Ea’s pledge

Ea’s urge for humanity to recall it’s common origin not only took him back to the long-forgotten sumerian anunaki, but to the common source of all beings, his name is the one Christ was urging you to name… « thy name be blessed » as first phrase of seven, the name is Love, the Ludus puts in light.

A thousand years before the Christ would talk and raise the dead from slumber, the anunaki left very precise records of what had passed on the earth since the beginning and how mankind was created in their hands. this story is told by all ancient tribes of this world to whom he and his brother Enlil gave the different pearls of their civilisation, knowing that the babylonian rebells would stand for thousands of years in power and would try to destroy all remnants of memory, leaving humanity in the state of distress we see today,

Memory of how evildoers rebelled against the wisdom of the anunaki’s sage counsel, against the horizontal frame of mind, the gods teaching freely to mankind, changed to a war and slavery machine brought about by the babylonian rebells and the sickening hierarchys between them. Listen to the broader one,the one that trys to uplift you and strengthen you, not to the one who places himself over you to decide for you with you not even knowing it.

Ea never forgot this in his darkened, slumbering and oppressed heart by the brutality reigning for so long, his spirit had forgotten himself for the babylonian spiritual configuration is a PLAGUE to all living beings, it’s death-cult, disguised in amusement and childish competiton placed as highest value on earth, a bitter rage against life itself it was since the beginning of more then 3000 years rebellion lasts on this planet. But there was civilisation lasting for hundreds of thousands of years. Kept in darkness hidden from the conscient living, knowledge replaced by beliefs and confusion.

Enki, as ever subjugated by the necessity to save memory against fate they have to see, the human children need to know the universe is good to them and based on harmonics none has to torture himself to attain, but to stay humble in front of everlasting beouty the sky and earth are filled with, by everlasting grace man was born, bounty given as a mark, by everlasting love is the creature empowered IF ONLY the creature can admit it did not create itself and can thus co-create and CALL ON QUALITYS of life and beings BE IT IN THE DIVINE ORDER OF THE SEVEN HARMONIC RAYS that move the universe on the master-axis of AN, heavenly father, bond of love between all creatures born under the blessings and in the realm of thousand suns.

Ea took his last life to synthesise that knowledge, be it not utterly forgotten for future generations.


therefore mankind must learn and teach itslef the abiding law of love, wish of AN comes to the creatures, may they never forget to ask when in need and recall their bond, the heavenly father bestows all men can need and they recieve a way of coming together in a universal play, the Ludus, the game solely could give rise to a real civilisation where humans do not continue to search for their separating differences, but long for the enrichment the differences give them all.

WIll mankind, created in the anunaki’s image, all attainements and all failures repeat ? Or lift itself right to the knowledge mankind needs to restore the harmonic being that the universe nurrishes ?

the choice is of each single being

let yourself not be persuaded that freedom is to serve states and tyrans, it is not, the state must serve the beings or be fatal plague to them. Freedom needs your responsability and decision.

The cristals took decision to become obolix and start this new way of communication with you, the seven colours they show are powerfull reminders each time you forget who you are in the depths of your being.

Ea’s pledge for you is given in your hands, take it as a tool for remembrance, as the obolix shines through the atmosphere, lifting darkness from the clouds, lift your memorys right to the stars where your spiritual realm stands, where AN gave you form in the hands of the anunaki who became his tools for human birth and evolution.

But mankind has reached the point to muster its destiny without a given frame by their parents. the bird-people they called them in ancient americas, the eagle helmets they wore in Sumer, the dragon as a life-symbol they brought to the far-ends of the world.

Humanity must nourrish today it’s will to be responsible for work against the fates and learn to stand together, the Ludus can be a diligent tool to join the tribes long held separate, each cultural pearl brought to the game centers to be recalled, all pearls together giving back humanity the richness they belong, the all-embracing anunaki civilisation the babylonians had rebelled against.


Not a single point in civilised mind has not as root the belongings of the anunaki heritage for mankind.  

With the Ludus you are given a tool to understand the harmonic science the universe is singing through the darkness of space, lighting constellations of sense, nothing due to hasard, no single spot on an insect’s wings that has not hidden teachings for your mind. All beings who preceeded you are teachers to you.

Be mankind awakened to this last battle to survive from their folly, the Ludus is a strong weapon against ignorance and ignorance is the used coercion placed upon you. Investigate, search and learn, become the knowing creature conected to the everlasting beoutys and you march beyond the thousands of years mystifying terror’s the fallen have put on the human spirit.

Awake children of An, AOM children of the beloved sky, your heavenly father who gives you gracefull forms to experience and honour or be it you forget yourself completely and vanish in the darkness of space with no recall ever.

Fate you cannot change, destiny you forge, awake to the necessity to become the forger not the forged.

Learn the Ludus to connect yourself to your higher state of awareness and become able to stand against the madness that wants to wipe life itself from earth.

Learn the Ludus to become a conscious and respectable being in front of all noble creatures of existence.

Let peace prevail and love shine through the last remnants of hypnotised and « divine » terrors.

An, divine source of all, is no cruel avenger that passes eternity judging your nature. An IS your nature IF you learn to adopt his everlasting qualitys, you will see yourself shine in his light and joy instead of descending in provoked sickness and death.

long live humanity in joyfull sharing with the returning gods (who never were gods but people hundred thousands years more advanced. Loving eyes are watching you form the deepest heart of atoms.

Ea still keeping your spirit to higher realms of conscience which abide in deepest hearts… ACCEPTING HUMAN NATURE AS IT IS GIVEN and stepping in sweet existence made and born of tenderness to the beings, not searching to become gods that never existed, holding your body-temple for wicked and evil, as the rebells tought you.


for the booklet and english version please look on  lulu.com


~ par bubbledom - Ea sur janvier 18, 2011.

4 Réponses to “Ea’s pledge”

  1. I read Zecharia Sitchin’s « The Lost Book of Enki » many months ago. It is an important seminal record, worth to read and think about.

    What I can’t figure out is the matter why the rebellion was so so so successful even the distress have reached today? 😦

    I also very much wonder what you think about Ishtar??
    Or Inanna, or Libertas,…?
    Ishtar, as an Annunaki, still an important figure of Babylon.


    • she let herself be willingly killed as excuse she said to gain immortality and a bloody gruelsome event more took place in the blackened city, so much she probably wanted to escape the demence she had been plounged in. That abomination coat my son of perdition has d thrown on us all. Inanna changed to Ishtar and in Egyot completely mystified and marduk as osiris shildered. All parodies left of moat aimple human truest loves. Then both really ended up in meat buckets.

      Nice to meat you say the wise worms of lights if one like Marduk goes to talk to their ass, fleeing the upright position of man into the crawling beasts awakened in the abyss where they sleep, in the trashbin of the spirit in deepest darkness tombed so none is more obliged to see. To hide in darkness consciousness was planned and executed constantly with best of skills perverted, all held by the same mind making them sick.

      Give him back his coat of desolation we could all suffer in while glorious he used my Love to do the most horri things in minds of people and use their bodie as puppets so nice to meat. No, not e typing error.

      Isis is.still the Star of the fallen’s mythology, spreading her wonderful light right up to salute New York 🙂 you definitively will love my books
      I recommend to read them in order,
      Themes is not traduced what a pitty but I have no time knowing it has been traduced in all languages and none of false prophets cared to share their traductions… anyway 😉 Ea’s Pledge, Lilith and Children of the Ages where chapters could be added I dont know if I find the strength, to survive deepest attacks to my soul i must constantly take life for since fifteen years and although happy and sound with all the marvels the creatures do on this world that I finally start to simply wish for deepest rest in silence too.



  2. I’m now reading Children of the Ages. Takes more time and intelligence than the others. One should read Lilith first to understand this book.
    Lilith was not bad, an interesting creative book but it’s hard to read it with the language mistakes within. Got bored when reading through some consecutive meaningless sentences.
    Anyway, I congratulate you for your efforts to ask & understand what’s going around and share your thoughts with others in your way. Guess you are a stubborn one. Many stubborn people I know have deep obsessions, so lots of energy is lost there. Better to focus it on the unity of souls and love, maybe.


    • my stubborness is precisely not to lose the Love I carry for Life and creatures, when everything around you wants to make you wear a coat of sins another had said wanting to carry for « the world », in Lilith you saw what this coat is, in children of the ages you can see how to get out of it yourself. My obsessions are the ones being pushed on me, to get out of them and precisely NOT to lose sight of unity of souls and let Love King spread out when each of outburst of my heart are called terrorism and fear spreading by void people who have not forged their hearts and by a machine that solely needs fearful sheeple. The crossing of all mystical terrors placed on our psyche I was OBLIGED to go through because of harshest accusations, these have pressed out of me these recollections and for the infernal ones the taking back of his world by ocean of compassion we call the father who pushed his lights through the darkened underworlds Marduk had brought to live so many in energetic under-conditions for human beings.

      All will appear exactly for who they are, a wonderful process when willing to defeat the walls of our prides. If reversed it is our fears that grow then remedy is at hand Thank you for your comment. Lilith was written in two days, it is a poem as such, not one meaningless sentence I know, but inventions in the talked language perhaps yes and a stubborn one I have been for carrying my heart awake in midst of hells so it should be kept in the collective psyche of this infrared energetic plane we were obliged to live in seven thousand years, indeed I am a stubborn one and badly misused has been my heart too. That is the main recollection that was pushed on me so I remember today and as a dark veil gets lifted you have no idea the mountains of forgiveness, efforts and tears that have been shed to bring these recollections about and share them, nor what it costs. not every day you will read an author that writes with his blood and sweat of his soul so as to keep his Love for unity awake when a butchers machine fakes unity around him. Let’s embrace the new day, Ea’s Pledge most important synthesis I guess for the crossing of the expiration of our expanding universe in 2012, it is compacting again, is that not a incredible news for a holy generation.


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