none here alive is my father but the free sparkling waters of conscience and love

ignorance they say

it’s bliss and suffering their sweet known harbor where to cherish their pain

we all have the tendency as loaded the air and as numbrous the caves

but cohorts and legions of greed follow jealousy
malice and wickedness come as damned the sisters

over city and land

to encage the being in the dream of it’s death

we are spirit

and you can kill the body a thousand times and never touch a single piece of it’s time

look at the sun again, do not stay where the sun points out the blackness that covers too many hearts


they are the gift and the armor, the seed and the soil

and you need them as your breath needs the air

to stand against that obscurity and your family will need them

nobody teached us we do not exist in the way we have learned

we are like boats having solely to watch which winds carry us where

but we do not make the winds

we did not make ourselves

we do not make the situations

and we are not responsible for the judgments pured down on us by wickery and wickedness

whatever we do the judgment falls on us, trying to bring us down in a blissfull grave

an accompanying myth is allways provided

by seeing it clearly we are free

what we must fight we do not see

we fight inside until one unjustified attacks our beloved

because we do not lend the other cheek for our kids !!!  and your anger is life-force perfectly justified

anger is energy, what you make of that energy counts, not that you are angry because you witness total injustice and total corruption and total madnes, that is  indeed perfectly  natural, not to be outraged is to be dead or so mild that we vanish, but the thousand propositions that are injected in our brains, all leading to spiritual death, we must watch.

all pledge that is set on our being, all preposterous lies afflict the human mind, how many names to sickness, how many willing to die ?

we are counted to be mesmerised 😉 because we are one in the deep waters of our beings

we must watch on our own belief of the numbers we have loved as a newborn, because we learned they were flowers

we are humans not gods and the gods never were gods but merely humans with great knowledge and powers that temptation to play with the flok overwhelmed

by their fierceness, their barbary, their sickening madness not to acknowledge all beings as equals of them

while all feed them in strive

while they still order and feast

while we still die

while we still fight

to hold peace and intercede with the skies and stay what is meant to be humans not beasts

what do YOU do with a ton of such hatreds ? you get mad and loose your mind if you cannot say « hey thanks, I loved you and know I’m not perfect, please hear me stepping by, I didn’t mean to confuse you, but I just had to climb up steep mountains and descent in dark tunnels and holes until the kingdom of deads, I had no whatsoever clue but was honest and humble, by finding the cures because water can answer only and when finally if you ask, but waters took the chance to form me since such a longtime cause now you have so little time you have left, i’ve been kept for so long as a Neptune in the abyss witht he memorys of our common origin from wherever you went, I could only stumble upon treachery jealousy, hatred and theft while I showed myself a much more fertile and bright soil to compare and raise to awareness and light, to build yourself upon as you wish as I was send to explain as I watch myself since ever learning what I teach to myself  😉   If you listen to the waters thy will tell you the great universal symphony. I AM »

collage: bubbledom 1995, la limace bureaucratique

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur novembre 5, 2010.

Une Réponse to “none here alive is my father but the free sparkling waters of conscience and love”

  1. Bonjour le blog !
    Je vais régulièrement feuilleter vos billets et la j’ai voulu laisser un petit message.
    Je juge que les articles sont bien soignés et instructifs, c’est un plaisir de vous lire.
    Continuez comme cela le plus longtemps encore !
    Une bonne année !


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