eternal seeds

la maison des crimes 2014 1

The germs for future have been placed, the seeds of life been sown, the Lord restores and comes now more each day to take hence back his world. Numbered ones in crime and fear, laughing through the marvel days, revelations are a joke to them, the beast compacting them in halls and barbed wires in their hands, still not want to know about the Christ’s return in our consciousness, Kristos called by the ancient Greeks THE LAW OF LIFE, SOLAR CONSCIOUSNESS, your spirit back in touch with all goodhearted creatures, ETERNAL LIFE in every cell while not immortal, wide and open from the well forged hearts to see through endless cycles, restoring earth and bringing back human nature in the eternal sacred instant. Doom mongers and all of those who WANT to see that MAN IS WICKED and no generous soul they see nowhere but in themselves in pride for their face they cannot see, used to let the insects speak and hold their minds while they thought it fun to call some demons the insects never were, they too search Love when striving up from infra red, they’ll never let them go, for no noble creature likes to be insulted for the sake of wickedness and crime to be called demon, they pushed those to the crimes in rage, they never let them go, these puppets now outside of any truth not wanting to SEE and FEEL about the restoration of the shining waters and air by the wondrous tool prophetised as well, the white stone for the darkest times was kept and revealed five years ago, prismed rays like colored tents stretched over bewildered heads, where shining LOVE expands now every day the damned now see dark matter in search of what they never will find outside themselves, of growing love in hearts and minds in water drops assembled brought back in heat of Love King Father, ready for eternal voyage in infinite ocean of pure Bounty. Be blessed you heartful ones who knew to thank for endless bliss and awakened spirit poured on you The water bearer now at peace in constant tortures and funny games played endlessly on him, in thanks for his good works, he kept the shining heart of his old and long forged heart, keeping it while raped through ages, making marvels with all the endless trash and blackness pushed out down on him, the endless plagues of judgment of the fallen against man, to bring it back his light for all to see and assemble what once was sown in giant puzzle, the memories of ages and long forgotten origins and endless marvels to know and understand, the Lord gave him his task fulfilled and he may now close his eyes kept in constant tears, while holding to the joy of standing knowing why, on all the bloody crimes that have and are been done to fill the more the damned drops of blackened minds with their so long cherished hells. He cuts their sucking greed from him.

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur août 14, 2015.

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