simple facts that ground your heart

and eternal lies as haze of winds

come and steal behind your back

they smile when you talk to them the parasited fools who think it funny

they rape you fast and furious at every single thought that points it’s nose out of your mind

and then they giggle at what monstrous lie they made of it

at every single butterfly that would open up your heart they strike

they force on their madness on your love and even separate more dearest lovers inside of their houses disguised as yes best friends

the waves they ride in sickness and full madness is their pledge, their cruelty to free they call we shouldn’t be so lamish

you are their pawn if you do not watch, their sheep for cheapest meat

but nowhere are they yet to find, they hide while saying you’re a coward while you say your mind

nowhere to see the invisible hypnotisers, screens they placed in every corner of your space

and radios you could not more escape, to keep your mind in their smiling snares

do not be afraid

just sing a note scale and teach it to your kids

for words they utter in disgrace their shows of darkness have nothing more of any sense

but they write they talk and talk and talk and talk to keep the remedies afar and keep as treasures their dearest hypocrisy

and not one thing more is true in papers that now nearly scream

like insects crawl up disgustingly  their hearts and blind their eyes so as they see not but their fear

free yourself

free yourself human brother and sister to be real human

sing and shine as your father cosmos wanted you to be

place yourself where these phantoms cannot go in complete organic substance let your head be watered

and keep your bounty as most precious light to shine in utter darkness

knowing where your human dignity abides

and their lies and judgments upon you for the sake of withdrawing from remedies they do not understand

and see only the parades of glorious demons

they will never ever be

but tortured mankind while they think they torture others but themselves

their spirits grow where none can go and ensnared them in prison while they builded it

where there is utterly no Love no more they fought as mortal ennemy

you are the man you hate or love

Love itself upholds all that you really are, while you are alive and grow in wisdom

and it’s nature helps to learn your self

how never leave the place of Love again

but you will have to fight, not evil that eats others as you see and fill you with their hatred and their anger

the evil that eats your self  while craving another you could be

or worse just a reflexion on a screen of someone else’s mind

and you could choose of which the sides and faces of his being you would be

it is a lie, true it never was and it never will it be and it has a wellknown name: schizophreny

you are free

surrounded by a universal body that nurtured all your consciousness

embedded in the arms of grace eternal all the creatures, all stars and mights

but theirs in darkness hidden would come in life through you beware

for all the things you did not say nor share but wickedly told to yourself in greed

your consciousness does see and hear as closest friend

as sole conciousness of waters was never yours as separate being

but one in all and oceans as a drop, an endless wave of truth but teaching to herself


who told you life is easy ? Certainly not me

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur janvier 3, 2012.

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