule, so he could enter their mind at wish and use them as living puppets, really awful to be obliged to see such an abomination, torture their fellow beings at each stage of this world, out of utter fear they make mostly everything to expand their fears even more, like a sickness they call normality, That is not the natural state of the human being which must be a bridge between heavens and earth, spirit and matter, we terraform the earth constantly, we better respect the beings we stand upon, be they acarians, stones or bees, or earth itself, we are all sensible. 😉 When all will have understood this and accept their own sensibility as a « normal » pattern everything will work much better on this world. Alignement with the harmonics of the cosmos is badly needed for the children, especially as the entire solar system is rattling and warming up. The waves that come this winter solstice are of our galaxy having an orgasm with the next galaxy named cloud of Magellan, they merged their black holes, their hearts, might well be just fantastic waves of deepest Love that come to us, who knows but heavens. You know it was the name the Anunaki gave to their creator ? AN, sky, heavens.


  2. You use the word « align » and « alignment » in many articles. These words used frequently by spiritualists also.
    I wonder how the children can align themselves with the harmonics of the cosmos?? Even though we adults not know how to do that :/


  3. Very good question. You come from the starting point where you think an adult knows more because his head received more information, but the child is closer to it’s heart because of that 😉 so when a child sings a note scale it’s shakras will align easely and smoothly where the adult will have a thousand words to silence first. You see ?


  4. There is a famous rhyme used in the beginning of many Anatolian and Turkish tales saying « I’m neither on the ground nor in the sky but on a strange voyage. »
    I always wondered as a child whether it is a bad thing, a catastrophe, a ‘no way out’ thing OR there may be some hope left in such situation. What do you think? Being neither on the ground nor in the sky a curse?

    And when it comes to children, yes it’s true. Children can naturally align themselves faster and better even with a simple singing.
    But why can’t a child align himself?? You said « Alignment with the harmonics of the cosmos is badly needed for the children, especially as the entire solar system is warming up. » So what’s the problem about the children nowadays?


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