what are you waiting for ?

clairière de LotharCould I have done otherwise ? What do you think ? As the medias would stop us from reaching to each other then the only way to reach seven billion brothers and sisters was through the spirit and that is exactly what our father of all has done to us.


from the galactic center on he returns and we have all been touched by his wing… the primeval wing and the uproar in ourselves. The planet has wakened to itself and our old memorys are back, everything has been given, those who haven’t wanted to hear in time we can do nothing more for them.


Be prepared, hold together in love and fight, defend your children, take the water ^where it is refused to you. Do not continue to beg to politicians who obviously are deaf. Talk is not sufficient anymore, the depopulation plan has begun . Wake up to that fact and protect your children ! Against any form of sickness take fresh lemon juice and olive oil, anytime you feel your energy is going really low.

Do not take it all the time or you will crash your energy. But only when you feel that you have got a virus or bacteria.


OPEN THE WATER PUMPS !!! in California you are 300’000 people on the street we are told… why don’t you gather to protect your farmlands ?

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur septembre 21, 2009.

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