son of man

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first : are you the messia ?

what would you answer ?

Isa is highly intelligent and answers « You say it »

you are the one who says it

in this litteral way of a bleeding man’s answers to his murderers he must respond to « Who are you ? » Why, if they do not know who he is why do they plague him like that ? a stupid question and he answers « the son of man »

son of man is an answer to a wicked question

perhaps one day, hateful man, you will be like me, just because you held me in your sight and yes you do not understand for whom I speak and act, the sacred law of Life you do not recognise in you, the law you have witheld from others so you could pretend its graces the kristos talking for peace between brothers and universal harmonics that leaves the creatiures free, the prismed rays of truth to the side of the light of divine compassion which begets life and joy to the creatures and you will see me rise at the end of your ages. With Love you may everything when Love gives you the measure, without Love you allready stand in hell, what do you do to me ?

While you constantly forget you could also not be where you are and not exist at all and have not the slightest thankfulness or gratitude for such an immense fact, but there you see, you do exist and in itself it is a wonder, for a short time being you may place things into light and either help or harm, what you choose to do with it is entirely your house of thought where you alone must live, be it with the father for he is awakening you, he calls for he comes to bring you home into his arms be you now willing or not he does this anyway.

whatever you have searched to believe or to see

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~ par bubbledom - Ea sur mars 22, 2015.

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