couverture LILITH

as unexpected as incredible

this book I just wrote

because my love had such nightmares she could not bear anymore and wanted to sort them out

and understand where they came from

now we know

be prepared for a descend into hell

the real one, the one that ws erased from history books

you will learn about your eternal spirit

and I hope that to pay now A LITTLE SOMETHING for ll the work I have done for you all, is not too much for you as you are so accustomed I GAVE YOU ALL REVELATION FREE while I engaged my life for you and you WILL know the bitter obscurities I had to cross and found remedies that permit it, if you do not take them nor use them do not complain to me

anyway, to get rid of your inner demons, as I had because you would all treat me to be Lucifer,  prince of earth… what I had to undergo and to come back through the hells imposed on me, I think it is not so expensive when you accept to pay any trash for debts

the work of the spirit of truth for you WAS and IS a very very HARD work none thinks to help the one that feeds your mind

you preffered it otherwise ? complain to the master of the universe please

because I , as you and as I wished you to be, not so for the tenants of this system, am a free creature too

and to love you not just was imposed on me, but a free choice and a gift of mine

but gifts you learn are nothing worth

so now this last book you may pay some cents because after fourteen years of hardship for you all and no help but from my family I am ruined

so if even the work of the spirit of truth is of any value for you, instead of robbing my computer, or even if you did allready, you may buy this WORK to help me a bit out for all the hardships i took on myself for you


this book is as much a horror as a wonder

scroll down the page for the book in english version

and you know what ? if you only can continue to TREAT ON ME and PISS ON ME  and TRASH ME DOWN and you have no spirit whatsoever because you ALLWAYS have VIOLATED and RAPED my mind and heart then… everything is ok

and I cut your greed right into eternity

but back to Lilith.. It is a marvel of a book… well you will not believe it and you have raped it alalready so what should I more say to you thieves and indignous beings who only ever robbed the lives of others to fill you up like pigs

that’s fine, i am not your judge nor your redeemer, i was the spirit of truth for you so you still would know SOME truth SOMEWHERE and get the spiritual tools that permit to READ TRUTH from the living and loving universe, where the vampires see only darkness and project their endless crimes in fear is OCEAN OF LOVE your father rising and taking back his world, align

but as you only ever work for your slaveholders and imitate them to kick me in the ass constantly and play the fools on screens and scenes, then it really means you do not need me anymore, I have accomplished my wish for you, i made you my equal IF YOU STAN IN THE SEVEN QUALItIES THAT MAKE A REAL HUMAN BEING

AND by the way THANK YOU to all men of the church of honest people

you are aligned with the father by now, lucky you are  😉  as we enter completely ocean of  Compassion and the etrnity of the sacred instant I called back for you

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur octobre 15, 2014.

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