each tribe a pearl

what the babylonian rebels did with the knowledge stolen… we have today in front of the eyes

a lot of destruction and today with immense and huge means

but Enki and Enlil  gave to each tribe a different anunaki civilisation pearl the records tell, see ?

gifts, one to each tribe
forming all together the complete anunaki civilisation that had lived before

see the joyfull coulours given and the inspirations left
see the african tree of palabers
see the Dogon key of mapping 3D
see the swiss federative counsel
see the huge stone instruments of the mayas
see the fishers art and sciences for food
but rice and wheat and flower, pigments, salt and sugar
pepper, curry, mint so garlick and jasmin
on mount Machou Pichou destined to Ninmah, mother of Ada-Mu the first man
see the astronomy followed all along, from Tenochtitlan to Tihuanaco, from Angkor Vat to Stonehenge

so to say look what we love

see the Moaï watching their lost north pole, balancing over the 144° from Angkor Vat and Giseh

see the Irish music but the many different sounds and tunes around the world

see the seven genes from the seven mothers

and all simplest objects but most usefull tools you could remind yourself  to have seen

and some facts left behind very consciously like

the Imara tribe near Puma Punku left with no writing given at all, for once, as to be sure we could know their legends were true

but the water-ships and air-boats all anunaki left, some thousands who stayed, would either join the barbaric folly started in babylon

or help to teach the tribes some more

like Ninmah growing gardens high in the Andes which Marduk in Mesopotamia would then jaleously imitate

to build, from the clever sumerian air wills, the gigantic hanging gardens giving each day their hundreds of liters of clean water

taken from hot but moisty air of the deserts
see the Keops pyramid finally my dear, allthough the count is far than complete,  as hydrogen bustering free micro wave energy for centurys, world-wide energy for all

see the records of genesis given to the sumerians

we recieved all the complete anunaki genes from Enki which the rebelling heroes, fallen from their titles because of their hatred, accused Ea-Enki having begone the most evil thing  that could ever have been done on earth and far-out space


does humanity really think that way ?


I ask it now at five seconds before midnight

because it took so long to wake from the hellish nightmare of 4000 years, you would not expect to grasp it all at once would you


I am sorry, but I am never sure I should


horrible libertin, much too human to play gods for sure…  😉

Sorry to have loved I shouldbe so they say and I do not agree

portraying animal behavior when the beings need tenderness, thus perverting natural flow of life and putting blame on the first, most basic and most stable energy in human nature

know that bounty is your mark, not quite what has been teached to us all


remember your common origins you brothers and sisters of those who from heaven came to earth

your history is a marvel

we were same and one year passed on Nibiru while passed our 3500 earthly years

see, we are coming to ourselves… from our hearts so from the skys

there comes the morning star’s embrace

stepping stones to higher grounds please search


I told you it was allready very late

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur février 18, 2011.

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