invisible parasites

step out once and for all of crippling judgment

that cutts your energy in half and know that once you stand in hatred your light gets so diminished that the parasites can come and touch you with their anguish and harpoons and suck your life-force away

they share mental projections with us, keeping us thus in state of transe

not the living trance that breeds some magic, but the transe that takes you far from earth with your spirit

while your body stays and is made crippled and sick, sucked out of its loving life and thinking as habit that torture of living beings is « normal »

the parasites only look out for life-energy

be gentle on them, poor creatures that must search likevampires to feed, give them a lot of compassion and they go to redemption

that is their anguish as well as desire so they turn around your heart

you do not see them and they see a luminous talking egg

but they can see in you and all you loved, all you cherished and weep about

and they play on your mind to establish an internal dialogue

do not permit this for their guidance is fake

they do not know where to go, how would they guide ?

and the little powers they exchange are ONLY these visions that get us all mad, sending us out of reality, showing us things with extreme precision so as we think they are real

your great love in the arms of another ?

a hatefull nation wanting to destroy you ?

how many loves will they have destroyed that way ?

they love to park us together in emotional upheavals

be it football, bridge or war, as a theater staged to embark you in inner darkness while they teach they are lightfull masters in the skys

but they are not

neither terrible demons they may show

others still float like dolphins as round stars in the heavens, pure delight they have

but the obscure ones play on us to fascinate our spirit while they suck out our strengths

they are beings from deep darkness abiding, afraid so much of life they stand at furthest limits of the light so they allmost lost their bodys

they come by people calling them, obscure mages think themselves funny, trapped in their minds since Babylon

and they come to anyone turning his back on love and simple bounty

the last pillar they have not had time to pervert

use it to heal this world and yourself and become the shining being you were meant to be

you have truth as a sword and bounty as a shield

do not fear and when you do, change it in Love

nobody told you this but the reverse pf love is not hatred, it is not as powerfull, but fear is

it is the same energy line you see

when you anguish force yourself to love and you will enter a new intensity of love

this is a cosmic happening, love pours on our world form the center of the galaxy and our bodys are afraid of the change it may bring to us

breathe and stay in bounty, but let your anger come out when you witness injustice and crime

you just recieved three weapons of defensewhich are the most powerfull remedys of life, the pillars of your soul.

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur février 18, 2011.

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