have you ever seen the light ? Do you remember to see it still ?

why don’t you trust your senses people ? why do you accept to forget ? this is meant by the church is asleep again… after awakening and the cry out loud you’ve heard and the tyrants of this world too, the two towers on their mother-plan to reajust their power after the spirit of the waters come to you and yelled by all he’s might, dying thousand times to hold on the truth of building, still alive, still trying to uphold what unity is teaching us, peace to all creatures in heaven and earth, for the master, the son is near !!!

Why don’t you acknolewdge what you know true in your heart, just because the medias mouths don’t shout a stupid beggar’s name ? Why beggar ? because he’s got truth to tell while the whole war-machine trys to forget and their tyrants don’t allow he’s outspeaking and while a thousand times again he called to be for sure all would have heard what evolution needs.

Silence is above the waters of turmoil but has entered it and frequent are its descending movements, brightening our comprehension of things. We people have heart, tongue and brain. We despise those who treat us like animals, taking the part God himself does not, to judge their fellow brothers instead of nurturing each-other, passing the cold blaze of their malice and cruelty, teaching their children the hate that breeds in them instead of respect from the awakening, they have made nothing from it, listening and running behind of most fabulous demons: jealusy and greed. Velociraptors I dare say as they run about and peacefull creatures spread in panic. Hold on ! gather ! hold your grounds in prayer as you have seen the water-bearer do, as the spirit of life has showed it through a cruel passage that has seemingly no end for the poor to become poorer and awake to their sensefull claim ! THANK YOU FOR HAVING HELD SO LONG !!! AND TO HAVE USED THE TOOL OUR AMERICAN FRIENDS … yes we only learn it eight years later that the voice crying you have heard !!!

Behold, each has not choosen his face, each face is a gift to the others one can never see himself. In the mirror he will se himself reversed. But one will loose he’s face while the other keeps it for ever.

Does the one you face smile to you or he ain’t not, cause it’s the true reflection of yourself.

If you judge him all time being and shoot at him as such in no end manner… how ever could you ever see him or yourself ? And if you do not see him… how dare you say your brother is a devil to take purpose by yourself to attack him ?!? I speak of course of Iran and to israel in particular. Hold the spirit of truth, because you are not except of having been mislead by long gone history replaced by stupid myths and we need solid ground to walk not rubbish mystifying us in fear of a god’s wrath against us, but we should be eager to recognise the building love that holds the creatures into form and came out of a seven sounded ray to expand in beings all appearing in divinity’s beouty.

Invite the seven harmonic qualitys on you that they spring fourth and enlight your mind as it reconnects with his heart of pure white LOVE. please do so while it’s time to hear.

white light – love – Do

yellow – joy – Re

orange – humility – Mi

red – mastering yourself – Fa

violet – honesty – Sol

blue – bounty – La

green -truth – Si

these are the qualitys we do not invent and do need most above anything else


anyone to translate the whole thing ? please do so but do respect the elements or lifes are being lost !!! really !!! life also are saved by each precious remembering and conscient connection.

Strengthen LIFE not death !!! Please, for the sake of your children if not for yourself !!!

~ par bubbledom - Ea sur novembre 26, 2008.

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