je suis Ea – Ea is my name

and I Ea, awoken after four thousand years of slumber through the passages of life, through tempest nd harsship and terror spread on me, I remember and am claiming this now : 

I am born witness to the memory of humanity, as Ka – the father of all’s wish for me, making me inherit my position to help and nurture the spirit through the waters, yes, it is brought to us, as far we all learned.

Ea is my name as I had to remember and understand I am the waterbearer, known s spirit of truth through history, as much I am your mirror and I gave you your awakening, depriving myself of beatidues for you, before knowing of the sumerian Ea, waterbearer was his name, master of wisdom, we will not let ourselves be killed away like that. We hve found mny remdys for you, but you hve to take them, this none can do for you.

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur mai 15, 2010.

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