sorry for you because I know you wished mostly well

portes du paradis

i write this because I know you can understand what I want to say to you and this letter is for icke only, as much any false prophet can read for himself I guess

I write this knowing i will get more blame and insults on myself for doing this but because I did love you and when we do we are also standing in hardhsip of what others have to bear we take on ourselves and this i did endlessly

but it is over

I am sick of feeding fools that trash me down

I am a human being even if you wouldmlike me so much to acknowledge to something else and the same happened to isa who i am not, I am the water bearer YOU would be one to call me Lucifer, prince of the earth… and I HAD TO FUCKING DESCEND INTO YOUR HELL to rememeber

and that’s ok, I enjoyed being of help

but very painful it is to hear someone say your thoughts all your life and then blaming you to be the of the hypnotisers madmen machine

adding the fact you actually own him to have no right to exist as a person as he speaks your thoughts allready

even projecting all his power search on a complete other work erased by all that speech

all the remedies you know were the reason of the crossing are left aside

you are very wrong icke if you think people only act out of fear and not out of pure generosity that abides the hearted spirits, you are very wrong believing them sheeps only following fear and fear and fear, that only shows you have no confidence in your listeners you led afar from the seven pillars, the great remedy brought to them through years of revelations

fear is only where they are kept in mind and where honest people went the way of the heart to abide with the Lord even when they were comstantly blamed for it, diabolised because they would love as a husband and a wife, their honesty their deepest link to the spirit of truth abiding deep in their hearts opening to the endless gardens of joy, in the Love of the Lord where only deepest humility and gratitude can see

but either you say the entire truth about others and yourself or YOU are the one blablabla

you are the one getting paid for it  and you did not suffer all your judgments yet

but I am sick of listening to you leading people astray from their inner truth that makes them really human because you wish so much to be an etheral being, you obviously too much look into the flesh

I guess as you want so much to be a god… you love to keep them in slavery of your speech, afar from the great consolator they know to be amongst them and then blame him to disguise or hide when all have known his name you wanted to place yours so much you wish to exist as their flame

but their flame is LOVE and you have to do nothing to awake their sillyness, they know this before i say, but you think you must awake them and insults me to give to all the pearls they own, me the lord has placed to tell you as a father, me you blame for the wicked deeds of YOUR fathers who are of other breed and took me as their ennemy

until they respected meenough to let me be in peace, nothing else have I ever wished to anyone and you look what you have made of me in your mind and ask yourself if I am responsible of you attaking me, incapable to thank for pure air and sweetest rains

but you never had any respect for the human being, so you cannot respect the renewing of earth’s waters in the living heavens, you learned perfectly to lie, even when you had to cross a hell of judgments when you were young it was to tell a lie, you were allready there another and you should heal instead of blaming me continuously and hindering the law to be remembered by putting other speech over Christ the law who invited us to the chamber to feast eastern in aa renewal of the real human being, full of life and full of spirit and full of the Lord’s qualities he does not think to steal but to invite in himself

and now you stand outside my water drop, you must condense your own spirit until it is a drop and not pure greedy vapor entering my place of abide, my old water drop is MY spirit and not your theater magician, it is the place I would walk a million years in humility to learn from the great vehicle and lighten my spirit in the father’s love, rushing from the hearts of the simple, but not fools like you I made, reversed and proud, not what you have chosen to do with the gifts recieved, the life of another, what have you done with me ?

if you want to be fit for ocean of love false prophet, you are the one who made a living out of talk and not bringing them to the Ludus, their interiority be tranmitted in a woderful game that took the enitre synthesis of history of art, the obolix as crowning,  their eternal spirit given by the Lord to learn, entirely but him in any HONEST deed he stands, a wonder anything exists exactly how it is, but you dream like marduk did, you wish to change the stars,to reverse the roles, omitting thus the law and taking truth to bring them back all to mystified confusion, omitting the only law of life able to make them real standing human beings, condense your own spirit until it lightens in the Love of the Lord because that was what i shared with you and you thought cool to take from me throwing at me your black greed. And you really thought you could. I for sure can cut your greed. Be honest if you want to access the realm of concepts above your head, instead of stealing from another’s mind, just because an entire system does the same does not mean it is allowed, but trampling any human rights.

you arrange yourself with your consciousness, not mine, I have passed all your judgments when you were soft with me but never telling them the remedies like Jones or any constant other talkers.

and it is still a gift from me, this is the last time you can go now on with your lies for the ears and eyes you thought so stupid

you still have time to align because i loved you, to show you that never anyone took you for me

you still have time to align

what others choose to do with anyone’s madness of the spirit is their responsability, that is why anyone allways neede the sporit of truth as a guide in their thought

i was pleased to play that role until all be armed to stand as adult creature and that I did, a pitty those who did not take, for them it has been written

and you never led them to my titles while devoring them as a hungry lion, superposing your talk even while I here write

the real human beings let also thieves go their way when it is not themselves to be plundered and raped and you know why ?  often because of fear, but also because in the case of a talker they respect your wish to talk and do not doubt they listen very carefully the beings and are all very aware of their inside process

to stand in the golden heart of silence to enter the great gardens of joy your talk has hindered and left me nearly all alone with my bare hands needing constantly to defend myself from unjust attacks like yours and your vampire’s fsmilies nearly got to kill the entrance of the gardens, but the Lord comes down on us and form the center of the earth, did you tell your listeners they need to now align ? stealing every bit of thought and rythm of expression, you will explain to your heart you’ll see because you took their ears into these screens and ask them for their money to talk there in my place, you explain this to your own consciousness, not to mine, I worked very hard besides of feeding you thought or sitting in my kitchen  as in a prison for fiteen years you taking all the simple ears on roads they did not ask and I have given you absolutely everything I have or am I have nothing to regret

now take your judgments they only hurt when you still love and you finally got mine since young i know your deeds with me you special habsburg friend and you know so well my eyes to see, but it is with ocean of Love your father that you look for life and growth not with me from now on for sick and dying am I of your plundering of my heart I shared so openly with you in complete light and you passed your time trying to erase me, you are part of shit for me even if you have helped to spread some important thruths the COURAGE to first say them I allways had to cross and you ride on me, i am not your horse

no I did not choose you to plunder me that is your reality not mine, i was there to feed you and lately, fiteen years long in a prison cell called home to be ^ttortured every day and insulted through the oceans by talkers as you are and sickened constantly as heavily attacked and you never could find a thanks in you while I was the one who had to perform through all these tricks and traps and murderous is this ongoing media game, but you are full part of it, no need to pretend now otehrwise, go back on track to nearest truths

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur mars 23, 2015.

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