murderous false prophets

with your endless talk


Do you now see the damage you have caused ? Endless talkers only ever searching the glory for their vanishing faces ?

what is left of your revolutionary criminal shouts of demeasure when you refuse logical and constructive EVOLUTION ? And instead unwilling to see the murderous plague the wr mchine has become ? what you thought you would make vanish governing classes by uttering decreets shouted through the air ? Exiling and isolating the one who inspired you at every beat of your heart ? He is just good for plunder and promise of murder nd crime ? See what you clled upon yourself so you may still find the way out of your selfimposed trap inmidst of highest benevolent forces and beings fighting for your salvation, edificaation and rest.

Only by talk to assume your complete lazyness not wanting to acknowledge the spirit’s remedies for your children and thus not even capable of urging them to see the erth’s atmosphere being rejuvented by my efforts for us all. What have you done with the Ludus that would unite us in OUR creative forces nd stop being led like sheeps in whaat is left of ANY politics at all : the common welth’s depopulation agenda and their complete fiasco on all levels of society, everything the mercntile empire made ll these yers has failed, worsened re all plgues the empire pretends to be better, now everything you eat is poisoned so your childgets depopulted nd you still are tlking your days out, you still runn after nonexisting glories while you lose sight of your fathwr rising in every cell of erth, ocen of Love, unique pillar of bounty in your being making you human. You do not know of the efforts tht were mde for you, you dislike to remember as you would then allready talk and talk and now you tlk in void as the spirit keeps silent. After ten precise yers of revelations that brought us to the buttom of our history and deepest memories of mnkind you continue to trash them down nd deform the essential synthesis made ofr you by the mind tht kept you ll along inmidst of  destroying genda ginst you tht destroyed your brin cells making it ech day hrder not to forget. Allas, that is why we write, not to plese our stupid ego nd its mentl constantly drowned in beliefs.

Your last chnce is before you, your lst time and cosic second ot urge to your fther’s grce and infinite majesty as he wnts to show us where he allways lingered, in our deepest loves. On him you pissed, on him you threw your constant judgment aginst your benevolent brother you were so sickeningly jealous off. What is left of hus work for your kids ? You oblige them to continously her your stupid voice still deforming every inh of revelations recieved, in complete void nd utter darkness you fall when I cut your greed as the fther tought me too. Know that then you feel the father’s first body here he mde the drem of light.  You feel then his first lonelyness that made him bring forth creation s to dilogue with himself and all creatures are expressions of him that is and every livng cell of your beung you do not own, right to your consciousness tht is his. But you do not see it becuse you want to believe you exist and thus you trashed the brother who has kept and inspired you so long. He who finlly took on him to teach you every part of living memory he could recll nd all salvation points in your psyche tht still make you a humn being, not only  humn form filled with infr red not knowing he stnds on a an energetic ldder he does not wnt to have responsinility off. But you have, as you re bsolutely responsible of ny deeds nd crimes you chose to do inkidst of marvels revealed to you. Becuse my deepest love goes for truth the more you wnt to believe you re important in a way or another the more you hte to see the void in me from hence all intelligence arises.

Behold the path the spirit has drawn through millenries for you and recollected it all. Now you know there is no other spirit where you coukd keep ny logic nd rtionlity you need to stay tuned to nature’s divine laws. So you prefer the mystifications becuse they llow you your utter lazyness èretending this world is hellish just because you are too foolish to prefer whtever fits your mind to glorify yourself and Love’s face that was lended to you.

Are you compatible with that face ? DO you still think you own your face ? Do you still identify with your most ecternl surface ? then you should be frid of the void you keep wlking around with your endless trashing tlk aginst yourself. Because ou did not wnt to lern that you do not exist in the wy you were tought by the tenants of the war machine and while you still think it is time for amusement, in this bitter wr bred against you, you see it everywhere, in muslim countries you assist to genocide through bombs and mdmen plying heroes just to llow theirst sides to express what you have clled thebliss of ignorance. That kind of bliss condemns you to all sickness invented against you and while I still try to open your eyes on eternity unfolding around you, while you allready stand fully in the spirit, in the unique place where you will ever be able to find HIM and the majesty that has build you, if you would know him you would stop talking at once to be in tears to see the immense grce nd bounty he has offered you through this  splndid wolrd.


But your tlk pretends to better it, to slay whtever you do not understnd and hurt yourself with, when cretures form your world in every nanomillimeter square of creation you trample upon to consume because you wouldlike to be somebody importnt, you seek the aproval of your listeners and followers who ALL KNOW in their deepest they only listen to you becuse their urge to her another, not willing to digest the spirit’s fct they have been held in psyche to push their consciousness and once they realize that finding themselves too lazy to prticipate in tht effort, used now to consume even the spirit of truth to mke whatever grotesque prodies they believe equal to stepping stones plced there for your edificationn and so your children would hve nother future but to find the tomb in too young ages.

Listen carefully now becuseti will not be said  thousnd times. Your judgment was entirely done with all projections of wht you hate of yurself on me, you thought nd still think youcan just throw your fers round saying proudly « I know no fer ». But gret fers you will hve to cross inside of you, you better learn bout your vehicle nd how to merit to keep Love’s fce in eternity while it my be givrn you as it was given to you in this life so your beloved ones can recognise you and you do not stnd in void and IN THE FATHER’S UNIVERSAL BODY you cll cosmos to mke it small and fit it to your beliefs nd projections tht make you blind.

We do not own ourselves nd you better lern it befor it is too late for the SHr is gone, the new has placed its germs allredy you dislike to talk about because the wr mchine only ever tries to trample all the seeds lurking from everywhere showing you your world is rebirthing while you continously WANT to see only the evil it seems, so you breed the darknss tht holds your mind where you imgine anyone is being fooled by your urge to be another. Miserble jelousy you have shown like that, no wonder you like so much to trash me down when our ego was lamentably hurt to be obliged to SEE how MUCH you still have to learn. But you wnt to be the techer, you know no humility and demeasure bring you directly to deepest greed and insted of honesty you fing sick jelusy in you you cnnot bind. Then malice and ruse have to try to collect your needs because the simple bounty to sk for your needs does not even come up your conscious mind nymore. Insteaad of liberating truth that brings you bck to the eternal life of your crewator and you in Him, despir and death are upon you while you seek glory for your cdver, becuse behold, your body without spirit is a cadver you want to identify with and you do not even own it.

You better lern and bring your endless crimes before your Hert you own s less s ny prt of yourself it is  wonder to explore. But for this you need humility nd you better cll on the third arcngel in you so he lifts you pardoxally to remind you of your freedom existing ONLY in the respect of all the other beings your war machine tht in pride you still call a society which it has neevr been but nhsepeherd’s mdness to keep humans as a flok to hold and butcher.


Wht is left of your belief your outrgeous clims nd endless talks have only made lose trck of the spirit of truth that has revealed himself to you so you see his great light joint with the fther’s will for you.


But you are smart are you not. But your silly theft and rape hs made you avoid to ACT with the remedies brought to you, You are lzy enough to shit upon the remedies since thirteen yers just to her yourself talk. Now know your followers know you lie, they ll know you are not the spirit of truth who had awkened them but used you to fll bck into slumber wnting the many lies to be ble to entomb the simple truths that push them to enlarge.


be you now foolish enough to continue this quest to hve a tomb written « he was  such a great being » for NOTHING in you you own, EVERY part of yourself is great, but OUTSIDE of your will for yourself that mkes you blind to the ONLY part of yourself you hve to manage and care for: your drop of consciouzs wter, the pilot in the élittle vehicle you torture by opening your mouth the whole day just to make yourself interesting.


But these that show not their love do not and endless tlk to deform the red line of spirit in all is  constant crime you will have to feel , if ocen of Love you do not feel today around you, tht yur thoughts turn around on creams to soften the hrsh tones and hatred you try to hide in fer of tht darkness you do not know how to lit in yourself.


WIll yu trash me the more to tell you now that you needed since long to learn to assemble your spirit in yourself, so it not wasting its time expnding in igornce nd kept in bbylon’s infra red you thi9nk to be a unity in itself ? Not even infr red bbylon does ownas infr red is part of the light body’s divine spectrum, under the feet it must stand. But then not only to ssemble your conscious point of thought, you must condense it with all the might of your intention so it lits in the fthers love nd you relive thepriml light tht sprung out of Love’s darkness, then yur inner life starts, then only are you n individul cpble of inner dilogue with your father, there the finl place of refuge in you, only place of peace you will ever be ble to ttain, very far from bbylon’s scenes and trophys that push you to dmntion.


Bewre of words you rape and violate against sensible children that need them simple as Love brought them so they my understand them clearly. The stepping stones are led for a wondrous future if only you could unite and see the walk on millenaries that ws mde for you by the whole church of good willing people you climed to talk in name.


But not one had asked it of you. RInse your crimes and chnge before it is too late and you stand with your unwilling point of ttention inmidst what you were too afraid to see VERY ALIVE ocean of love wih ll his brightness nd lucidity and not understandable glorious still use your vehicle to hide your crimes ginst, what will it be you think without it to hide your crimes before HIM THAT ARISES and refreshes his world not one of us ever owned.


Will the mster of the house be obliged to remind it to you while you ongoinly fight the grace pouring unto your children, will you be even ennemy to your children becuse they want to LIVE and not play a murderous game that destroys their link to boutyies you are so unwilling to see ? The white stone I recieved after deepest fourty years of work on which I wrote the name only me knew and that now spreads the arms of cristos in our skies and cleans and rejuvenates the water cycle on your planet.


By not respecting the rights of one individul, thinking it harmless s so mny others did, you hve thrown your rights away nd still think it funny. Responsibility all hve of wht they do or not, of wht inmidst all follies of the mind is TRUE, BEOUTIFULL and BOUNTYFULL, becue outside of their expressions you walk every day more further from the one that dwells in you making your hert beat until sudeenly he calls you back. To reside eternlly in Him, will you enjoy all loving faces telling you the qualities they sw in you. Then you will feel wht a harsh judgment you keep on pouring on your brothers becuse you thrown what you hte about yourself on me nd I do not digest it anymore, I cut your greed, bring it to the master’s heart while he still gives you breth and vocl cords to utter your will to be forgiven for your crimes so you my enter bliss with bliss and not be compafted in your crimes. Whatever beliefs you love so much you better heead the words of the one you hate so much because he ws ble to love you for so long while he would not see how deeply you raped him and pretend to be what you are not.

Have you ever thanked for all the benefits you gained through these years of revelations ? For how your cinsciousness ws enlarged in hard surviving fght for you ? Or do you cough in my face because you find yourself unable to fish some little goodness still in you to be able to say a simple, human « thank you » ?

do not wonder you lose your humanity if you do not find the way back to such simple words of respectful exchange, because not one sparkle nor corner of the universe or of the entire realm of the spirit you may find his absence, you better search for him who gave you everything you are and find freedom in himand letting yourself be the part of him he mde you to be, insted of behving as a little god losing sight of everything he thought he knew by every word rped nd every diligent thought be spoken out by you s if it would be your own, with no respect to your source you are SURE to forget it all.

But whatever you do to erase your conscious drop, it stays clear and you will find every nano second of your deeds when it is called back to its source. This messge to you again is n ttempt to sve you from your horrific cruelty aginst mn… against yourself if you still did not mange to understnd such  simple thing and if you cnnot understnd such  simple thing WHY IN LOVE?S NAME o you talk ? YOu will explain this to your creator ll the noise nd the damage nd confusoion you brought to push afar your brothers nd sisters away from the slvtion tools the history of consciousness has builded up for all.

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur juillet 20, 2014.

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