Did you take it in that we got now the renewed name of men and women ? the sacred sonority AOM you heard through the spirit telling to the churches ? the etymology of the word HOMME, man in french was unknown, the kelts however were teached by the druids holding the wisdom of Anunakis to hold in memory for their people.

Now we recovered the same name of the human being, the sun sings it all the time, the elephants love to hum it in infra-tunes, the sacred sound the indian yogis chant, the construction of the human being in his three fold stages, vegetative body, emotional body and mental body MOA AOM means in french precisely : I MAN

is it not stupendous ? You know now your cosmical name that is the same for man and woman, our psychic torturers managed to splitt us even through the sexes. A dark crime gets healed again and when you sing a note scale you merely do what a cristal does with light, you amplify the presence of the divine law of our king, you assemble your spirit in him and become part of all known creatures that ALL sing the glory of the Lord Ocean of Compassion taking back his world

To sing a note scale at least once a day will help you greatly to align your seven shakras and align to the cosmic waves of eternal life and enhance them, if you are not willing to do so let it be, but do not complain of you get eaten up energetically by the insects thta hate those who used them for their constant crimes. They have never been demons from the abysses but spirits that linger in the darkness because they like it and move accordingly up in us, coming up to greet the Father descending on us each day more in huge steps now since fifteen years. the global awakening was only his first entrance like a star lit in our being. If you are not  a loving person they search for the lights of the hearts to pump them out through you and some thought this funny seven thousand years long… you vampires have used them thinking yourselves smart to fill yourselves with demons… they are not, they have hated to be used for crimes, they merely search also for the father’s love as all dignified creatures of the universe do.


you have made the humble path of the heart, through your cycles in seven thousand years (read « Ea’s Pledge » and « Lilith » please so you recover your eternal spirit and lose your fear of death) the humble path of the heart the good willing made to hold unto their loves even when churches would diabolise them and tell them Love only was outside themselves and they shoul pass their lives crumbling in repentance and nothingness because we should be piles of shit and pigs, but you have held strong in your hearts, jnowing you had to keep your love for the beouties of existence in a world estranged to peace and thrown in endless battles and suffering in endless crimes raged against you, but you have held strong and your prayers were heard deep within you where I held your heart to push you out constantly out of the darkness and the infrared world of insects the wicked made us live in constant sufferings, humility, third pillar of the soul brought your spirit from the vast darkness of its own darkened vapour to your water drop.

Now you are fit for eternal voyage in the streams of eternal lights, in your water drops linger all the beouties, all the gardens you have build, all the flowers ou have loved and crwatures you have held dear, all the wonders you have made with love, your died children who secretely wished to stay with you as kids, all marvels you have held dear to nourrish and behold and keep, all creatures you made friends. Eternal gardens in sight for the good wheat, ripe for the harvest and eternal joys.

Vampires, be quick to assemble your water drop and align yourself in the light so you can wash your memories of crimes or you will step in the white ocean of eternal graces your bloody memories compacted on a point. Long cycles you have been warned this day would come on you and recieved endless teachings on how to align your being to the gracious cosmos. Endlessly have you plagued the dignified beings that were given you to keep and bless and share in tenderness.

None would wish this even for his worst ennemies you have chosen to be against life. See now eternal justice of the living father coming down on you and rising from the deepest abyss of infrared lights that must stay under your feet, the beasts down there show their teeth when you descend to watch at them, because your spirit is allready too much light for them, but what did you think ? that they do not strive for redemption ?  Mad you must be, they come up to greet the father’s growing presence, we ARE entering eternity as the SACRED ETERNAL INSTANT grows in our awareness and it is the good willing hearts to behold the beouties that spread now as germs for long cycles to come on this planet.

I made my jobs for you, i cut now your greed with which you fed from me, the water drops are private places, not theaters for magicians. Embrace the most bountiful Lord of graces and wonders and beouties to behold, his glorious majesty Lord Love our eternal King renewing allready his world.

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur juin 27, 2015.

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