Head and Heart – THE EXERCISE

Gautama Bouddha

Ok, here you now receive a new tool. it is an exercice to see that the thoughts you hear in your head are not of YOUR spirit but of the insects of the infra red world the great supermarket likes so much and higher thought them demons and wonderful to play with. the insects hate the spirits that cannot give them bounty when they come up seeking the Father’s love they know they should find in the human temple, yes, the human form. You are a water drop and had to assemble your spirit to the water drop so condensed it might be lit in the father’s Love. through the invocation of the seven pillars,like the cristals shine as prisms you have build memories of beouties you wondered why you did when all is ephemeral, but in the memories of lights they are not, they are the wondrous places you have filled your water drop in co-working with the father’s Love for his creatures and in gratitude to him. Now the insects have hated to be called demons. if you want to sort out your thoughts and understand you have an occupier bringing you always to act precisely in the contrary of what you really wanted, then do this exercise and learn to give some love to the infra red world so they descend under your feet where, like the insects under our feet in nature, to uphold the entire structure of the universe is the role of infra red lights where abide the spirits of the insects. You cannot fool spirits that lived before you millions and millions of years before you, and perhaps you should not have called them demons while not knowing with whom you spoke in your mind I understand their hatred against  unwilling creatures to just even sing a simple note scale so as to play the role LOVE KING has assigned to them, keep balance between the heavens and earth.  You will be able to explain easily to your children the voices in their heads are no demons, but insects, they only have to love and give them a little bounty by telling them « GO DOWN INSECTS » but like talking to best friends.

Here an example we made with miss Calanan

you will recognize the voice of YOUR spirit which is of the heart as you are ready to understand the human form as you stand in one, by seeing if the thoughts you can place in one of the seven pillars, Love, Joy, Humility, Self mastery, Honesty, Bounty and Truth, or simpler by simply watching if the thoughts are obvious attacks against yourself

the insect tells you « I am idiotic » when he should say « You are idiotic » so you believe it is YOUR thought

but it is not

if you do this exercice you will see why you have such opposite thoughts at times and why it seems to be an eternal and tiring and negative discussion in your mind

the insects will be with no restraint pushing you into the abyss

if you listen to the thoughts of the head and follow what they say, they push you to be criminal with your heart and hence with others, especially those you love.

because they know you are a wicked creature that in the meanwhile is NOT listening to its HEART that speaks in FEELINGS and you try to soothe your fears by listening to the smart counsel of the insects, you then find it practical to be led by such cunning and wise voices. If they speak any truth or not you have no idea, their mere presence you forcefully fear in a doctor’s machine that asks (mostly with insect voice tuned) « DO you hear voices in your head ? » and labelled as mad. When ALL human beings hear thee voices one should not mingle with, all times it has been explained in various forms.

The insect knows you are then lazy to NOT think by having the courage to face your inner core, ocean of love awaits behind these mystical terrors that yur psyche has been filled with, the angry vengerous god of the old testament to remind you not to be curious of your own nature and to willingly abdict from standing as a free, entire and complete cosmic being, in accord with YOUR HEART who is your SELF, little yet compacted, eternal and thinking water drop., not dark matter, but ocean of billions of bounties and lights.

criminals listen in their head while thinking themselves smart, seeking for their own spirit. But your spirit you forge by listening to your guts and feelings and in your decisions on what for you live and what truly matters to YOU, if you are unhappy you will not help anyone. If you hence let another spirit talk for you do not wonder if that spirit leads you to the abyss. In all this chaos mind most humans had since the fallen’s rebellion called the fall and who pushed then up the indrared realm into everybody’s bodies, not even knowing what they did, thinking it funny to be « invested » by « the demons of the underworld » and to appear cunning and whitty, feeling no fear hence it is another in you and your spirit outside of your body in the meanwhile, watching the insect play with your body against the will of your deepest longings. Do not let this happen, the insects will make everything to destroy you, simply because they will think you are an unloving creature unwilling to give them some BOUNTY and HOLDING the holy temple that is lended to you. The insects know about your sacred role, so if you accept to forget it by letting the insects play in your mind they know you are not listening to the father and are a wicked creature, they will do everything to push you into the abyss. Do not wonder why the supermarket the insects have built was constantly moving from one abyss of war to the other. The insects know also the sufferings they endure by smartest creatures using Monsanto’s « round up » on their flowers, their homes.

It is like with the heavens you see, some look at the stars in awe of the great spirit’s deeds and try to move accordingly, while others gaze into the void in between in search of powers against their fellow brothers they have learned to fear. With whom ? the insects that hate the human form when they are allowed to control it. Do not smile because the cunning of the insects you will not outsmart..

Everything is BEINGS builded in the  light of KING LOVE and all creatures adore the creator, because it is HIM sitting at their core and watching YOU through their eyes, all these suffering creatures used as matters in the fabrics of this butcher’s disneyworld. Who do you think suggests to you you can pass a  life only seeking amusement while your neighbours suffer of hunger and deprivation ? Your heart ? The insects will never let you go if you insist at listening to them and they talk through all screens and papers and radios, they have build the war machine called « empire of the common wealth » to force the humans into slavery everywhere they installed « new trades*

what I am trying to show you is at the core of your inner functioning and the insects will invariably push you to believe you should be a god and thus hate yourself, never letting your mind be teached by CREATION itself using YOUR mind to THINK WITH YOUR SENSITIVITY, with your heart, with the Lord and see the infinite wonders of the universe you stand in. A very holy place is Life, as miraculous and strange because there could be NOTHING AT ALL and not even you to gaze into such void. But you are. And to be a human form is not so easy when having grown up in a machine that teaches you everything BUT who YOU are nor the seven pillars of life that are the ONLY fix element you will find in the chaos of the spirit. What you chose to do with all the crap in your mind is your responsability. Thus the wondrous phrase of Christ telling you « You will recognize them at their fruits » because it is what yiou chose to do with all the madness in the spirit that shows who you are.


YOU WILL GAIN A HUGE MOMENTUM FOR YOURSELF, ANOTHER QUANTUM LEAP  I MAY SAY if you sort out the thoughts in you and see these that come from your heart and these that come from your head, filled by insects if you did not do the invocation of the seven pillars as you were invited years and centuries and millenaries long, through all the cycles the constitution of light has never changed and will not, YOU are the child of the universe that needs to learn, nobody else.

precise description of THE EXERCISE

take a sheet of paper and draw two columns on it, one you title HEAD and the other HEART

Then listen to the first thought that comes up in your mind, you look if it is talking against Love or yourself, if it does you write in the head file, if it does not, if it is an encouraging thought, a blessing or a simple question or just a truth about how YOU feel, then you write it in the heart file and so on. Have at least a dozen of thoughts so you see the debate that is ongoing in your mind and who holds it

because YOU listen to your head instead of your heart that talks in FEELINGS; so the game is easy for the insect you will see

strong hearts know the sacred war where to hold and this exercise WILL strengthen YOUR heart

if you do not forget that the insects actually only search you so you GIVE them a little love by telling them to descend, if you do not say it with bounty they will not let go of your head.

Exercices there are to blow the thoughts of like clouds, but asking the insects simply to descend under our feet where is the place for infra red energy and spirits, the most humble ones of the universe you know, like children they are when you forgot the bees, they act and respond as children and know every bit of you since thousands of years of play, they are angels when you give them Love, but can be demonish if you refuse to give them of your bounty and strive in the fears and crimes they suggest you. they only ever suggest and you choose how you act. is it for the happyness of your heart or because you cannot master the fear they give you always knowing what you will say before you muster it in your mind, Do NOT listen to them, that is what they WANT from you, give them a little of your love and they are happy to know where their place is, they know it is the duty of the human form to keep the harmonic biosphere. If you are not willing to sing a simple note scale to align to the benign uuniverse and refuse to give them some love that perhaps does not even exist in you… then they are right, you are wicked and merit that they play with you, pushing you thus not to the father the way and the LIGHT but into darkness and despair where YOU push THEM. Become an adult human form by sorting out their play in your mind, they are not mean, they search Love where they should find it so you indicate they have come up too high, you give them some of your bounty and they descend with no afterthought.

So as to sort out their play in your mind I made this exercise for you, I call it THE EXERCISE so important it is you can finally SEE who plagues you. Only because YOU listen to the stupid thoughts the insects invent, one more crazy then the other, just to see if you are stupid enough to listen to them. Do NOT, even if today they fill the western medias, screens, radios and papers such a strong habit it is for most to let them do the play of their lives. Thus the cult of death and lies that fill your brain with shit instead of YOU standing and breathing and acting in accordance with your HEART, siege of the Lord in you.


when you have done this exercice and clerly see that someone is really talking to you in your head, then take each of the insect’s phrases and invert them and you will know what he really looks like


the most important part probably, because the insects are not only the demons some wished them to be, but they are the petals of the white lotus on which a Buddha rests


you all really had to hear that to be awake is only the natural state of the human being


Example of  THE EXERCISE


HEAD                                                             ………………….HEART

I am afraid I am bad (I am happy to be good)

………………………………………………………………………………..i can’t tell the difference

………………………………………………………………………………..i’m tired of the pressure from my family

………………………………………………………………….why can’t we all go away and do something different?
because we can’t do anything different (because we cannot do anything same)

………………………………………………………………..my niece and nephew are after their accomplishments
i don’t think they are conscious (I think they are unconscious)

…………………………………………………………………………………..the bees and wasps are doing their thing
they want to push me in the swamp  (they don’t want to cover you with flowers right now)

i think i’m outside of the 7 pillars  (YOU REACHED THE SEVEN PILLARS)

……………………………………………………………………………………i can’t tell when it’s the insects talking                                   ………………………………………………………………………………….  i want to stay in my heart   (I don’t want to stay IN YOUR HEART)

why do i feel like i can’t help you more?    (I know I can help you more than that)

i know why     (You don’t know how)
i feel like i’m crazy all the time  (I make you crazy if you continue to listen to my bullshit)

only through death can you escape me  (it is Life you should search in eternity of your spirit)

……………………………………………………it makes me sad that that voice has been saying that for so long!!

kill yourself  (you live with me, you chose it)

……………………………………………………..i’m trying to recover myself and quit crying

……………………………………………………..I am happy to see I have thoughts of the heart I must say

I think i’m going down to the insect world now  (not reversed here because the insect talks to himself to think this)

……………………………………………every time i try to push the insects down, a fly lands on my head


thoughts of the head ARE the insects speaking and not YOUR mind, your spirit you have in charge.

and once you have retaken control of your vehicle and the insect is outside of you it WILL effectively pop up in front of you,

and when you will have struggled enough with the insects then perhaps you will be willing to follow what the spirit of the heart has always teached you to do, the invocation of the seven pillars of the LAW OF LIFE and teach it to your children if you want them to be real human beings.

If you do not you will be filled with that HATRED you don’t know what to do with, because it is the hatred of the insects against YOU, to believe them demons and yourself smart to be wicked, do not complain now you receive such a great tool more and if  you do not apply to better SEE yourself. that is also what the insects want. The insects make you believe there are thousands of truths, fitting only to YOUR WILL it be so, because you cannot accept simple truths and want to be smart without the effort of THOUGHT and you consume the allready made thoughts of the insects,. If you do that they will never let you go and you become their tool while your own spirit of the heart can only watch you walk against your best interests, thinking stupidly you follow your own spirit when it is not.

They have teached you to see only your body so they use you as their playground and destroy your world and you with it, because they are then right that you ARE a criminal being not wanting to learn anything about LOVE KING, the source of  ALL spirits adore for giving them LIFE and LIGHT of understanding and peace to act in accordance with their heart, with the father’s will IN them. If you act constantly as a contrary to your own heart do not complain you stand in hell in midst of shining, star-lit heavens. Wherever shines YOUR most intimate loves there go and be true to yourself and honest with your heart. The entire cohesion of the universe is builded upon loving hearts and all creatures await you to finally awake entirely to your true nature. You like the wickedness of the insects talks in your mind ? Do not complain you stand in inside hell and bring it forth outside of you, because it is YOUR wish to listen to the most stupid thoughts, turning afar from tenderness and bounty the insects seek in you. Your sacred role to keep the infrared under your feet. Tell them simply with all the bounty you can find in you « PLEASE GO DOWN INSECTS » and they will let you in peace.

With the exercise you become an adult human form and you have no time to waste in the sacred instants given to you. but to nurture bounty and beouty, they are the bridges to the heavens.


~ par bubbledom - Ea sur août 28, 2015.

4 Réponses to “Head and Heart – THE EXERCISE”

  1. What are these « seven pillars » you’re talking about? You use the term in many posts, yet I find separate thing when I google it. So not sure and can’t understand what they are. What are these pillars of great importance??


    • here you go, long prepared in advance for the day you would need it 😉

      the LUDUS – the glasspearl game will advantageously remind you of them because.. oh dear lord of graces… the seven pillars of the soul are the most precious elements you may find in the universe, the only ever stable pillars you may find in the everflowing mind, the seven shakras in your body to awake and stabilise that give you all your human qualities and if reversed act reversed in ignorance

      Fear instead of Love
      suffering instead of Joy
      demeasure intead of humility
      greed instead of self mastery
      jealousy instead of honesty
      malice and ruse instead of bounty
      despair and death instead of truth and eternal lights

      a game I drew as our time people seem to mostly want to play and feast 😉


      it is also free as ebook so you can read it immediately if you want, you only have to open an account at Lulu.com, it does not cost a penny, just three seconds of your time

      from old black snakes to white translucid worms of lights WE ALL have to walk

      some still think they can spare themselves to walk the path by eating other’s lights up

      avoid these lazy snakes they only feed of your good will 😉

      embrace the new day every day Ea


  2. Thank you.


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