hey you legion of liars in the screens, trashing the spirit of truth in our psyche, not you think you will not judge yourself for your crimes

why, false prophet, do you think ANYONE needs your voice when everyone hears the spirit of truth holding you up so yo do not fall in deepest infra red at once  ? You need not say again, deformed, what the spirit has teached more clearly could not one, because he was the bearer of the memory, so what else are you performing here then what is said about satan ? he deforms the words of the spirit… look, there are a many of you satans that pretend not heaving heard what all receive at each instant since many long gone years now, time even is gone, the realm of the dead has been brought to redemption BEHAVE, you are standing in the spirit who awoke you and all you can do is pissing on him while yu crave to show yourself, what a time lost for all you will see, oh how come ? « Lucifer » brought you back to the understanding of your existence and all you can do is trashing him the more… thanks a lot for your killing noise of you talking all the time instead of PRAYING, in the mechanic beast you hypnotize people for salary of blood, so they do not ACT and STOP working for you. what love do you pretend to have when you can trash one of your brother like you did thirteen years long  and all good willing and honest people, yes, the church of honest men and women you piss upon, do not think you will NOT bring this in heavens  I))
SAY ENTER MY LORD I BEG YOU because you are standing in him in full awareness by now and none he wants to be lost, or perhaps you REALLY make too much noise not to feel him nor to see him, perhaps you are not ALIGNED in Cristos, your seven shakras, like you were shown a billion times in 6000 years, aligned to heaven, aligned in the consciousness of light the greeks would call CRISTOS, so you could see and feel your Father ocean of Love rising, endless conditions you place on HIM that comes, OCEAN OF LOVE RISING, HEAVENS DESCENDING ON YOU WHILE YOU FEAR, endless conditions of your despicable judgment against your brother whose only crime is to love the truth above anything and your RIGHTS for Love’s sake !! not beliefs, truths you care not to see he was brought by Love to CLEAN your atmosphere and it is ongoing YES CRISTOS IS IN YOUR SKIES ALLREADY , participate and turn yourself to the future that will be without babylon, with sadness I say this now, you do not even understand what you read it seems nor are you ahowed to trash the words of the spirit around and teach kids to become schizos nor mystified murderers they learn in video games !! why should i bother to write a single line more, from now on you will turn yourself to your heart to receive the spirit, as the Father finally would show me how to get rid of the pains you give me with your vampiric ways of getting the spirit outside of yourself, as it was told to you millenaries ago, all passed as Love would tell you, now meditate thoroughly while you still can, a future has opened up and the beast is going backwards, too many love its constant lies in the screens you are part of, where is tenderness left and revelations ? do you think people give their lives so you amuse yourself ? you WILL explain this to your Father, ocean of deepest compassion, your « little » crimes and big you will bring into him and YOU will compare yourself, so our Lord said « you will be judged as you judged »  still you are alive by Love’s grace. You must hate my words, but you may see my constant urge in it, the one that tried to awake you to the end of all your rights and a system that breeds more death each day, a beast that numbers you and renders you more dependent each day while destroying any knowledge you must use to EVER be complete and not made to a number that does not even exist and oppressed under comercial laws that have abolished any constitutions so treating us all like shit

see the hellish system of Habsburgers that showed you the picture of the devil in person,  avatar    you IDIOT not able to understand eternity is at stake and that the rightfull one tries his best to keep you out of infra red andmade all he could to make you see how it is YOUR OWN JUDGMENT that makes you perish and condemns you !!!  do you fucking sing your note scale man ? or do you still think yourself smarter then the one that had to bring your ancestors to redemption ? have not noticed he ? eager in blinding beliefs that make you trash the most holy words of your own culture, how many times did you behave like this in 6999 years i wonder, do not you think our Lord will not see your wickery or something or you think life is all but a bad joke and you do not care AT ALL for any of living and suffering creatures as we are all

the buddha said there is no good nor evil,

there are crimes that bring tensions and tensions that bring crimes, the house of flames, when will you be willing to step outside of it

can you head the words of UNIVERSAL CRISTOS, light consciousness two words for a same meaning that bring SENSE INTO OUR MINDS AND PEACE INTO OUR HEARTS

poor ones that he does not find himself in them now he returns

align to the benign cosmos who is your Father by Love on earth’s sake

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur mars 3, 2014.

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