very late to align, the father’s presence grows each day enormously now, while the machine still fights the snow flakes and the stars in heavens

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The father’s presence grows each day enormously now, while the machine still fights the snow flakes and the stars in heavens and continues its endless circles of desolation wanted the two horned beasts gave up on the unicorn’s horn to take a seeze and the black birds are no more, the realm of the dead having been brought to redemption and the waters clean themselves allready… « Love will be a threat to all of these that know only through the flesh » (prophecy of John of Jerusalem) Ten exact years of revelations for one recapitulating one and bringing the babylonish hellish Shar to an end in the spirit in 2012. Followed the first year of germs for the entire new arising Shar in the breath of the spirit and the life cycles of the galaxy, then starting the ten years of germs for the millenaries to come… you bet the ancients would call you a sacred generation !! When all the cycles of the future depend on your constructive deeds !! A complete wonder to behold !!

destructive deeds are compacted constantly and that is why babylon only ever just won a day. An empty one filled by parody remaining nowhere in the living memory of the sacred waters Reread Ea’s Pledge if you have forgotten how dense a book it is and how you will only ever recall ONE phrase of it finishing its short reading so incredibly dense it is for the mind and still cristal clear, written in the last week of the seven thousand years double Shar of the breath of the spirit and the incredible acceleration of the spirit we have lived to spread now into the new Shar of an inhale of creations in 3600 years and for countless generations to come Too many really WANT to see evil everywhere… while the Father allready takes back his world and the healing deeds and energies are allready deploying themselves, showing the father’s love and presence greater each day not one day ocean of Love does not descend on us and the insects going up to him and you in between, so adjust and align when the entire galaxy has told you to do it allready three years ago very late to align and still you should urge yourself and descend from your prides that hinder you to align to the goodwill of the universe for you or you call for an endless wrath, the one you have against yourselves for not being gods and needing to be hunble in front of him of you would like to see the greatness of the father and his incredible bounty for us the only « demonic realm » the spirit has shown you what it is, the infra red world of insect intelligences that hate these that used them as motor for their crimes, using the infra red energy to linger in their evil, the insects hated it all along because they are not the ferocious demons as fools would picture them and look at them that way and use their realm to project criminal madness, the insect realm also looks for the lights of the hearts in search of the love of the Father coming from above and so they need YOUR heart to TELL THEM when they are too high in your body hurting it, because the infra red upholds you in the harmonic scale of light, it is much too dense not to hurt the human body and the CERN THING has allready been countered by their own ignorance, what they search and call dark matter they will not find enything else then what they search for, dark matter and give it a new name congratulating themselves for having wasted your life time for their great salaries to pretend this machine is doing greater things then eating babies at lord’s feasts.. Would they have followed the path of the heart to learn what sits in its core they would have found ocean of love instead

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur mai 12, 2015.

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