complete recall


wanting to know where I got all this information about the civilisation of the dragon and why I call it like that.

heart of revelations of our time

I will try to respond to your innocent question which obliges me to a long account, allthough english is not my mother tongue, but I’ll try, the matter being so important and our consciousness and sharing permits these elements to pass on the collective consciousness.

the sickness of the judgment against me, during now for nine years, day by day, leaving me empty of all ressources, disrupting completely my social life, has obliged me to search and search and search back through all ancient texts as the szionists have put that middle-age figure, lucifer, on my shoulders.

I was awakened and passed that awakening to all, in the summer 2001 everyone is keen to forget. that year now has begun officially in autumn, on the 11 september, lol.

than I started to realise that for many aspects of our history the estblishment made the same, entire pans of history have just been erased or removed from sight better said.

even if today everybody makes as if he is a saint… only 1/8 seventh of the light we have recieved… as a preparation for the whole lot that comes to our earth.

I understood that I was the water bearer christ had talked about, the one he would send before his return, who would explain everything about the judgment, so I have done, so it hppens by humns that send ll their nger nd frstrtion t me for years while I filling them with gifts they would never hve teined otherwise. Tody mankind can finlly know what NEVER had been for the mass. The water bearer ,christ said, would come right before his return.

That statement made a figure that the system would terribly aprehend and make everything to use that man once he would appear, once he would awake from his millenium slumber in the hell of human lives that we re used to cll history today.

I can tell you now exactly when I died as an anunaki, it was in switzerland, I was then recalled as Orpheus who brought the direct democracy concept to the center of europe. SOunds bizarre and contradicts what the « official version » says… but now we know a bit more about the official versions for sheeps do we ?

We have in switzerland seven sages operating as a president. that structure is called the magic formula. It stems from the fact that everything in the universe stems from the seven notes scale, seven colours who hold seven qualitys.Totally forgottenby those holding those roles today.

Perhaps the most important part of consciousness men should never forget as to be able to get balance in themselves with ll the powers that like to use the human form. becue we are like empty ships on a wild se, where we choose to take our winds to move decides who we are and what expression we long to manifest in this reality. That knowledge has been called dhrma by krishna, the buddha called it the sutra of the white lotus and the gorgeous law, the christ called it the seven pillars of the soul (explained to mry magdalene in her apostolic version) on and on.

if you want to know more about it you can learn it, I made a game out of it, will you tell me what you find in it ?

you can get it on
watch for Ludus – the glasspearl game     

written by Lusor Jocultor basiliensis… lol… Hesse gave me that name he saw me and I loughed because I recognised me in his tale and I certainly had all the elements to build up the synthesis of fourty long years of collection of disparate elements of creation. Anyway, back to the sumerians. 

Christ’s statement has engendered by the fools holding our society in death and destruction a horrible figure they would call the anti-christ as to bring mankind more in confusion, Because the latin term was ante christ, before christ, not anti, aginst.They knew he would dpeak for truth and truth is sealed for humns, so they think.

you see… nothing really enjoyable… but when they stirred up the tempest on my mind. a gargantouus work awaited me.
 there is probably one year left to take it in before the intenrnet will be censored down completely.

some days a cloud would hang over me and give me rain while the fire spirits were raging, no joke.

I take the risk you taking me for a fool opr a psycho schizophrene, no importnce, what I a mtrying to make conscious in us counts. 
I explain to you because you asked..

imagine my suprise, while having to acknowledge I am the water bearer… when I fell on zecharia sitchins book « the lost book of enki »


perhaps not everything is absolutely correct in his synthesis of more then 800 ancient texts of mesopotamia, including the sumerian tablets but… 

There I was, Ea-Enki, his name meaning the water bearer, prince of the earth, title which was given him by his father Anu,  honourable title as his brother recieved command over the mission on earth, Enlil.

Ea standing there in forgotten history, plagued with no end today, injured and insulted in thousand ways, called the light bearer to fool mankind, the master of arts and music, all sciences Ea was cherishing, trying to prevent an atomic apocalypse 4000 years ago.

the shock was great and the relief also !!!

Since that day memorys pour up all the time… it seems like time is shrinking on itself to bring us back to all that has been forgotten and while our madmen in wall street and london think about plunging us in nuclear war here we stand, in the knowledge that st john’s apocalypse trys to prevent that folly one allready done on this planet.

If sufficient folks are aware of this fact, perhaps the necessity of following something never done before pushes many, but it has happened allready and there is noground of repeting such disaster tht plunged this planet in wht we call today stone age.

I have a strong spirit because I recieve it from the waters and a good heart, but it mkes me no more perfect mn than ny other. One point, amazing touched me deply from very young on I wondered why I have no forescin on my penis. You think I become trivil but I m not, lol. I am not jewish nd nobody touched my forescin as a baby. Then I red the sumerin records nd wht is sid ? Ada-Mu, Adam, when finally the anunaki brought the functioning creature to life were amased. Adam was in all aspects same as they, but for one detail, his forescin and Enki said loughing that it would be mankind’s mark.

I do not have that mark, just a little point of universal love, the sumerians called KA – father of all- like the hopis do – has invited me to remember myself and with my awakening, allthough it happens mostly unconsciously for most of men and women it still happens. Wouldn’t it be for their follys and egotic taking to themselves and parodi explanations. But I am happy the awkening process brought so much to digest.

to digest the truth. 

excatly what st john of the apoclypse (meaning revelations in greec and not destruction as many believe) the water angel gives him his visions, starting with a litte book the angel hands him over telling him to eat it, it would be sweet in the mouth and bitter in the stomac, as truth mostly is, right ? Enoch long before transformed the anunaki in angels and their qualitys in angelic qualitys… the mystifcation had begun, the fallen rebells mostly adoring their godlike behaviour over people.

I spontaneously shared my awakening with all of you, becuse it seemed to me the most profitable thing to do for the others.

was a strange idea though, it took the beatitudes from me because the planet could not yet recieve the whole light at once, most would just have become mad. it was an introduction, an opening of the seals, as it has been written in the revelations, but it all hppened absolutely spontanously, I plunged myself in those lectures afterwards.

anyway, that is how things happened for me, while still surrounded by people wanting absolutely make believe they are another… very tiring, very annoying, very sddning becuse I m everywhere just a person too much, they cnnot play to be me when I am around… so I continue to be as constructive as I can, very frustrating because it makes it impossible to join any kind of media to let me be heard.

And as for the first part I had a political argument for europe, which the sionists still fight with all their powers, wanting to share with all, the swiss tool for firect democracy, the popular initiative right and give it further with a piece of music was my plan,

but the medias are zionists, which I didn’t know and they shut me off completely, putting all my friends and family under pressure, one of them, an older man, even died because of the murderous folly that took many. Today we know the remedys.

Now the revelations have all been written down, because the sumerian records are the great revelations of the past, but there are revelations about reality itself. it is not from yesterdy that my èrefered lover is truth, I love truth above all else because she allways gave me so much nurturing.

My long striving and inside walking, like holding the shining heart alive as a castle attacked form everywhere, seeing that the demons could destroy life on this planet in a week if people do not protect themseves from them,

I had to find remedys. And I love to find remedys see ?,… see my astonishment to find a person just like me, back in more than 4000 years, his name telling exactly that, he was called water berer because he allways got ideas for solutions and remedys to problems, his mind is connected with the water and water is conscious. It is a whole thing, unity you understand ?

I know you want to know about history and find yourself hearing about me, but you are somewhere in that past too as we all are living today, today is n extension of our past, we are the extension of our own past, we better know where we came from. Or take the risk to regress thinking one evolves. 

Because we can today see where mankind’s DNA came from and how WE CAN GO PAST ALL THE MYSTIC TERRORS.OF THE GODS, and the totaly misleading junk of genesis in the old testament, leaving mankind as a crippled species, put in a little garden by a sadistic god having nothing else to do than to wait them to fall in his trap to judge them bitterly, endlessly, for all times being.

how can anyone have adopted such a murderous stupidity ?

the fallen angles have brought terror, warfare and slavery on humanity to hold them as slaves, like we hold cattle and sheep. Their plan is to be able to leave earth before the return of the gods and leaving nobody alive behind, memorys are of the living. 

Abraham was Amenemhet, the first hyxos pharao,Salomon was called Siamun, David was Psusennes and Moses was Tuthmoses, The holy patriarchs of the old testament were not wearing beards and holy poverty towels on their backs, but with laapis-lazuli gold-covered tyrans with a cobra on their forehead, the gods of egypt walking by their side, with their ancient anunaki animal-like helmets to mystify and terrorise poor humans.

We can today grasp the sumerian records because we touched some technologys they used and before using them ourselves we could not understand phrases like « and we will give him our essence to evolve so he will be able to understand what we say and make the toil for us »i’s plan.  Don’t create a Nibiran/Apeman slave class here on Earth, Enlil reminded Enki, « On our planet [Nibiru], slavery has long ago been abolished, tools are slaves, not other beings. »  [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enk

Enlil still protested: To clone hybrid beings is in The Rules Of Planet Journeys forbidden.

Earthlings we create, Enki followed, shall helpers, not slaves, be, a new species create we shall not; the Apeman of Earth [Homo Erectus] is in his fashioning essence [genotype] as we of Nibiru [Homo Sapiens, Sapiens] are. Our ancestor the Apeman is; into us he evolves. Quicken Apeman shall we, speed him but some millions of years to what has only always been his destiny.* the lost book of Enki, Zecharia Sitchin


that was a writing for a little question he ? … you know what ?

I just simply LOVE the fact that we are able to understand that « the gods » were people like you and me in all aspects, the sumerian gods are very funny because they behave just like nomral persons, they play, share all their knowledge withhumns on a horizontal plane, they fuck and they even fucked with human maidens as they asked to all anunaki to treat them as equals.

THIS was the starting point of their rebellion, even if the mining toil they disliked, but to consider a creature born in their hands as equals was too much asked of them and they rebelled.

The war of the gods that followes is very precisely depicted in the Mahabharata. sthe nunki came to find tons of gold they needed to hel their home planet I guess the Edin was latin america. we find there the oldest ruins nd the most importnt stocks of gold of the earth.

Why civilisation of the dragon you asked.

For two main reasons. Firstable because the dragon stays as a relic everywhere on this planet, You find the dragon in china and whole asia, right to australia, indonesia… you find the dragon by the kelts of europe, but in africa all over the place and especially latin america the dragon appears again and again, to the aztecs depicted as a flying serpent. We find this symbol acknowledged on the whole planet as a life symbol… in mesopotamia’s Babylon the dragon become THE PICTURE for evil. Why ?

Now we know, as Abraham is depicted to reject his former civilisation and quit with it from sumer to Babylon, the dragon for the fallen angels became the symbol of everything they hated, their former lives as harmonic beings.

The civilisation of the dragon must have lasted more than 30’000 years. One of Ea’s symbols you see. shit allways falls back on him.

the descendants of the fallen ones allways knew, as they know of the spiritual configuration of the universe, that beared mankind, that the water bearer’s spritit would awaken one day ad it would be the sign for them to emprison definitively mankind beofre mankind would be able to recollect itself and pass through the mystifying terrors put on its collective mind.

The fear of God is their chief-tool to enslave people in crippled and fearfull behavior. That is why it was so important to them to put the god of the old testament together with the new one of christ, his loving father has nothing to do with the old sadistic version (… as official as the version for the 11 september 2001) of the cruel babylonian « gods » who would act as Marduk standing behind Xercès, centurys after Nabucodonosor, like Rockefeller stands today behind Obama. Nothing changed from that time, the sole « method of life » that stepped from babylon was sex drugs and rock and roll !!

I like all three of them but you cannot build civilisation based only on these amusements. But it is still pretended today right ?as we live the unfolding of extrapolaed babylon and as if the it’s tenants wanted to enslave and destroy life itself on earth.

The anunaki had very long lives, they saw generations and generations of humans pass by. For 3’600 years on earth, one year on Nibiru  we can understand this by the path of their planets, humans and anunaki didn’t share the same longevity, allthough sharing everything else of their being, but the experience of their spirits of course.  No wonder some of the anunaki and the Igigi would start to realy think themselves as gods. It eben became  became tradition I think by a  tribe who still cnnot do otherwise as dependent on the planets biological rythm and thinks this as a pensum, but we are all and pefectly enjoy being humans. today. Why wanting to wlk on wters when it is so delicious to swim ? why fly when to move a leg is allredy a mircle of the universe ? lol

That means just solely move away from their system and stop working for them, that is all that would be needed, because none can decide the fate or the will of another, would he kill him, he would not know the goal of his victim’s journey.

cheers man, I hope I have responded as abundantly as I could, I see no more vital matter for mankind now than to recover their memory of their past, because the tenants know exactly that without it mankind is lost and held in their fists and chains.

hoping the best for you and working for a possible future

I respond because you asked

now you have swallowed the red pill  😉   lol

St.John’s angel of the waters just helded you his little book containing the bitter-sweet truth

we are just mice and men

cheers man…

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur juin 20, 2010.

8 Réponses to “complete recall”

  1. You wrote about so many different topics in this blog post that it’s hard for the reader to focus on the matter.
    I myself don’t share the thoughts of you about the Old Testament. I mean, there is a strict, multi-disciplined God there, but when you look at the core of His actions you see love. Like a mother or a strict father warning and punishing their children not to talk to foreigners, for instance.
    But what you said about «method of life» drew my attention. Was there rock n roll in Babylon?? lol
    Surely we live now in a new extended version of Babylon so there must be lots of parallels with the past. What do you think about today’s music industry? Maybe you’ll write about it too. Or growing censorship and monopoly when there are too many blabbering about FREEDOM. Or saying that slavery is banned, but working more than 10-12 hours a day as a routine or deaths due to labor accidents are common in some countries? All politics and politicians fell for the love of money and deceiving their societies constantly..
    I guess all the money & working system should be considered worldwide. Otherwise we can’t break the cycle. I mean we live the same records again and again.


    • That is why it is important to remember 😉 yes about music too … of course !! read Lilith please, I am curious to know how you read it, because to feed is ok you know you do it, but the feed back is as important and constant parodies are no feed back but confusion spread. Read better in a row because we had to really dig down the abyss of history and what the human mind had to endure and where it all began and suddenly you see how the mystical terrors have been build up to arrive at a mental reasoning completely outside of any beouty of all real living life where death is awaited as salvation, that is not meant to be. It is a remedy so dont stop in between, it was written in two days so better spare once two days for a deep introspection.


  2. Hi again! I read the books Ea’s Pledge first, and then Ludus The Glasspearl Game. I started reading Lilith yesterday night, not finished yet.
    As a feedback, my idea is: Ludus was like an unfinished book, I mean it’s like a half book. One half published, one half is lost or unfinished…

    I guess English is not your mother language –unfortunately I do not know any French word except ‘Merci’ 😦 — so it’s hard to understand some of your sentences. Hard to understand your English but I just try to feel you. Also some of the writings in your blog contain many misspellings and incomprehensive, weird sentences, surely a language check is needed.

    I’m now at Monia’s accordionist in Lilith… Better continue reading 😉


    • i am as much sorry for all the misspellings and wrong typings that are left on the blog, as much as I am pleased you do yourself good because great clarity will start to shine into your mind by these recollections. You only see on my blog the utter urgency and hardship I stand in since fifteen years not even finding the time to correct these texts, never. So I rewrote everything in books to clarify it all. A counsel with the Lilith book, it was written in two days so much I was attacked these memories the Marduk Satan tried to erase in my head, so it is one flow to cross these hells and as it is a very difficult book go right through it, don’t stop in the middle of the horrors, you will understand much of what surrounds us today. For the glasspearl game you are actually right, it is a half book, not that it does not contain all that you need to understand and play the game, but your sense of unfinished task is just the space behind the door you just have opened 😉 the half part missing is yours to write and in the living book of life please 😉


  3. What are « the true qualities of the human form and its role in the cosmos »? Maybe one of the most important knowledge of human beings that should be learned.


  4. Hi again! Thank you for all the responses you gave and kindness you showed towards me. Maybe you write a blog or another work about how we would manage to « solely move away from their system and stop working for them » 😉
    Salute from Anatolia, Turkei.


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