listen to your heart, speak your heart, for your head gets trashed in programmations

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first obolix day
« as for this tool I keep for the darkest times »
If you swear only by the bible you must then read all so called « apocryph » texts as it was Constantine who took out more then half of the propehts out of the book and he was one of the « great » christian’s butchers !! and king James was not a prophet of old or a saint but an english king and it is only after Constantine that was introduced the term « only son of god » before christians would look at the Christ as their teacher, as an awakened one, thus the greec term for « a Boudha » to them, an awakened one, thus the word Kristos, solar consciousness, the sevene prismed rays of the holy law of life that cleans your living heavens, Christ is not to be found in death as he said precisely « Iam the way, I am the light » ther is one way you see where you can only take option to turn your back from his light and walk in endless eulysian mystteries right to the great rejoicings, endless butchery.
The willing sleepers HATE knowledge and crucified the Christ because he was a man of deep knowledge, a solar consciousness aligned with ocean of Love as he wanted us all to be, Isa died on the roman cross like so incredibly many did and Kristos cannot die because « he » is the law of eternal LIFE Isa was speaking for, in an incredible effort to shake us from our living sleep babylon’s war machine loves so much to push us in, today the machines keep you in transe, with endless poisons and industrial drugs to master our minds and darken the hearts where the machine’s ignorants look for « dark matter* is the siege of life, IN OUR HEARTS, our spirits assembled in the water drop, that was the long path of humbleness the honest undertook on seven thousand years through all their cycles, their fruits are not same then for the nasty players that sought only to EXIST. Allas, we find our freedom in understanding everything we do constructive, every beouty there was placed by LOVE IS KING our Father.
please enter my Lord Love my King
seal my heart, my body and my spirit
to any vampire’s greed
that they never enter it again
and this right into eternity

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur juillet 19, 2015.

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